This Noise is from INSIDE the iPhone!

As an audiophile, I tend to discover little tips and tricks when it comes to using audio gear. When a basic 1/8 inch headphone cable starts going back, you can pick up on certain frequencies that otherwise would not be audible. In this video, I plug the faulty cable into my iPhone and record the amount of sound the inside of my iPhone was making. Is this the sound of your data being lifted?



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  1. Netflix can read minds, everytime I think of a certain movie, it's up there the same day. It's happened to me at least a dozen times. It's stuff like this that makes me want to walk into the woods naked and start over.

  2. …it's the sound of millions of 0's and 1's (Binary) at beyond the speed of light being transferred to the ground based 3G and soon to come, if not already 5G towers!!! All DATA is essentially a binary string… Reminds me of what the old school modem use to sounds like, just faster!!! …imagine if you could listen to what your household/business Wi-Fi sounds like?

  3. hi B's&S's in Jesus, not to be a stunad here but can anyone tell me what this all implies or means. why is it important that the videos sound the way it does, or that the calculator sounds the way it does, etc.. I'm just not sure what THIS vid means, Thanks 🙂

  4. Don't be alarmed. You're hear the digital transition of data being transfered from inside. If you tune your car radio to a weak AM station when next to an ATM machine you will hear the same type of noise while it is processing your transaction. All computers make that type of noise. That's why in most cases [depending on the type of devive] electronic devices are required to have some kind of electro magnetic shielding because the noise [which you have demonstrated) would be worst than that. Don't down grade, upgrade. Check for FCC compliance on the back of your phone or the box that it came in.

    I test, troubleshoot, and fix complex large scale computer systemscfor a living. I. E. pacemakers, night vision sensors, elevator controllers, multi-board drilling probe, telecommunications switches, ect.

  5. this is because electricity is going true the cable and the more you do on the phone the processor is working using more power if you open a game is gonna get louder than that this is normal with electronics even from computers. Im a IT and a DIY guy

  6. Okay um, do they still make rotary dial phones? I've always called the t.v. the devil box which once smart phones came along the name was shared to them as well. Now I know why I'm in such a funk after watching YouTube videos all day. Archon's rule the electronic world.

  7. I used to have a soundcard in my PC that made the same noises come through the speakers. It happened when the harddisk was accessed and when the GPU and CPU were being used. It's interference with the electronics in the phone. Usually the separate parts of the phone's electronics are shielded from each other and you won't hear this noise.

  8. I'm using a flip top ATT. I have 3 droids that are 3 to 5 years old. When I use them my mood changes. I limit droid use to 3 hrs a day. Racing heart, warm skin, songs play in my head and disrupted sleep. This with 3 Smart meters and 5 G in Philly makes me ill.

  9. I'm not certain how "demonic" this is except maybe the demonic government using these devices to control us such as China ging people "social Scoring" based on their behavior and attitude towards others. Your audio cable has a faulty "ground" hence the hum or static. I am an ex-engineer. Some of what the cable is picking up is when you are using the capacitive touch you are essentially using your body to make the ground. The other bits are probably the transmitting and receiving noises being picked up by the faulty cable. To really see what is externally being transmitted, you can use a spectrum Analyzer with an open probe to sniff the device to see what is outside the phone's shielding. Remember I think it was iPhone 4 that had a bad design and required a band to be installed because peoples hands were grounding out the built in antennae? As far as tumors and such, any device that "transmits" RF Energy can be dangerous especially if built faulty. There are standards to keep the saturation levels or SAR levels low. I used to develop amplifiers for smart phones and all I can say is back then, the older devices, there was high amount of power used in these devices and if not properly shielded, I certainly would not place it next to my skull. I have been out of the business for a number of years now so I cannot tell you about the devices used now but it may be best to use a bluetooth headset device rather than place the RF Energy of the phone against your head though no dangers have been "proven" thus far to my knowledge but that doesn't mean it is not there. Think of the phone as a radio transmitter and it is transmitting a lot of power to reach the cell tower. Ever experience a hot phone when in a bad zone? That is the transmitter trying to reach a tower generating a lot of heat as it pushes more current into the amplifier, so that is a lot of RF 'Microwave" energy. But interesting video of internal noise generated by the phone especially social media apps.

  10. Imagine if your phone was actually sentient?? A dimension that most are not aware, what about your car, can it communicate using head lights and high frequency chirping??? Strange that CARS are responsible for most Terrorist attacks these days, imagine if the human was really the patsy? Think about the 'Russian Reversal'- In Russia Man doesn't drive car, car drives man. In Russia, you don't speak into IPhone, IPhone speak into you!!! This is the Anti-matter cycle or first death, everything is upside down and inverted.

  11. Very interesting information here but I would strongly suggest that anybody watching this video Prays in the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke all unclean spirits that could manifest through this video.

  12. thank you gonz. excellent. I hear alot of rediation. yeah, I dislike cell phones so much, that I have an old flip phone. I feel sorry for folks who wear their cell phones on, or close to their bodies. probably, a big mistake?

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