The Truth About The Jesuits Part 1 — Must see video!!!!

This is the last video you will ever need to watch in order to understand everything that has ever been deemed a conspiracy.

Ok people this video was made well over a year ago. Please stop telling me that Kolvenbach resigned. I’m well aware.


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  1. Jesuits are Roman intelligence working for the Black Nobility like the Massimo, Colonna, Toronia, Pallavicini, Borghese, Aldobrandini, and Ruspoli families. They also control the Vatican, SMOM, and La Cosa Nostra. The other royal families also serve the Black Nobility through the SMOM.

  2. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, there were many good nuns and priests, but also at high levels, very evil people, who were masters at deception! When a pope starts yapping that having a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and that one needs an intermediary to relate to God- a Catholic priest- which goes directly against the New Testament scripture- one has to ask, WTF??!!? The Vatican is sitting on most of this world's wealth, yet they tell YOU- give, give, give! They say take down the wall that divides countries yet there's a big fancy wall around the Vatican- such hypocrisy and you can't even see it- WAKE UP!

  3. Pope Francis is NOT Christian- in fact the entire Catholic Church was never about glorifying Christ- oh no- it was about mocking Christ! The first Catholic churches had gothic dark gargoyles and persecuted those who dared to think differently – they tortured them , burned them at the stake – one of the most painful deaths and an inherently evil thing to do! They tricked Catholics into thinking by "drinking the blood and eating the body" if Christ in ritual was a "good" thing- saying this way the Catholic "embodies" Christ. A dark magician does this to gain power over his slain enemy!!!!! Duh!!!! Wake up Catholics!!! This is a deception and you are too mind controlled – it's been ingrained into your spirit that this is right- it's NOT! The Jesuits don't want you to know what dark magicians do – you would make the connection then and they would lose all that power! So go on believing their devious rhetoric- stay imprisoned- but I would think you would wake up and be mighty pissed off-

  4. Nope- you're completely hoodwinked – as many have been, by the Jesuits! They are the force behind Luciferians and don't think for one minute they haven't hidden behind the Jews, or Protestants, or any other religious sect they wanted to control- the bankers- like , oh let's say the Rothschilds (Bauers) are hardly Jewish- it's a front- they HATE the Jews! At least the pious Jews, they hide as Jews because they can do all kinds of devious acts and have a perfect scapegoat! Are you really that naive??? These people are originally from Turkey and they are Kharzarians- they never really converted to Judaism as they would have you believe- Lucifer is their deity, not "God". Did you know that it has been proven that Hitler has Jewish lineage? Except they weren't Jews- they were Khazars and they became Jesuits! That is what you are really dealing with when it comes to all the world's wars and atrocities! Instigated by Jesuits! They are the bankers, and this new pope!

  5. Your all full of imaginary ideas . There is only one thing everything is a part of this. God is everything everything is a piece a part of god god is creation in form of creation destruction seperation light outweighs the dark dark is there to contrast to show how strong the light is the light is our son and the outside matter and all forms and all life and all matter are its expression even I that am writing this and you reading this we are part of the one

  6. when i was a protestant, i thought the world was full of demons and antichrists. Thnk Christ he led me back to his true church so I could meet these wonderful Jesuits. Mostly missionaries in the third world building schools and hospitals. 
    What on earth people want to lie about them is beyond me. "b-b-but some kings through them out of their countires…." DUHHHH
    they were opposed to slavery, thats why they were kicked out, and thats why even the USA has a history of hating them. its all about human slavery, which the Jesuits have opposed throughout the world. also dedicated to prayer. AND dont spend alot of time worrying about what some farmer protestant in arkansas might be up to. loll

  7. A bunch of powerful people belonging to various organizations, colliding against each other, very often siding with one or the other as the occasion deems beneficial towards a sigle goal: own the whole cake. The common man is the one who pays for the party in exchange for "salvation" either spiritual or material or both.
    Blessed are the Lamas who strive to renounce the world and laugh at all this bs.


