The Vatican’s Role In The New World Order! Bill Hughes

Pastor and Author of the groundbreaking books “The Secret Terrorists” and “The Enemy Unmasked” pulls the curtain back to expose the real power behind the coming New World Order! Have the Jesuits(The Society of Jesus) been the real Assassins behind the murder of Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K.? Is the Black Pope the REAL power behind the Vatican throne? Please see our website for more Information:


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  1. I tried to watch and couldn't stomach through this guy these regurgitate their worship of the republican politics…sure they speak of some truths about the New World Order and the powers behind it but their fake Christian republican god worship is their agenda and yes exploit the people and sell books…organized religion should be outlawed with all the death, wars, exploitation all the major religions have caused throughout history and currently…

  2. Why do Catholics believe their church dates back to Christ and his apostles? You only have to read history to know how Rome turned Christianity into the furtherance of the dying western wing of the Roman Empire. Pontifex maximus was the emperors title. Rome turned Christianity into Gnosticism and incorporated paganism for converts. They totally perverted the gospel given by Christ to his apostles. Paul wrote and warned about the Gnostics. She is the whore that rides the beast drunken from the blood of the martyrs. " come out of her my people."

  3. As usual, it'e the 'elite', not the mind controlled sheep, who dutifully give their money, and go along with the circus act. Same as governments. Americans go off to kill and die for the elite, who themselves, don't have to go? The Twatican, and the NWO, are, as you say, arm in arm. the goal is to reduce the world population of non Catholics, so that one world religion, can be attained. Nearly 2 billion dollars per week tax free pouring in to the Twatican, being used for regime change, population reduction, and rewards, like legal sodomizing of little boys. Nothing could be worse than this.

  4. Please be AWARE of these Possible ''Deceptions'' DURING the GREAT TRIBULATION: It is essential to know "all possibilities", for if they come to fruition we will be better prepared for whatever we must face. Some ideas have more validity than others, but some of those "offbeat" ideas, if true, could affect us deeply. Please keep in mind that the Bible's "Great Tribulation" is the world's – World War III scenario which must be "stopped by God". World War III is a "planned" world-wide take-over – a "New World Order" – a plan to install Satan as mankind's "only God", with everyone worshipping him. This takeover has been "planned" for many years. Very little is left to chance. It is Satan's planned "messianic kingdom" – the replacement for Christ's Messianic Kingdom. Let us look at the "possibilities" we will face. (I am putting this list on several channels, and I am hoping that you, the video owner, will not mind this list on yours. I am hoping that it will help some people prepare for the Great Tribulation.)

    First, please Internet search "Georgia Guide Stones" – if you are not familiar with them. These "16 foot high" Guide Stones were erected in the state of Georgia (USA) in 1980. You will see Ten Guidelines, written in stone, in eight different languages. Its first directive is "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE". We have a problem here. There are now 7.5 billion people on this earth……. More info at Brenner Poetry Plus

    Note, an EMP attack is NOT likely because an EMP strike will bring down the electrical grid, including the Communication and Financial Sectors for many months, if not years. Satan's aim is to bring in the New World Order immediately, and he cannot do this if the world has been crippled. These Sectors would be "fried" by an EMP attack, it is not likely that Satan nor the "powers in control" would allow this.

    The simplest way to bring the world to its knees is to shut down the electrical grid (it could be "blamed" on an EMP strike, a "terrorist attack" from an enemy). And this electrical grid failure (orchestrated by the ''powers that be'') will, like ''dominoes'' shut down all "16+ Critical Infrastructure Sectors" such as transportation, food distribution, water distribution in most communities, waste disposal, communications, healthcare, the financial sector, etc., etc. This is the NWO plan, the ultimate collapse of this world – the beginning of the Great Tribulation, the "time of great distress", the "ride of the four Horsemen".

    Martial law (perhaps under a more benign name) will be immediately implemented. The military will become visible in all communities and demand absolute control and compliance. Please note, that many of the military men will not speak the language of your country. Did you know that the United States has traded soldiers from Russia, China, etc. and have trained them in American "urban warfare"….. More info at Brenner Poetry Plus

    Once the electrical grid is down, "FOOD" runs out very fast. Within three or four days the stores will be empty, and this world will go crazy. (Note: the stores in Houston Texas emptied in four hours at the start of hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in late August 2017.)

