The Truth Of Who Did 9/11- Jesuit/ Rothchild Israel..

Who was involed in 9/11 from the top down 1)The vatican Jesuit Order of the maltaties to the cia- order hit. 2) British Crown and Saudi Arabia Funding Operation 3) Rothchild Israel Zionist ground- minions organziing 4)US Bush Presidency- Administration/ Airforce and the FBI coverup5) US British News Media Networks reporting lies of the event. 6) Corporations Halliburton, Raytheon and others insurance companies that bankrolled profits. 7) Financial Institutions like Goldman Sachs with prior knolage- inside trading. Jesuits Alumini in the obama administration and 112th U.S. Congress… The focal report in this report is on Israel’s role in the 9/11 attacks. Listen very carefully to every word in this video presentation… and realize that Israel Rothchild- Zionist Has been Occupying the US Goverment over the past 60+ years, and to this daythey continue there occupation under the Obama administration. With there current agenda in full swing ( War in libya) Israel – Zionist are pushing for the war n Iran. This is the thorn in America’s hand. The fastest way to destablillize the Zionist Network in America is to have them removed from the US. Goverment ( I do not own this video mirrored by WikilntelNews)


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