The Ultimate Truth about the Jesuits

Most of you might think this video is disinfo , on the conterary you have never been told the truth. The Rothschilds are Knights of Malta and are overruled by the Jesuits , They put the Rothschilds and other Catholic Zionists in the front so all the people will blame the Jews in general , instead of the Vatican. This has everything to do with their agenda for WW3 which is designed to be launched between Israel and The Middle East , They are on Track almost everybody is falling for the Deception…..shouting Jews , Jews , while it was the Torah Jews that got murdered in WW2 by The Same Organizations.
Israel was founded by Rome just as Zionism and Communism.
They also control many Arab leaders that are already creating a massive Jihad through the MuslimBrotherhood (Arab Uprisings) which is controlled by Rome. Controlled Opposition
The Federal Reserve has been created to rob the whole world.

The Truth About The Jesuits Part 2


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