    The "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS", the ''rounding up of Christians'': Those who refused to worship the beast (the New World Order with its Antichrist leader) will be high on Satan's list for extermination (Revelation 13:15). A military agenda called the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS" has been formed. The military has approached Christian Leaders from all denominations, and have been asked to support the government – "in times of crisis" using Romans chapter 13…….

    In conjunction with the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS", Walmart and other large chains have closed designated stores. These stores have been emptied [including shelves and cash registers]. Surveillance cameras have been installed, at some stores, guard towers built (the Army also has designed a movable guard tower – on wheels), and high wire fencing erected around the perimeters. Military vehicles are seen at these facilities…….

    A possible name for these facilities is "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS". And, sad to say, you will follow your "religious leader" if you are not cognizant of the agenda, thinking the government will kindly look after your needs of "food and safety" – away from the rioting mobs. That so-called "safe place" will be a concentration camp – with extermination facilities, or worse – slavery or prostitution. (Notice: If you decide to forfeit your integrity to Almighty God, you may be asked to seal your allegiance by taking a Mark on your right hand or forehead – Revelation 13:16). Lambs led to the slaughter! What a nefarious, unbelievably simple demonic plan!……..

    The United States, for instance, now has approximately 1000 concentration camps located within its borders. Internet search (YouTube) such topics as FEMA concentration camps, FEMA coffins, military guard towers (fencing and guard towers have appeared at some schools, why?), guillotines, movements of military vehicles on trains and highways in the United States, DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)……..

    "Project Blue Beam" involves holography,……..

    A fake holographic RAPTURE scenario is "allegedly" planned. This fake holographic RAPTURE could appear real enough to deceive "even the elect". Through holograms, it can appear that people are ascending and disappearing into heaven……..

    Some sources say that the statue of Our Lady of Fatima" will also be playing a part in this deception. Watch for Word that she has "spoken again". This may be done with holograms.

    This may be stretching it a bit, don't be surprised if actual, live "extraterrestrial" aliens begin to walk the streets. (The Internet says there are many types, from "small greys" to "humanoid reptilians", to the beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Nordic extraterrestrials.) Satan has had 6000 years to perfect his "seed". What has he been doing during this time? Whether these "aliens" come from actual "planets" where Satan…..

    Then there is the UFO phenomenon. A perceived attack (via holograms) by malevolent ALIEN entities in UFOs is thought to be on the agenda. Don't be surprised if you see a sky full of attacking UFOs. ……..

    During this attack, do not be surprised if there appears a benevolent race of alien entities in UFOs (probably, the Nordic) that will appear to battle with the "wicked aliens", and thus appear to save us. ……..

    The Antichrist must appear earth-wide, quite possibly through holograms in the sky – and will speak in many languages. The Internet tells us that through the use of technology, the "powers that be" can make it appear as if this "Antichrist" will be talking to us audibly, perhaps even telepathically ……..

    At some predetermined time, the "MARK" will be made mandatory. Anyone who does not submit to the NWO (those who keeps his integrity to God) will not be allowed to receive this MARK………

    The Antichrist will promote a unity – a "One World Religion"  – which may sound like a good thing, but will ultimately be – the worship of Satan himself as god of mankind.

    "MKUltra" involves mind control and will undoubtedly be used in the end-times scenario. It is used now. Wikipedia explains the mind control powers used by MKUltra. Mind control of the masses can be initiated through television, radio, cell phones, and computers by means of sound waves, etc. and will be used in various ways to control the populace.

    The use of computers, televisions, etc. etc. in the surveillance of  mankind – in your home and beyond.

    Further, we have the Hydrogen Collider, CERN (and similar facilities around the world) which the Internet tells us can open portals into the next dimension and allow demonic entities into ours. Conjecture or not?

