Must Watch: “Researchers say there’s evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death”



47 Replies to “The WW3 Prediction of Albert Pike Is Coming True, Wake UP!”

  1. The illuminant is not around no more they where a group that believed in science and not Christianity so they create a secret society so free thinking can talk about scientific stuff without being murdered for blasphemy! This is 100% truth ignore it and stay a fool!

    Now think about the above fact and all the "illuminati" videos with a Christian theme… Welcome to the land of the living and ask yourself why I needed to point this out to you! No one pointed it out to me!!

  2. So who is the one to control Islam?
    And who would get benefit When west clash with Islam?
    Massive depopulation of Christians and Muslims, then who will be the rest dominate this world? (China, India, Israel …)

  3. Stop the satanic illuminati nwo by protesting the removal of the greedy fake non-royal imposters who stole the inherited birthright God left for his chosen Kings and Queens of the World. Rise up and help the real Royal blood heirs of the Royal House of Grimaldi. See the video, "Hidden Royalty in Plain Sight", January 13, 2016. Do nothing and you will be doomed and run by the satanist elite illuminati.

  4. This hillbilly is a moron. He says he believe the Albert Pike letter that states the West will fight against Islam and that will be WW3, and then he goes on to say Muslims are so bad and wants to justify the West's campaign of terrorism, bombings, invasion, murders, genocide, and hate against Muslims.

    YOU wake up, you stupid redneck. If you don't want people to hate and fight you, STOP murdering their children and destroying their countries!

    But leave it to stupid 'mericunts to talk about the FAKE attacks in Boston, Paris and Brussels and not about the millions THEY murdered in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central and south America, South East Asia, Palestine…..

  5. Lol How about you guys realize that there is no prediction for WW3. Would you like to know why? Because WE ARE ALREADY IN WW3. Why aren't our troops home? Yeah Obama brought troops home, and he shipped fresh new legs right back out. Why are we in Iraq, Lybia, Syria, countless of other places and Russia, yes do not be fooled, we have military in Russia and we been had military in Russia since WW2. ISIS is just an excuse to make you think this is terrorist attacks. NOOO THIS IS WORLD WAR 3

  6. GOD states that people who follow magicians and soothsayers are Satans people. This fool follows devil worshiping magicians and really believes they control the world . Fool Islam is from God and it will defeat all evil in time. Your magicians predictions are half truths in a bag full of lies. All people are Gods not just you fool. You remind me of the arrogance of satan you little Zionist ass sucker

  7. Elite? Don't you mean RICH WHITE PEOPLE? The crazy part is watching the same rapist and pedophile people complain about the karma that's visiting them. Europeans are not in any moral position to judge anyone else, since they are the creators of world wars, nuclear weapons, and the very first people on earth to establish churches in the name of satan. Albert Pike is not a Muslim, he's a White Supremacist. You people need to blame yourselves for the world you created for yourselves. Take away the names "Zionist" and "ISIS" and what do we see? A bunch of Europeans with beards pretending to be religious. Game over. Have a nice day.

  8. people need to start asking themselves who benefits from a Christian Muslim war? and who is the only country never attacked by Isis and ALCIADA when they are completely surrounded around Israel, everyone knows Isis and ALCIADA are created funded trained and equipped by the USA and Israel this isn't a secret this information has been out since 2008.think about it Isis and ALCIADA only attack Israel enemy's but never Israel, plus Albert pike is a known Zionist and illuminati member guess who controls Israel and the USA and every major main stream media outlets Zionism America is under attack from within by Zionism they have infiltrated every branch of the U.S. government I'f we don't wake up soon Zionism will destroy U.S. and drop us to are knees

  9. have a favor please.  All talk about food, water etc., but no one talks about this.  Those with kids.  Kids will grow.  I have for all kids around us, shoes, jackets, pants, panties socks and all things needed as they grow up. If loaf bread is days wage go try to buy clothes.  Get each size for the seasons, off the clearance rack.  Try to get things either boy or girl can wear if you have both in family. Us adults are grown we are ok but so many have kids in family that will keep growing and need things. I have winter and summer for our grand kids, As time goes on an they grow into that size take out of box for present time wearing. Favor is you reach out way past my means to reach people. Its just an idea I find so many overlook God Bless you for your work you do.

  10. let me just say youre an idiot fear is human nature it is what keeps people alive so to tell people to not be afraid is absurd; youre basically telling people to kiss there asses goodbye. Take your propoganda and shove it.

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