The Vatican/Jesuit Satanic/Luciferian Agenda

The Roman Catholic Church, the Society of Jesus and the Knights of Malta run the world activities. This is why English law uses a Latin law dictionary, why Washington D.C. was called previous, Rome, Maryland, why we have Rome-ance.

The Vatican has clearly stated its big picture agenda & goal is to rid all Christians and heretics off the face of the Earth.

This video lists Knights of Malta members and Freemasons of many who you have heard of and have been in powers of government and power for the past century and beyond.

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Sympathy for the Devil Rolling Stones
You Must Be Evil Chris Rhea
Yell Fire Michael Franti
Dealing with the Devil Allman Bros.

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  1. The Jesuits control all behind the curtain, orchestrate & create all actions that precipitate the coming of satan. They have infiltrated & corrupted all forms of governance be it religion, finance, military, education, legal system, food, water, even the air we breath, all for the NWO. Poising our minds, creating a Hive mentality, singularity, centralised & standardised. No room for free thought or individuality, enslavement of man kind, where they want us to Obey, don't question anything, believe & stand in line for the coral for human harvesting. Hell is where they only belong. Jesus be with us.

  2. Why do romists NEVER look at their own faith before commenting on youtube videos??? This is straight form their council of Trent and if they deny these things their faith says they are going to HELL!!!!

    Moreover, that the images of Christ, of the Virgin Mother of God, and of the other saints, are to be had and retained particularly in temples, and that due honour and veneration are to be given them; not that any divinity, or virtue, is believed to be in them, >>>on account of which they are to be >>>worshipped<<<<<<; or that anything is to be asked of them; or, that trust is to be reposed in images, as was of old done by the Gentiles who placed [Page 235] their hope in idols; but because the honour which is shown them is referred to the prototypes which those images represent; in such wise that by the images which we kiss, and before which we uncover the head, and prostrate ourselves, we adore Christ; and we venerate the saints, whose similitude they bear: as, by the decrees of Councils, and especially of the second Synod of Nicaea, has been defined against the opponents of images.

  3. What you need to understand is that the Catholic Faith is true. Jesus did found the Church on Peter and the Apostles as set forth in Matthew 16:18 and Matthew 18:18. If you are quoting from the Bible you must know that the Bible was not compiled until between 385 and 430 A.D. by CATHOLIC BISHOPS and the final compilation of New Testament books was then approved by the Pope. You cannot escape that historical fact. The miracles of the Church, as well as the entire maintenance and growth of Western Civilization is due to Christendom, which was Catholic in origin until 1054 when the Eastern Orthodox split. Protestantism is a complete and utter fraud that did not pop up until 1515 and is emptied of divine content except for the little scraps they kept from the one true faith. Protestants are viewed as useful idiots by the Satanic groups that have attacked the Catholic Church in a highly organized way for the past 300 years (since about 1717). That disgusting statue you see in that photo is not in a "Church" in Rome but in a "media hall" where the Pope and others meets the media and other groups. It did not exist prior to the 1960's and probably as late as the 1970's. It most likely is a Satanic sculpture and is a sign of the now near total infiltration of the one true Church. This does NOT invalidate the Catholic Bible, the teachings of Christ, or even the Sacraments, but it does portend a major event in Western Civilization. There is a major "chastisement" coming. It is not the end of time. God will restore His Church and for a time, the entire world (which will be greatly reduced in number after the chastisement) will be Catholic. Praise Jesus, Lord of Lord and King of Kings. It is important to learn the truths of the Catholic Faith and try to practice them now even in this wicked age. There are those of us who are working to drive these evil forces out of the Church and be part of Her true and complete restoration. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

  4. That's not Jesus tho. That's what they want ppl to think bcuz that's thw anti-"christ". The Messiah is not a long haired hippie..& sorry but he's also not a white man. "Hair like wool, feet the color of burnt bronze". The Hebrews were darker & is why ALL indiginous ppl have been screwed over.
    When we see that fake Jesus, do not follow him. God bless

  5. Your video is informative but you almost lost me on the front-end with that loud catawalling chant of that catholic priest in the background. Plus, it would have been nice to have been able to read the Jesuit documents a little longer. Background music all a bit too loud. Otherwise…good video, especially for information.

  6. Those who call themselves Christians and follow Jesus (Cesare Borgia) are following a sun god (Lucifer). The Jesuits created Jesus to confuse the masses. Sunday worship, Easter, Christmas, Homosexuality and perversion are the hallmark for the Heathen, Roman and Pagan rituals. Moreover, Many Christians have taken on the image of their god (Cesare Borgia) as homosexual and transgender. The letter J was created in 1615 and Jesus, Jews, Judah, and Jehovah was created shortly thereafter. The so-called Jew and Jesus were created to steal the identity of the true People (Hebrew) the tribe Yahudah and Messiah (Yahshua) who are Black. Because the Scriptures have been white washed and the truth has been squeezed out. False prophecy is rampant. Fact, Jesus is the anti-Christ and Sunday worship is the Mark of the Beast. Unfortunately, none of the false prophecy is true because of ignorance, brain washing and white supremacy.

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