The Ultimate Jesuit Mind Control Technique – The Ultimate Jesuit Mind Control Technique. For centuries the most successful weapon in the arsenal of the Jesuits, has been the confessional box. All Catholics are required to confess all their sins to a human priest, believing this is the only way to Heaven.

The confessional is a dark booth with a place to kneel before a closed window where the Roman Catholic believer is asked to contemplate his sins. After a short period the priest slides open the window and listens as the penitent pours out to him the filthiest, most vile, deepest, darkest secret sins of the flesh and heart. The penitent is instructed to confess all his sins to the best of his memory.

Every Catholic believer has to do this, no exceptions, because unconfessed mortal sin prevents the Catholic from receiving the Eucharist. In other words, each individual is expected to account to a priest every impure thought or deed, to accuse himself before a priest of EVERY SIN to the best of their memory.

Now get this. After confessing their sins, the Catholic is instructed to answer truthfully any question the priests asks. If you understand this, then you understand why the Jesuits are able to control governments.

Imagine if you will a prime minister or the president of a country who has been brought up to be a good Catholic. That head of state is obligated to confess all state secrets with the priest. The local parish priests do not get the privilege of hearing confessions of important politicians, Wall Street bankers, or corporate bigwigs.

No, only Jesuits are permitted to accept confessions from these leaders of society. Why? Because a Jesuit is highly trained to skillfully ask the right questions after the penitent has confessed their every sin. Remember, the penitent has been conditioned since childhood to truthfully answer any and all questions put to him or her by the Catholic priest.

As a result, the Jesuits have incredibly important inside information that they have used to control not just individuals, but entire governments. After centuries of doing this, they have honed the skill of the confessional to a fine art. Through spiritual intimidation they are able to dictate at will, the destinies of entire nations.


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  1. I've heard and read so many times that quotation from president Lincoln: "This war would have never been possible…" What and how exactly the Jesuits did so as to be branded by president Lincoln? Is there a specific book I can read or internet link to go? Does somebody knows something about it?

  2. The catholic church is eerily similar to the talmudists, kabbalists, and the secret societies behind the NWO… It's is certainly NOT Christian in any way shape or form- as true Christianity is a humble / righteous form of spirituality- it's simple and transparent.

  3. Just because you have not experienced the true nature the Jesuit does not mean it does not exist. Not all Germans saw Jewskkilled in every village and town but it happened just as sure as the Jesuits killed Christians for hundreds of years. The popes have killed over 150 million, 150,000,000 Jews and Christians over 1200 years during the dark ages, when reading the light of God's word was a crime punishable by death.

  4. What a pack of lies. First of all, the Catholic Church does not teach that people must answer any and all questions asked by a priest in the confessional. That's a lie, a flat lie.  We're not even required to give any details about our sins. We're only supposed to list the kind and number of sins, that's it.  Moreover, we have the right to confess anonymously, from behind a screen, so that the priest doesn't even know who we are.

    All of this whining about the Jesuits has everything to do with protestant self-pity and paranoia, because the Jesuits were the most effective counter-force against their heretical, false "reformation"  that divided Christendom, offered salvation without having to obey God, and placed religion into the power of European governments. The Jesuits utterly defeated the protestants in Poland and France and some protestants are still so traumatized they see Jesuit conspiracies everywhere. This is even the case now, when the Jesuits have become liberal and indifferent to the Catholic religion — some protestants, like this foaming at the mouth character in the video, think they are still a "threat" to them and believe the control everything. How ridiculous.

  5. We are living in the last history of our time. Satan is working hard through his agents to deceive if possible, even the very elect. Thank God that we have the truth. Let us hold fast to the faith that we have and watch and pray, so that Satan has no place in our hearts. So help us God, Amen.

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