The Truth About War

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  1. You guys who joined the military to fight for our freedoms just prolonged our problems. Thanks to you and you guys we are getting more of our rights taken away. Shame on you guys. You guys were and are part of the problem not the solution. You guys worked for the government not the people. Get that through your thick heads.

    most people who say they are christian are not be truly born again catholic church is a lie mormonism prosperity gospel lies
    be healed
    2 Corinthians 5:17
    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new

  3. 04:46  Being involved in some of this, the enemy forces take delight in shielding themselves in religious buildings and often bringing children as a sort of life-insurance to create moral concern and indecision to US troops.  The enemy here usually doesn't care about which children they bring, and it's never their own; also, they do not abide, nor are members of the Geneva Convention.  It's a clever ploy they've been doing because of our "weakness" since 1979.  What if Nazis put children in the foxholes with them at the Invasion at Normandy?  The collateral damage is very much wrong, and TNT here brings up a great point, but the percentage is rather small.  An odd final push to purchasing silver.

  4. Dehumanizing people of the world and plundering nations and mass genocide with drones and weapons of mass destruction all done by the USA for profit, for oil, to keep the capitalist system running. The USA, like the Roman Empire, cannot sustain itself by false flag operations, war, lies, and regime changes around the world. It will inevitably reap what it sows. The laws of nature, science, and universal law or karma will catch up with it eventually.

  5. army training is set to produce trauma, you get dehumanized to the extreme there, but theres a purpose for that, every single person with post traumatic stress disorder is 90 percent more likely  to commit acts of violence or "snap" as they say, and yet there are still people that do it for the grants, unbelievable.

  6. Very thought provoking. So youre saying that the EVIL that is The Oligarch is the very same EVIL thats Intentionally murdering innocent civilians in order to provoke retaliation that justifies more Profit Killings for the Oligarch Congress has voted for 100% of the time, for, For Over 30 years, AGAINST US CITIZEN PREFERENCE?

    That EVIL, The Bankster Mafia thats taken over the US Congress, is the very same EVIL thats murdering people in order to Debt Enslave Our Entire Nation, to THEM, in perpetuity, or until we begin doing similar, or likewise, or identically?

    Thats the jist I get, from it, that now America is KILL or be KILLED.  This is just me, but I know what a man would do in the face of wrong, given those as the only options, as weve no more voting to do, as it simply gives em Who They want, and/or israel unrestricted NSA info on ALL US Citizens and Business blackmails em.  


    S A Y I N G ! ! !

  7.  Are Bilderberger Zionists and their dupes a bigger problem?
    In order to fight an enemy effectively; you must know who the enemy is.
    The Network Media claims that Muslims and their sharia law (which is terrible) is a BIG threat; BUT
    How is it, that MSM ignores who has infiltrated our government and bought our politicians?
    Who has any idea of who owns the MSM?
    Who has any idea of who has control of ‚Äúpublic‚ÄĚ education? (common core, text book publishers. Etc.)
    Who has any idea of who has control of US foreign policy?  (CFR vetted politicians in both parties for decades)
    Who has any idea of who has control of our economy? (The private Federal Reserve)
    Who has any idea of who is financially enslaving the world, with their usury? Including the USA’s ($17.5 trillion debt), via The FED, IMF, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and the rest.
    How is it that MSM ignores that Zionists have been behind the Muslim and illegal emigrations for decades? (diversity is good has been the NWO propaganda)
    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Decades of /NeoCON/NWO/ /Bilderberger‚Äôs¬† ¬†‚ÄúForeign Policy‚ÄĚ has got America involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt and ETC. ¬†The warmongers are still pushing for Ukraine, Syria and Iran. ¬†Our ‚ÄúAllies‚ÄĚ have become ‚Äúenemies‚ÄĚ over and over and over!¬† Most recent; the US armed the radical Sunnis (ISIS) in Syria to fight Assad‚Äôs Shiite government in Syria. Now the US is fighting the ISIS/Sunni/Al-Qaida slaughter going on in Iraq. The¬† NeoCONs (ie. FOX, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other CFR pundits),¬† continue to push for attack of the Shiite governments in Syria and Iran.
         All Shiites are our enemies according to our Talking Heads on network TV. Just so happens, they do not have Rothschild banks, and are not in debt to them.
                  Research who attacks who and find out why.    Is Israel really our friend?
    I can only hope some here take the time to read, research and think this through.
     A lot is at stake.
          The 911 attack (Google: 911, Building 7 and You Tube it also) was the pretense for 13 years of all out wars. The Bilderberger’s NWO foreign policy is being pushed hard by their bought media. Beware of the Boogie Man!  The One that the NWO manipulators  created, funded and armed.
    ¬†¬† ¬†¬†The truth is attainable for anyone who gives a damn, and who takes some time to get to the truth. ¬†Americans are being set up for some really bad turmoil (martial law under Dept. of Homeland Security), and the Powers That Be will deliver their planned ‚Äúsolutions‚ÄĚ (Google and You Tube FEMA camps, Agenda 21 for starters).
            These will be really bad solutions for those that care about liberty, freedom, our standard of living, and our Constitution.

  8. The Nobel peace prize was simply a profound apology to the American Black community for things that some whites did.
    Bow, apologize. Wring hands. Plead for mercy. Maybe Obama and the involved black community will forgive you?

  9. The solution is not "buy my silver".  Try educating to the full truth with out making an emotional decision to buy your product.  Your silver line has done nothing to lead to a solution but made you money.

  10. We all agree that life came from mud, but some have the belief that mud can turn into 3D protein printers by chance and then self replicate.

    Beliefs count for nothing.

    God is about to destroy Christendom, along with all false religion. (including Islam btw.)

  11. Can you imagine showing your face in public when absolutely everyone knows that the Nobel Prize they gave you is all a sham and you never earned it…what a freaking joke ! But then again, Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name is, is used to pretending about his sexual orientation and the First Tranny.You can tell by his phoniness; the phony smile, jokes, lies, etc., etc….

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