    Don't be surprised if there is a so-called "vampire / zombie attack". Internet sources tell us that "Secret Societies", etc. have for years, been in the process of "hypnotizing" many, many innocent individuals – that will be "awakened" upon hearing certain "key words". Go to Wikipedia, and read the "Killing of Tim McLean" ………

    HAARP – weather modification technology can produce floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., which could make life precarious during the Great Tribulation.

    Islamic "sleeper cells" that have been quietly introduced into Christian neighborhoods will be ''awoken''. They will take part in the Tribulation massacre. Remember, the Koran tells every Muslim that he/she must "kill every infidel" (meaning everyone who does not believe as they do). ………

    Now, be prepared for God's reaction: The time period of the "Great Tribulation" is not long, for God stops it short. How? Probably by the sun turning black (as during the plagues in Egypt), the moon turning red, the stars appearing to fall from heaven – Matthew 24:29……….

    What a convenient moment for the "Antichrist" to step in and claim that he is the "Savior" of mankind. The NWO will make the Antichrist appear as the "glorious coming of Christ"! Many people will fall victim. Remember, the Antichrist comes first (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 and Matthew 24:23 – 28, 30). Further, as Matthew explains, don't be surprised, should the Antichrist appear "here or there" by means of holograms.

    TWO WITNESSES of Revelation chapter 11: Be aware that another deception will be played out here……….

    What should you do? Please take to heart the Scripture in Isaiah 26:29, "Go, my people, inter-into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over." We must trust in our heavenly father and his son to carry us through. Love them with all your heart, every day.

    For the remainder of this ''end-time'' information – please go to Brenner Poetry Plus

  5. Things that I'm sure of today. I've researched and I'm positive that they are true and verifiable. You may be aghast when you read them. I cautiously advise you that action on your part is necessary to avoid utter destruction. Your freedom has been given away by you, because we have been indoctrinated over several generations to place ourselves into slavery. We all must awaken and come out of her in the thousands. 144,000 to begin, and then thousands and thousands more. Here they are:

    1. Jesus Christ is Lord and He is the only way to the Father. Christians all over the world are killed because of this faith.
    2. Satan is ruling every nation, city, or village on earth for the most part. This is why Jesus said that He is not of this world. This fact is so important as we shall soon see.
    3. The mark of the beast is in effect right now. This is how subtle the devil is. You don't see it now probably, I didn't either until about 8 years ago when my wife, Lily and I were shown things that are true, and things that are a lie. I give all of the glory to the Father and Son for showing us these facts.
    4. The driver's license with your name and picture on it is a graven image. It is an idol because the state forces you to carry it. This is a violation of the 2nd commandment, if one chooses to serve God according to His Word. We do still have the 1st amendment.
    5. You waive your 4th and 5th amendments when you post a license plate on your vehicle. You are not obligated to give an officer any information at all, unless they have a search warrant. Driving WITHOUT a license plate on your vehicle IS exercising your civil rights.
    6. With the exception of the sheriff, law enforcement is a corporation and operates under maritime law. The license plate is a slave tracking device, used to extract money from us. This is not to say that we are not to drive safely, and we should be fined if we injure another person, or damage their property.
    7. Property taxes go to the Vatican through the federal reserve and the bank of England.
    8. Climate change tax is the modern version of indulgences, a Vatican inspiration.
    9. The earth is the center of our known universe. The sun, moon and solar systems revolve around the earth.
    10. The earth does not rotate.
    11. Aliens exist, but they are of demonic origin.  This is explained in Genesis chapter 6.
    12. I have seen a black triangle known as the TR3B, a golden orb, or saucer, and a giant, flying humanoid, all within one week.
    13. 911, the Murrough building, the Golf of Tonkin, etc. we're all staged to get us into wars, and to further enslave us.


  7. the catholic harlot that pissed on the world; slaughtered jesus christ; sexually assaulted man, woman, children and animals; created old and new world orders; mass murderers…see spanish inquisition; whore and harlot over many waters; social cannibals; sodomites; all these deeds headed by a leader named pope, headed to a lake of fire that shall be lit by God; however, man is more brazen today, they shall not lay down and be shot, burned or gullotined as it was in the yesteryears; guns, bombs and nuclear weapons of all sorts shall bark through out all countries by people that hate the harlot pope and his fuckin bunch of homosexuals.

