24 Replies to “TNA: Angle & Jarrett Final Words Before Match”

  1. A lot of wrestling story lines are based on reality, because, just like scripted television, it makes the drama better. Kurt Angle is not well liked, but he just might be the best heel ever. He's a believable butthole, after watching him in TNA it's very easy to hate him, and that makes him a bonafide star. He can get in the role and stay there.

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  3. if tna want to be taken seriously then they need to push matt morgan and get some bigger guys. sorry but the compition looks weak. im not a fan of big bulky guys that cant do shit in the ring, but there are alot of big athletic guys like matt morgan, mark jindrak, luther riegn,bobby lashley (the mike awsome types). i can see those guys being main eventers for tna. then they could definatly compete with wwe.

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