The Truth About The Jesuits Part 2

This is the last video you will ever need to watch in order to understand everything that has ever been deemed a conspiracy. Part 2


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  1. Excellent, thanks, I think that someone should warn President Trump, and advise him that if he wants to go into history as a truly great President, and share the stage with JFK, He should fuck the Jesuits as much as he can. Of course he must watch his ass. I will be praying for him, may God bless him. and thank you again for this enlightened​ video.

  2. The "House of Windsor" is finished. The Queen wants to abdicate but there is no one to take over. Prince Charles is a fraud and so is "Prince" William. William's real father is the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos. 

    Charles had TWO children before he married Diana. And Diana was actually the daughter of James Goldsmith, making her Jemima's half-sister!

    She was actually killed because she knew that the earth is flat, as the Jesuits know!

  3. The Princess Di thing is misguided, any child she had after her divorce would have no claim to be royalty.  George IV had children by his Roman Catholic first wife (secretly married) but they did not inherit, the marriage was illegal under English Law.  You fail to establish the connection between the Fed and the Jesuits, you just assert it is their bank!

  4. Repent, be Baptised in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, love Jesus, truly believe in Him and obey His commands. Even unto the death of the flesh, for in Christ you will live forever.

  5. thank you for this….really helps to pull it all together. Have you seen Irvin Baxter information; endtime ministry? Very helpful in understanding Revelation. This here fills in a lot of gaps I had before. No worries, just be ready….their day is coming soon to be held accountable. Just a ? Where do you find all this info? I recognize some & the HS in me is what I use to discern truth but others do not have that help yet. any place you list references?

  6. Watch Cardinal Egan's speech at the Alfred E. Smith dinner from a couple of years ago. He basically admitted he runs the country! He had McCain and Obama on his left and right because he was the real center of power back then.

  7. IF the Righteous, my Master, LORD JESUS CHRIST would permit me: In the judgment, I John would gladly volunteer, among the holy angels, to throw all these evil Jesuits to the lake of fire…. this is after they are flayed (pillage of their skin,) and a sledge hammer was used to crush their heads/skulls….but this of their verdict, not my hate nor my anger, the great indignation of the King and Lord of heaven and earth, JESUS, the Saviour Almighty Prince of Peace. Amen. REVELATION XX.12 etc.

  8. The lord JESUS told us of these satanic plans long ago. christ told us that satan would hi jack Gods temple the christian church and would install a false religious leader in it who would speak blasphemy and who would rule the world thats the pope, because rev 17 says that false religious leader sits in power with the harlot church and they are located in rome the city which lays on seven mountain tops, the popes jesuits control the FREEMASONS. ps the lord JESUS IS God and he is coming to judge

  9. thats how they plan to dominate the world they went after education they wanted to make sure they could control how the future intellectuals would think, infact they control now all the bible preaching protestant schools in the world they also infitraded those thats why so many christians preachers no longer preach what are christian brothers preached in the dark ages which was that the pope is the anti christ and the vatican is the harlot of rev 17

  10. What an irony. All the private Catholic universities in the world, such as Loyola Marymount University, Georgetown University, Universidad Anahuac, La Universidad Iberoamericana, and Nortadame University, among others are administrated by Jesuits.

  11. According to a speaker from KPFK radio station, the Patriot Act was a scam from the Bush Administration to monitor the common American citizen, who disagreed with the Bush Administration plans to invade Iraq, and the set-up of secrete prisons around the world. The Patriot Act was put in place with the pretext to monitor terrorists, while the terrorists was the Bush Administration.

  12. The Jesuits are not the only organization to create problems. The Rochtchilds, the Rockerfellers, and J. P. Morgan among others play a crucial role in controling the world's events and money. According to KPFK a radio station, the Bush Administration orchestrated the September 11th, 2001 tragedy, to spark fear among the American people, and invade Iraq. Very important people were behind the Bush Administration with September 11th, 2001 tragedy. May God help us.

  13. Christians who truly love him, do not entirely understand who or what ecxatly they love, they've fallen in love with an idea, you could beleve in Barbie & think of Barbie as a goddess, do an experiment get a barbie dall put it up whereever you want pray to it just as you would pray to a figure of jc, then if whatever you asked for happens you might understand that all your beliefs were useless or wrong, most hardcore believers will not try this. Free yourselves

  14. That's what they want us to believe, can't you see it's all a scam jc was invented or fabricated by the, now that I think about it the Jesuits, perhaps even the Jesuits had being working on the deception way longer than we think we know, if only the ones who thiink know all the answers stopped talking for once & put 1 & 1 together they might finaly shut up & stop making ridiculous claims.

  15. If this video is correct then christians are worse than Hitler and are the worst religion every created they say satans evil shit these guys constantly payed the jesuits in order for them to dominate us all with there New World Order you can come for me you evil jesuit christians how could you constantly pay money at chruch to be fucked over by these people.

  16. 9 Trillion now is at the precipice of 14.5 trill which is unrecoverable! But they won't say that on Fox or CNN! O'reiily will not opine about such things in his wayward jesuit Hegelian dialectic will he?? Nope! Our nation is in decline!! Our world is in freefall!! Prepare yourselves for the worst, be saved and accept Jesus now!! before thesociety that fights in His name comes and makes you bow before antichrist and makes you accept satan!!

  17. TO ALL:

    Use Google and type in Muslim Brotherhood, the ones who now control Egypt, and Jesuit and then follow some of the links. There is one where a person shows a definitive link on his/her facebook page. All this turmoil in the "Muslim Spring" is no coincidence; all part of God's plan and that plan -I fear for many; is coming to a climax. Repent and believe the GOSPEL while the Lord can still be found!!

  18. That Archbishop even looks wicked to be honest. He looks like he could take Bush head off at any time during this photo op. I have always felt….even before i saw this,that JFK stood up to them and that is why they killed him and apparentlyhis son got in the way too. It must have pissed RFK off when he saw what they did to his brotha so they killed him too. JFK to me is the only true pres to have served in my life time…the rest were all puppets for the Illuminati. MLK was also killed by them.

  19. I can't believe I'm going to argue with you nuts but, here goes. No offspring of Diana's would be heir to the throne after her and Charles divorced. Also, your description of the letter makes no sense, "The letter from the counsel to President John Adams written to President Thomas Jefferson in 1816 read:" Okay, who wrote it and who was it from and who was it to? By the way, I'll admit I'm bias. I'm happy God's people have a powerful, as you say, Holy Order looking out for the Church! Bless em'!

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