The Truth About Pope Francis

Pope Francis has strong ties to socialism and even communism.


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  1. Roman Catholic Church of Satan! Any so called religion that says that a priest is the only one allowed to interpret the Bible is a heretic! Any so called religion that puts tradition over The Word of Yahweh is also heresy! Anyone claiming that they are the "mediators" for Yahweh are heretics! Anyone who claims that everyone can go to heaven without believing in Jesus Christ is a heretic! Any priest, pastor calling himself "father" commits blasphemy for only Yahweh is our Father! Read your bible people! Don't follow "traditions" of man! Jesus Christ is the only way! He is our Saviour! Our salvation! Jesus said, " NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH ME ". Get out of that church! It's leading you astray! The pope is ANTICHRIST!

  2. Socialism is ok, I've lived with a loose socialism and i;ve lived with capitalism and i have got to say i much much prefer loose socialism.
    At least with socialism the poor can afford to be poor. Fvck the 1%.

  3. Before governments there was religion religion is mass control for dummies. tell people that if they don't believe you they're going to go to a place full of fire and torture and if they do believe you will see all the family members after they die and go to the pearly gates sounds like fear mongering bullshit to me it's funny people don't scrutinize their religion as much as they scrutinize their governments

  4. There's no such thing as man-made global warming to correct you man has sped up the process of global warming simple and blunt. Why that so difficult for simple minded people to understand is beyond my comprehension I guess I just don't ignore obvious.
    And for the stupid people there's a difference between climate and day to day weather. so the argument that it snows in the winter is completely irrelevant.

  5. Communism got the stigma attached to it during Ww2 Vietnam and the Cold War because it was exercised inappropriately.
    When communism is properly exercised it offers the future of a utopian society.
    Capitalism has proven it does not work for the masses but only a select few the trickle down effect does not work it creates poverty homelessness starvation the inability to receive healthcare.
    So basically if you don't work if you don't contribute to the economy you will die you will starve you will go with out and you will be left behind because people are selfish and only care about themselves so capitalism will rain until people learn how to coexist

  6. Hey Dude…. I am NOT catholic so I generally agree with what you're saying here but would you take a little advice? You'd be more effective if you'd learn to read better. And I'm not saying you don't know the basics like "cat", "dog" etc. but it's embarrassing to us true believers when you're.. 1st of all having to READ what you need to say instead of by heart. And that would be okay IF… you knew some of the words that helps to make your point like… "PSEUDO". It is NOT pronounced… "POO-SWADO"!!! The "P" is silent and it's pronounced… "SOO-DOE!!! THEN…. just a few words further, you read… "something that resembled… "catholic – ISM". NOT RIGHT!!! (There's no such word), it's pronounced… "Ca-THAH-la-sism. Come on man. Go to the (Websters), online dictionary and they'll show you, (AUDIBLY), how to pronounce words. So get those practiced before you make these videos…….. that is if you think what you're doing is important.

  7. The Jesuits were founded in 1540, about three centuries before the rise of Marxism. Having incorrect facts not only makes me question the legitimacy of the video, but also the entire channel- it sounds a lot like conservative propaganda.

  8. soy de argentina de donde es Francisco. tratar de no ser ultra capitalista no es ser comunista. hay puntos intermedios. EEUU esta sufriendo la.frialdad del.capitalismo que deja morir a su pueblo su no tienes obra social. Socialismo no es comunismo. Noruega Suecia Son socialistas y son los mejores países para vivir.

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