  9. yes, it is a shock to find out about what catholic people had done in the "island" slavery, like Haiti, and more. The Generational Americans, with real history in the country, are not taught it. It's a bit shocking how they "scapegoated" the real descendants of the founders. They had no interest, it seems, in the "way of life" (constitutional), but in power. ("Running" the supreme court and so on

  10. In Southern schools growing up, I hardly ever hear about Brazil's continued slavery until the late 1800s, or the fact that "Catholic" countries were the first to adopt African chattel slavery. It's all dumped on the rebellious protestant whipping boy in the SE US.

  11. The bulk of the slave blame has been placed on Southern white people, mostly of Scots-Irish ancestry. It was actually an aristocratic Anglo-Norman group of British loyalists that brought the slaves over to the British colonies. Modern education (no doubt Vatican-influenced) paints a picture of today's toothless hillbillies being spawned by demonic white slavemasters in hellish plantations. However, the majority of the current south came from poor mountain groups that spread over the frontier.

  12. The concentration of "alternative" media on "Jesuits" is very interesting in that regard. it is a way of forgetting that "traditional catholicism" was not allowed in american colonies, that John Surratt after Lincoln's death was hidden by regular preists until he could get to his new job at the Vatican palace; it serves to obscure the violence, ignorance, production of slave populations by the "mainstream" Vatican Trade Organization (that calls itself a "church.")

  13. If they can "blend in" into that society, why do people keep saying they are a completely different race? Rome didn't need Jewish help to be a Satanic beast. It was founded on blood and torture, conquest and destruction of cultures.

  14. "My conspiracy theory is better than yours". Besides, it is historically documented that Rome has been scapegoating Jews for 2000+ years. They were the "oddballs" that wouldn't bow down to their religious hegemony in Europe. They treated Pagans (Wiccans, Asatru, etc.), Protestants and Muslims just the same. The word "crypto-Jew" was thrown around a lot in the Inquisition. How would you feel if the people you have been trying to convert for that long still refused? I'd be pissed.

  15. americans dont even know their own constitution such a brainwashed society ,they go on about being free,yet the federal reseve was not neevr to be a part of how america is run,,all moneys gold silver and its been around(the federal reserve for over 100 years,,and all the while stil, saying they are free and they live by the constitution,,

  16. Continuing …

    Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication … for physical participation in a heretic cult such as the vatican-2 cult

    Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for re-entering Christianity (the Catholic Church) … Formal Abjuration also provided here

    Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture … is not about the Papacy … defined at four (4) Councils

    Section 10.2 > Returning to state of grace, when there’s no Confession, like now

    Immaculata-one (dot) com

  17. Are you really telling the entire web that you aren't intelligent enough to look this stuff up on your own? It's really not rocket science people, you have the entire internet resources at your disposal!!

    Your own naivety and/or ignorance is no excuse!


  18. You are an imbecile. I challenge you to believe in the flying spaghetti monster, then your questions will be answered!

    It doesn't quite work that way, does it?

    You are literally so stupid, that I wonder how people like you can breathe unsupervised.

  19. No, it just makes you a fucking idiot for believing about an invisible bearded man in the sky, without a shred of proof.

    Your argument is extremely wrought with logical fallacies, such as claiming that the burden of proof lies with the skeptic, and not the claimant.

    If I said to you, there's a magical mystical tea-pot that orbits mars, is it (according to you) incumbent upon you to believe it? Absolutely not and it would be dismissed and ridiculed until the *claimant* provided proof.

  20. If believing something that is not proven is stupid, then NOT-believing something that is not proven is equally stupid.
    How do you think technology comes to being? By NOT-believing that a man can fly in a machine? Or NOT-believing that you can use electricity for long distance communication? No, first you believe it is a possibility and THEN you start your search.
    You want to find God? Believe in Him first.

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