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2 Replies to “The Two Natures:Righteousness By Faith pt1, Will we be Sinning Until Jesus Comes???”

  1. Thank you so much, Roy, for dealing with this vital subject.  Without a true and correct knowledge of what IS the true gospel no person can or will be saved.  I especially liked your description of that gospel as a "restoration" gospel, for that is exactly what it is.  Jesus did not come just to die for and forgive us our sins, but to show us how to continue on with Him from then on, to be progressively restored to the original 'image' God intended man to be and remain in throughout eternity – through the power of the Holy Spirit, to resist and overcome sin's temptations at every step.  No matter what mere men may claim, God is very clear that we have to be sanctified through trust and obedience to be ready for the Close of Probation, and the power to resist and obey comes only from Him. May we believe and grasp hold of that power and co-operate with Christ to obtain that victory.

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