This video is from my old channel and is very important to watch. I wasnt able to recover it until today.


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  1. OK we the people have become aware of whats going on now….so what are we gonna start doing about this???? cause I'm sure I'm like all of you guys out there , i don't like being controlled and treated like a puppet

  2. I wish I had thanked my brother for stopping the mason line in our family. He was awake and our last conversation he woke me up. I lost him almost 2 yrs ago. I picked up were he left off and continue to wake people up. Bless you acfau. Thank you for your great work.

  3. That building and court yard where they hold their ceremony's is the same one used in the game SILENT HILL. If you know the game and the evil things it depicts and displays you would know the significance of them using it in the game. The game mentions pedophilia murder and ritualistic ceremony's and some blood thirsty moments..

  4. My child is in the Honor Society gets all type of honorary notables and in all type of academic activities in school she's applied for Yale Harvard Stanford and all of those other high-class colleges as soon as she gets home today I'ma show her this video but I don't trust none of the secret societies or secret frats that they have in college. They do all type of disgusting inappropriate and evil things to the student and themselves for Christ sakes

  5. One test to see if a person is "awake" is find out if they're still in awe of these institutions such as Yale or Harvard, almost any of the big eight and gage their reaction. If they're still smitten, you know they're still snoring. Of course the colleges of ill repute/lunacy have grown like weeds over time. Not saying every single student is as dumb as Bush and his buddies, or worship satan, no, not every single one of them. But they have no more to be proud of than the kid that chose their local community college! FACT!

  6. I hate the term (conspiracy theory) as we are not conspiracists, WE ARE FREE THINKERS! That’s what I have to consistently tell my family. You think it’s a conspiracy because you won’t go seek the truth, I know it’s not because I have my eyes wide open and not wide shut! God bless my fellow thinkers and keep spreading the word!

  7. It varies by deminsions. There are probably evil you's who aren't you in other deminsions. The Communist Nazis who murder, brainwash, Robb, lie, and more, dropped atomic bombs and even tricked us into that. Witches who are bad, etctera. Mad scientists. Etctera. Time traveling people both good and bad. Iterdimensional stuff, good and bad, etctera.

  8. GEORGE w., Likes to put on dresses and bend over for Saudi princes… Which is weird…his Dad likes little boys in dresses… He likes to rape little boys in dresses, while raping them with a cattle prod…until they die……… Talk about dysfunctional………

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