The TRUTH Of The High Jesuits! Pope Francis The False Prophet? Exposing The Darkness!

History Of The Jesuits And Black Popes!


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  1. Sorry, but WW1 (at least they prolonged it) and WW2 (caused it & profited most) was the doing of the Zionists. I don't know where you get this from with the Jesuits, except that it was founded by crypto Jews who later on founded the Illuminati – I'm open for new info.
    But all current flows point to Zionist nature of power, eg getting imprisoned for exposing the holocaust hoax or 9-11 and Israeli connection.

  2. There are only 5 mounts in the city of Jerusalem , ZION, ACRA ,MORRIAH ,BEZETHA, OPHEL. And one outside the walls of jerusalem, MT OF OLIVES, Jerusalem is surrounded by 2 valleys ,JEHOSEPHAT,and HINNOM, ,There is only one city in the world that fits all 27 charactaristics of the biblical whore ,and that's Rome ,the city stained with the blood of saints,who communes with the wicked of the earth, ps. its called ancient topography of Jerusalem ,look it up

  3. Apoc.: 17:8. The beast …shall come up out of the bottomless pit & go into destruction. & inhabitants on the earth [the (sic) "non-saved" ] shall wonder, 7:9. …The 7 heads are7 mountains upon which the woman sitteth & they are 7 kings. 17:10. 5 are fallen, 1 is, the other is not yet come: …17:11.& the beast which was & is not: the same also is the 8th, & is of the 7, & goeth into destruction. [5 popes are fallen, 1 is, the 7th is Petrus,i.e., Antichrist who destroys. See Haydock D-R.

  4. In the Book of Revelation, it states that the false prophet will come from the land of the seven mountains, Jerusalem, not the seven hills, Rome. Also it states that he will come from Tes Des, the land of Israel. So stop the Catholic badgering and face facts, not made up or contorted ones.

  5. Another Catholic Vatican bashing video from the people who hate the authority of the one true church of Christ – the Roman Catholic Church. We all know about the bad Popes, the schisms, the abuse, the bad decisions. Well, you can make mistakes when you've been about for 2000 years. Why don't you show the good that this church has done over 20 centuries and how it established the civilization of Europe. What skeleton's does your young church hide?

  6. Remember John Paul I born 17 October 1912 – 28 September 1978), reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 26 August 1978 until his death 33 days later. His reign is among the shortest in papal history. It has been said he was poisoned. Good video.

  7. I read the Oath that the Jesuits say, if this is true then we are about to begin the Tribulation Period. The Jesuits will declare war on the Protestant/Evangelicals and, by coersion if possible for a while to coerce them back under the RCC, then later, it appears, by the sword. Wow, we cop it either by Islam or the RCC. Praise our Lord and Saviour, we are sealed by His blood and we will not be moved, though the gates of hell itself come against us.

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