  8. Brother Hughes I just watched "Trump, the vaticans perfect man" and you said the "kings of the earth are the world leaders" But haven't you read this in the Great Controversy? "Many of the Protestant churches are following Rome’s example of iniquitous connection with “the kings of the earth”—THE STATE CHURCHES, by their relation to secular governments; and other denominations, by seeking the favor of the world. And the term “Babylon”—confusion—may be appropriately applied to these bodies, all professing to derive their doctrines from the Bible, yet divided into almost innumerable sects, with widely conflicting creeds and theories. {GC 383.1} So according to this quote the State Churches are the kings of the earth. Mrs White also says that the ten horns of the beast of Rev 17 are the Protestant churches who receive their power as kings for one hour, so it is when they become state recognized powers. Doesn't this make sense? Why does it seem like I'm the only one who sees this? Blessings. (PS the bible says NOTHING about the black and white pope so aren't you adding importance to this issue that is not found in prophecy?)

  9. Prediction — 31 October 2017, expecting to see on this date a mass burning or sacrifice of Christians, on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the Wittenburg castle church door. More persons died in the pre-planned firebombing of Dresden, Germany than died in the supposed nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Dresden was of course the home of Martin Luther. The "concentration camps" exist on a giant pentagram (google it). Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the cultural centers of Christianity in Japan. Gospel is Greek for "good news of military victory". Mass ritual sacrifice (war) is considered by Jewish god as "orgasmic", as identified in Michael Hoffman's book Judaism Discovered (see rense youtube). So, all down through history, military and religion and mass murderous nuttery go hand-in-hand.

  10. where does he get his idea that vatican is old latin for prophetic serpent? I can't find any clues to this being the translation to english, none whatsoever. If your are making the case for something, it would help if at least your first few statements had truth in them..?

  11. The first seal is the rider of the white horse with a bow which means his tongue is bent and is a Liar. This is the OT/NT bible. The white horse rider of Rev 19 with a sword whose name is the Word of God that only he knows is The Tanakh, the Jewish bible about the God who came down from heaven NOT born of a woman.

  12. Where the Catholic Church excommuniates christians that get in freemasonry protestants do not. Jews can actually used a masonic temple as a synagogue. Therefore jews, protestants, freemasons are part of the synagogue of Satan that always fought against the Church of Rome and the Jesuit who delivered the best education and preserved kids from all the revolutionary, new age, modern crap that Enlightment philosophers try to push down our throats. This is why these naturalistic, freemasonic philosophers hated so much the Jesuit, seen as a force to topple to take over the education system and the minds of people.

  13. Video says  ""the Vatican dominates the World … but it is so secretive … that I have no evidence!!""   But I will make it up…. " the Vatican means serpent"  "Jesuits control the World"   "Jesuits are literally the military arm of the Church"  "the protestant reformation brought in the concept of the middle class"  Others call this make believe !!

  14. Uh, hello?  Every Sunday, just like you (I suppose) we open our Bibles and yes, we follow it!  Nothing in our faith conflicts with the Bible and we do believe in sin!   We believe in God (heaven) and hell (Satan/devil) and of course, follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Catholic Church as been around for 2000 years ever since Jesus Christ himself!   It stemmed from Judaism because Jesus was a Jew.   From there, the apostles wrote the bible!   Protestants stemmed from guess where?   The Catholic Church!   Simply put, it was followers in the church wanted to switch things around and started their OWN churches and rewrote the bibles!   So,  the Catholic Church is not evil or the NWO.   We are Christians and follow biblical teachings….  and the 10 Commandments.  Peace

  15. We are all programmed to believe in a "ruling" elite. Why have people accepted the notion of 1st world and 3rd world countries depending on colonization and industrialization. Money is made out of nothing. What gives the banks the authority to created money? The people born to the land are benefactors and beneficiaries of the people. World politics is corrupt.

  16. LOL – the BIBLE doesn't even say "sola scriptura!" Luther was merely constipated. Protestants hold the Bible up so high and yet that very book COMES FROM THE CATHO<IC CHURCH AND ITS TRADITION!

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