This Is What Happens When “THEY” Invade! – Sins Of The World – Past 5 Days


We Will Not Compromise!
We Will Not Comply!
We Will Not Submit!
We Will Not Break!
We Will Not Roll Over!
We Will Not Sit Down!
We Will Not Shut Up!
We Will Not Go Quietly!
We Will Not Give Up!
We Will Not Surrender!
We Will Stand For Truth!
We Will Protect The Innocent!
We Will Defend Our Family To The Death!
We Love Peace, But We Are A Fierce Enemy!
We Will Fight For Christ!
We Will Die For Christ!
We Live By A Special Code!
WE ARE SoulJa Of GOD!!!
Who’s With Us!!!?

Remember, I Am Not SoulJa Of GOD… WE ARE!!!

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  1. what on hell be done to gays or LGBT we dont like to make sin but we never kill them or throw them from roof like muslims so why dont muslims apology to them instead of us? sex without marriage to us as christian is like pork to muslim we dont practice it but dont kill who practice them but what happening now is like like i hate chocolate but the government force me to eat it while arabs kill evey men who eat chocolate and destroy it but the government dont even care to the gay people whom killed by them

  2. Islam is a disease started by Mohamed ,the Quran itself is a nonsense ,GB you brought civilization to the word ,entertain no nonsense from jihadist, total annihilation ,like Hitler did, if they want war they will get it.The same to America, America is a Christian nation!

  3. I still can't believe all you religious nuts think you were 'created'. Lol do some research and stop being so close-minded. "The universe CAN explain itself without the need for a creator." -Stephen Hawking. I know all you Bible thumpers will be lost and scared to death once you come to the realization that we are all an accident in this beautiful vast universe we are so lucky to have adapted from. And sadly,most of you will never learn to think rationally. I was raised Christian,then I turned 14 and paid attention in science class and my life has been so much more fullfilled.I feel bad for some of my lost and ignorant family members that still believe in these children's stories that were written by illiterate scribes two thousand years ago. It's time to read a new book and rule out these last few "God's",just as we did Zeus and Thor.

  4. Let me tell you all INDIA has only only one god the same as all continents 168 his Name Is Allaha God of Sumerian Enki and Enlil creators of Humanoid life upon Earth. Ho did we start in Life and Not by the prophets We believe our World is full of lies about How we came to this Earth and I will Tell you. but I first will explain this reason we look at the Female genital she creates life if you look deeper is she a Godess. she is creating life. and males have the code that helps it form too.A woman gives Birth as the Child is tucked away in the womb on a cord but the child survives in Water another code is how we came from cells from the Oceans of our World and like every living creature comes that way too crawling to the shores and moving different paths that lead to 215 Continents now 168. we may have resembled as Apes growing up and we had seen others known as Apes in our path to beginning of life shows in the lost world. where they were friendly to each other there wasn't a reason to fight it Never existed fighting began when humanoids we were went foraging for food in groups and when they got back to the Cave dwellings the food was shared out between them all. one stole from one and caused them to argue then things got tougher and got hit with either stone or Bone which they used to kill for food to survive and how life began speaking the languages of their groups and why we speak all these different languages. like INDIA over 3.000 languages shows that too if you think to yourselves how is it we go to the Ocean and enjoy the week the month and so on, we are like a magnet we all go back from where we have started in life and why we still do it today and the women was created to carry on producing from the male that started life upon Earth,Each and every one of us looked up to The Sun they called it God and gave The Sun a Name each continent had there own god then came the orders of their elders some were called kings and as life was getting bigger they called their group Islands cities and so on to kingdoms till they saw power to over throne the lands around them as one called Rome he was called an empress A King but there were no signs of God till a stranger who saw the future but wanted People to live free than to be slaved by the orders of the king. this man was called Yashuha A man like anyone else wanted people to live free and not from the Terrors of their King. Rome Never believed in God only to themselves and why they put Yashuha to the pole to show others the only God is Me said the Emperor the king of Rome.Religion was placed in order to keep peace on Earth but became evil to each other fighting the true God. yet his Name was Enki and Enlil god and creator of life Alien to us all. INDIA is the soul kingdom to Alien life and why others want to find the key Tablets if we look at Kailasa Temple Built by Alien and known as The giants Anunnaki who Named the Giant stone on Earth a Time equal to the pyramids the equation of earth. so to us all Allaha true Sumerian God of INDIA called The prophet Land,

  5. See that's what happens when you let your country go to these liberal asshole Democrats they destroy countries Look at this Muslim piece of garbage they should be executed everyone of these bastards that is why Trump wants the to build the wall But dum democrats don't want to wall to be built that's how stupid Democrats up we don't do something this will happen right here in America just like it happened in Europe in Birmingham wake up America let's support each other and get rid of these politicians scum bags that we have in the White House like Pelosi scumbag Elizabeth Warren Schumer Maxine water Muellerand many more lowlife scumbags politicians that are in there way too long lets round them up and throw them in prison .

  6. With deep pain for those who have suffered & whole hearted sympathy, listen to the other side of the Story.

    "British children sexually exploited by Muslims especially from Pakistan"
    But, who created Pakistan? Of course the British, to keep India bleeding before the retreating, after a massive loot and exploitation of India.
    Now the same tide has turned against them.
    "As you sow so shall you reap".
    It's time for Britishers now to repay the debt with interest.
    Indians have forgiven you but not forgotten.
    But can Jesus ever forgive you?

  7. Britain will have to pay for its horrific misdeeds of the past. Wealth of india and various other nations has been looted by the so called sophisticated British. The best example is kohinoor of india which is still in the possession of the queen. Karma never spares any one.

  8. We are doomed because we apply human rights to Muslims. We once did this with the Nazis. Monsters should be treated as vermin because to them we are vermin and they will harm us whenever they are able to. The UK should welcome Sikhs, Christians, Jews, atheists, Buddhists, etc, as all are not dangerous apart very few, just like very few British are potential murderers or rapists, but never any Muslims since for them all of us are infidels.

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