The Vatican Secret Files ‘IF’ There is something to hide?

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Vatican secret files ‘IF’ The Vatican files?

In this video we are going to take a look at the Vatican files.
Let’s find out if the conspiracies are true?
What do we actually know about this most mysterious place?
The Vatican’s secret collection of Documents, known as Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, these Files contain chronicled records covering 12 centuries, they include many unique objects and letters.
Writings of Michelangelo, archives identifying magical and mysterious objects, correspondence, and even a supplication composed on birch bark by the Canadian Ojibwe tribe in 1887.

People have always speculated on what could actually be found in the 50+ miles of racking in the Vatican’s secret hall of records.
A very select group of researchers, scholars, and writers have been permitted to enter these hallowed halls and view Documents, the documents they viewed having to be requested before their visit.
This leads us to a chicken and egg situation if we don’t what is in the vault how can we request it, this is why many believe that you must be part of a society that has and shares this secret knowledge.
So what do people think is hidden in this vast library of secrets?

The only question we ever need.

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