Pope Francis’ highly-anticipated environmental encyclical has arrived and Fr. James Martin, S.J., presents the ten things you need to know about it.


24 Replies to “Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’”

  1. "A Jesuit Ministry"… well at least they're Honest about that part. These are the same guys hell bent on destroying the church, read your history for more. BUT Francis is a Jesuit as well, hellbent on you not reaching the kingdom… He's more concerned about having you take your eyes off the prize of eternal salvation and giving you the bullshit story that YOU can save the earth too !! No.. Read Genisis… your job is to be a Steward of the earth,,… yes, conserve.. watch.. take care of.. but NOT "Save" the earth..not be CONSUMED on "Saving it… he Job is to save your soul PERIOD… "He is a Gentle man.. A Holy man…" Bullshit.. He's a Marxist… wrapping himself in the robe to fool you… "Climate Crisis? Bullshit. Here's the problem francis… NO WHERE in the Bible…. which YOU should be following… does it say ANYTHING about Saving the earth… YOUR JOB.. IF you Decide to REALLY do it… is to SAVE SOULS… Not the Environment….. the ONLY thing God Said about the environment is that we are to have Dominion over it…. That means… just so you understand… We HAVE Control of it. PERIOD !!! This pope is Satan !
    I USED to be "a good Catholic… until this ASSHOLE hijacked OUR church…. This Narrator is FULL OF SHIT.

  2. An important effort by the Pope and his collaborators, urging us to rid ourselves of our selfish individualism. The complex interdependence of spiritual, environmental, social and economic issues must be approached comprehensively by competent interdisciplinary teams in order to tackle the great task of promoting sustainable development of specific regions and eventually of the whole world. Hopefully this inspiring Encyclical will prompt a positive response from all men of good will.

  3. If the catholic church wishes to survive in this day in age they need to continue to adapt and change. The only reason people love Pope Francis is because he appeals to the millennials. The catholic church made a smart move taking Pope Benedict down from his papacy. I hope the cardinals aren't afraid to adjust the church's teachings because that's the only way the Catholic church will stay relevant in the future.

  4. Excellent commentary from his fellow Jesuit, Fr. James Martin.  If I were voting in the next papal conclave, white smoke would signal an American Jesuit, a wise teacher, a spiritual director par excellence, a great communicator, on his path to lead The Catholic Church!

  5. This man, as a pope cannot explain define the Holy Trinity correctly, as atheist as he is, and imposes is ideologies on environment…as if this is the priority responsibility of a pope! …He is nothing else but a marxist or socialist period. He doesn't have the faith…

  6. If you refuse to acknowledge population growth as a major cause of environmental destruction, you are denying the obvious. Unsustainable population growth promotes selfishness and greed along with environmental destruction.. The Church has to confront this issue if it wants to be taken seriously.

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