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0:00 Pt1 Today’s world really stranger than fiction
2:30 Pt2 Our real history
4:55 Pt3 Much deception today, & (recent) past?
6:00 Pt4 You have to decide between..
6:55 Pt5 What happens after death?
7:10 Pt6 How do you find the truth?
9:26 Pt7 The end times
14:06 Pt8 Information

See ( for more information & websites.

TruNews: Real News, Uncensored

Gensix/truelegendstheserie: Real History, Uncensored


There is still time, So there is still hope!

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workout your salvations with fear & trembling pray prayer All have sinned win souls biblical waring sugar coated preaching false prophets false teachers False doctrines wolves in sheep clothes Apostasy False holy spirit kundalini spirit slain in the spirit exposed infiltration church Satan as an angel of light false apostles pre-tribulation Rapture exposed Christian Zionism End times Generation living in the last days lovers of self lovers of money mystery Babylon false teachings of Babylon the book of revelations the great tribulation signs Fukushima lethal radiation earthquakes volcano eruptions famines pestilences fearful sights extreme weather strange sounds nuclear threat lawlessness increase nation against nation kingdom against kingdom illuminati’s goals Ephesians 6:12 Daniel prophecy knowledge shall increase days of Noah Return of the Nephilim advanced technology transhumanism Robotics drones slaughterbots cryptocurrency The global brain A.I. artificial intelligence cashless society the mark of the beast right hand or forehead you cannot buy or sell without the mark chip 666 the seal of god come out of Babylon reject the mark the beast system worship the image of the beast the great falling away man of destruction revealed false messiah end time ufo alien deception know your enemy if possible even the elect being deceived war in heaven endure till the end the whole Armor of god trust god except the days shortened no flesh be saved when Jesus comes back it will be shocking battle of Armageddon final judgment white throne judgment all the dead will be raised the second coming ever eye will see him ever tongue will confess that Jesus is lord every knee shall bow after the tribulation judgment day lost souls the lambs book of life New heaven new earth New Jerusalem


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