The Truth About Malachi Martin

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  1. I am an ex-Catholic and this church does not follow Jesus. Jesus is Lord believe and you shall be saved. Jews who reject Jesus as the Christ are rejected by God and are hell bound. Who is Anti-Christ, he who rejects Jesus as our LORD and saviour.

  2. I don't know what to make of Martin. People are for him and against him and looking at the information I would have to say it doesn't look good, but I was not there to witness these things myself.

    However, I can go on my own personal experience with Martin. I never met him or had any direct contact with him. But when I was in the SSPX a priest gave me Malachi's book Windswept House. I worked night shift so I had plenty of time to read. In the book it mentioned a satanic ritual in the Vatican I believe. I was by myself at the work site and as I was reading I noticed a shadowy figure of a man in the room in the corner of my eye. But when I looked up there was no one there. This kept happening. I could see this thing when I looked down at the book but when I faced it directly it was gone and I could feel a presence of something demonic coming from a back room where stock was kept. I though maybe the devil was trying to scary me so I don't learn the truth from Malachi's book. But I was scared and stopped reading the book and everything went away. A few years went on and a friend got his girlfriend pregnant and he wanted the baby to be raised in the church (SSPX), he had fallen away and the girl was atheist but she agreed to become Catholic. At this point she started getting a recurring dream, long story short she was being prompted to become Hindu and study dreams. They invited me over to get my opinion but she started to read books about interpreting dream and looked it up on the net and every time she would see a shadowy figure of a man in the room while reading the book or reading online. Long story short the exact same thing was happening to her that happened to me while I was reading Malachi Martin's book. On this occasion the devil manifested himself to the 3 of us and she had this feeling that this was all happening bec of those books on Hinduism and she went into the house grabbed the book came back outside and immediately throw it out into the bin.

    Around the same time that same priest said from the pulpit that Fr. Amorth the head exorcist of Rome claims that the new rite doesn't work, he had to go back to the traditional version and held up his book. After mass I asked if I could borrow it and he said no. But a I ended up getting a copy and I ended up leaving the SSPX. I studied the reasons why I couldn't go to their masses but I couldn't get my mind around what the priest claimed about Amorth. So I finally read the book and it turns out that priest lied about Amorth but I noticed that in his book Amorth mentions that when you read evil books you can be given a warning of an evil spirit that appears in the room while reading but disappears when you look directly at it. If you don't stop the spirit will eventually not disappear when you look at it and start walking around the room and it goes down hill from there. So this explains why it happened to the girl while reading books on Hinduism but why did it happen to me when I was read Malachi's book. The only explanation I can think of is he was devilish. Even in this video at about 16 minutes in the narrator claims that Malachi's book Hostage to the devil has been known to cause it's readers to have nightmares. So I doubt I am the only person this ever happened to. I never heard of anyone getting nightmares from reading the bible. I went through all his interviews and one day I noticed that he claimed a 5 year old girl could go to hell not due to sin but bec her mother who was a satanist cursed her. Meaning the curse was more powerful than the judgement of God breaking the first commandment. Even in this video at around 14 minutes he said that he was released from his vow of obedience so that he doesn't have to listen to anyone he doesn't agree with, I have never heard of any such thing. Jesus said the devil can imitate faith and humility but never obedience. Malachi Martin was not Catholic. You need to pray for his soul. You do not need Malachi Martin's books to be saved, go read the bible.

    God bless

  3. .One year ago, I wouldn't believe it. but with all the scandals (Vigano denounces not only homosexual abuses, but also assasination of a nuncio as well as satanism in the form of sacrilegious masses after homosexual orgies).
    Nowadays, who can doubt the claims about the demonic corruption of the modernist church that is supplanting under our very eyes the Holy Roman Catholic Church? But when MM wrote their books nobody would credit him. That's why he had no option but writing them as if they were fiction.
    Now I think that I have no option but thinking that he was a courageous man, a soldier of Christ, a true Jesuit.

  4. Thank you for making making this video I lived in Nebraska I came out of the Catholic Church and I saw sitting there an elderly priest…. I asked if I could ask a question actually two was he a Jesuit did he know Malachi Martin
    when he said yes …..I asked if Malachi Martin was on the up-and-up. He said he was put his book down look me in the eye and he said absolutely what you said it was that was good enough for me. I enjoyed your video waiting for the next!

  5. a friend who was a critical care nurse was one of his best friends. he lived with kikia niarchos (sister of stavros greek shipping magnate) in an apt near the UN where she was a frequent guest. Apparently this arrangement giving scandal did not occur to him although he went to great lengths to mention they lived together platonically. She was also taken to Rama Coomaraswamy's home in CT who also left the SJ at same time over the same issues. Rama was married and practicing medicine. They spoke about all these issues openly and she discussed it with me years later around 2010. I asked her on numerous occasions if either of them were willing to identify some they claimed to be involved in the allegations to be told they were not I did not ask her to break any confidences but told her absent his willingness to say perhaps he was a confabulist. He also offered high requiem masses in his vestments for friend's pets. I was told by her a medical professional and insider he walked down two small stairs which led to the kitchen to get a glass of water in middle of night banging his head on a cabinet door. It was likely a chronic subdural hematoma such as the one killing aquinas and natasha richardson. A seemingly minor incident many think nothing of. They all thought it was a satanic attack. Ridiculous as if it were it would have happened well before then. she never mentioned his being confined to a wheelchair. I had a socalite neurologist art collector boyfriend who seeing malachi's book on my table told me in 2014 he used to see Malachi at a bar near the apt who he thought was the best raconteur he had met. He was an atheist and I almost died laughing telling him who he found himself speaking with. He was in shock having missed such an opportunity to engage on more serious subjects.

  6. E. Michael Jones is a very angry man and difficult to listen to. He is what is called a fanatic. That he attacks Fr Martin is what one would expect. That he can not grasp the novels is likewise a problem for a fanatic. He might make a fairly decent hell and brimstone preacher though. What is it called when you delight in tearing down someone else's reputation. The present reality in the Catholic Church is even more far fetched than Malichi's novels. Dr Jones might want to become a Christian. Get that beam out of his own eye.

  7. I have a ques -had a discussion other day about "baptism" and the person i was talking to stated that baptism is a "pagan practice" and further implied Church is filled with stolen paganism practices and built on lies -political entity to control the new mindset of the people – i know hes wrong but i personally have not read or held to memory facts to counteract his claims — i know this is prob a lengthy discussion but can you direct me in the right direction. thank you

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