For 500 years the Jesuits have created heliocentric and Big Bang theories while secretly controlling all narratives of our TheoCosmology. Einstein did not write the Big Bang Theory. Copernicus was beholden to the Vatican and Newtons’ book that defines gravity was final edited by the Jesuits (3rd ed.)

Was the Bible Meant to be Taken Literally? – Jesuit Vatican Astronomer Priest; Guy Consolmagno

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The Jesuits; Owners of the 500 yr. old Flat Earth Con-Piracy
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Is the Vatican Jesuits Going to Come Out and Claim They Were Right About Geocentrism?

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43 Replies to “Top Vatican Jesuit Astronomer; Earth is Flat, Gravity is Obsolete.”

  1. Armageddon… common sense
    It looks like we might be getting a upper hand on the Great Deceiver the way Fox News is broadcasting… Three screens and The like snow flakes in the back ground…Total distraction or maybe even worse hypnotism…
    All I know is all Governments.Religions and Media are in bed together in all
    Nations…It looks like there is really a war going on between God and the Great Deceiver…God I believe He will not kill not one of His Children and the Beast would kill
    all…So to me the only way to fight for the Creator is to stand down and that will mean all Nations…We The Children can only fight with knowledge and
    good will for all our Brothers an
    Sisters ,Yet the Beast can fight with all Darkness…This might be the way it will work before Mankind…So if we can’t kill,
    Then the only way to win is all
    true people stand down in all Nations… When we look at all the lie’s going on with all space
    program with all Nations in bed
    together, Then of course war would be the second Child to…
    It looks to me the almighty is calling us by FLAT EARTH and His true creations…Talk about the underdog,We better have faith,Our greatest tool in the box…This is why I call the Beast…
    such childish ways for the Deceiver is not speaking to any one over the age of seven when the real brain washing begins…
    All we have till the shut down is
    Fox new and U Tube…DAM…
    And the dum down with fluoride
    air pollution and chemtrails…
    I believe one of the greatest RED
    FLAGS on Earth is Country’s who state that God gave them
    lands and to kill for it any cost of
    Life…I live in the SanBernardino
    mountains and the Mormons stoled the story of Native American Indians arrow pointing
    to their land of peace and water…So if the lie’s of the 19th
    And 20th Century happen ,Then the chances of way back when happen to…The whole story of God giving land out makes no sense what so ever,It just breads
    Killings after Killings…To me that is more of Satan,s handy work…
    Again like the SanBernardino story look at United States, Do you ever think United States would bring up the genicide of
    the American Indian when talking and fighting other wars after wars…Again it is in our face
    when we use our common sense…And is it not funny how the hole World speaks about if all the time except United States???Now that is power…
    The Great Religions Hypocrites of all Nations really got their game on…At closing it looks like we all got a cross to bare even Donald Trump…Did you see the new UN speaker for Great Britain…LOL…It looks like they
    Cloned Ros’e O’Donald …
    PS… So sicking I don’t even want to go there …
    We will see if Donald Trump is on his game… and it might take some time tricky moves to
    Get all the…
    PIZZA GATE …DEMONS and JACKALS and again in all RELIGIONS…GOVERNMENTS AND MEDIA…And also The Great Deceiver takes Gods
    Prophet and makes them into
    Gods themselves,This is why
    There is not just one God… Darn good trick…

  2. I'm not a flatearther but I know the Jesuits because they created and still control Baltimore. Terrorist ia what they are. IHS came in the Indian Health Services, guess you can say the rest is there tainted history. Yes Rome Maryland sold by Francis Pope… Crazy shit right!?!?!

  3. When you wake up to flat Earth truth and realize the world has been completely brainwashed and lied to for hundreds of years about our true cosmology, the next most important question to investigate is WHO is responsible for so expertly deceiving the world? Almost no one else in the flat Earth community has dared tackle this important topic of blame, yet this should be the MOST talked about issue, as incorrectly placing responsibility or ignoring the culprits will only allow their control to continue. No surprise to those of us educated on such matters, the same people ultimately behind the globe lie are the same people who currently control 96% of the world's governments, banking and media.

  4. Are you kidding? It is because I am a Catholic that I have read the Bible through many times in the past 40 years. I am hoping that this video is just a big joke and you are “fishing” to see who out there would be easily swayed by really bad thinking. It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that  Brother Guy actually loves Jesus and has given his life to the service of Jesus and his brothers and sisters. Brother Guy can both love Jesus and have lots of fun and great joy in studying God’s creation. Apparently you are worshiping a God “connected” to the creation of the universe. That God does not exist. “I AM WHO AM” cannot be contained by the universe but dwells in your soul. How about that for a difficult truth to wrap your cranium around?

  5. While I no longer believe the spinning ball earth, or associated cosmology (ie: Astronomy), blaming the Jesuits alone is short-sighted.  The "World Revolutionary Movement" (leading to NWO) is an ancient conspiracy, going back thousands of years before the Jesuits existed.  The Evil Entity created the Jesuits-Jews-Freemasons-Sabbatean/Frankists-etc.  William Guy Carr left us this book when he died in 1959, which was completed by his eldest son after his death.  While some of the information here is archaic, and I don't believe in conventional cosmology or Jesus as he is described by religions, most of this book rings truer now than when I first read it (twice) many years ago.,%20Tracts%20&%20Preaching/Printed%20Books/satan_prince_of_this_world.pdf

    Mr. Carr had an amazing mind, and was a self-made man, who rose to be a Commander in the Canadian Royal Navy.  His other books are excellent too, but this was his masterpiece, full of wisdom about the WRM/NWO conspiracy, which is about to climax.

  6. If the earth was flat…why then would every ancient map ever made be drawn/pictured as a globe? Even the very first map from the 1500’s? No one can explain the incredible accuracy of the accident maps other than the makers of these maps had to have been in space looking down at the planet. This is another phyop to keep ppl distracted/divided! The planet in just what those ancient maps depict a round globe planet…NOT flat! Why anyone would believe anything coming from the baby molesting Jesuit Vatican is beyond me!

  7. If this earth is flat it means that someone placed us within an artificial construct to separate us from the true Creator Goddess. That said if the earth does turn out to be flat it will be the final nail in the coffin of religion because a creator makes a universe, the devil builds a flying lab with artificial gravity, think star trek and star wars.

  8. Thank you brother, tried having a conversation with a traditional globe mind. Always turns to name calling and insults. I keep trying tho, if I can wake up just one soul from the deception its worth it. God bless all my brothers and sisters out there fighting for truth.



    "THE ESTEEM OF אל."

    The inspired Psalmist says that “The Shamiym declare of esteem of אל; and the firmament shows His handywork”; therefore, whatever some professed believers affirm to the contrary, the subject of Creation is connected with right views of אלוהים, His worship, and His Esteem. But if we would have a right conception of אל, and His esteem, we must see to it that we have a right conception of His works in Creation.

    How, for instance, do we obtain an insight into the character of any great man, whether he be a poet, politician, sculptor, general, or king?

    It is not by his acts, or his works?

    Yet suppose these acts, or works, are misrepresented to us, or defaced by someone, should we not have, false and distorted views respecting the author, artist, or the maker of those things?

    Assuredly. And so it comes to pass in respect to the construction of the world, false views of the universe have led men into a misconception respecting the Character of אל, and even alas! in many cases, to a denial of the very existence of such a personal Being.

    Let us, then, endeavour to come back to first principles.

    The world exists, and must have come from somewhere. It is “ unthinkable ” to say it came by chance, or any “ fortuitous concourse of atoms.” Its wonderful variety, the general co-relation and adaptibility of its various parts, and the exact and never failing motions of all the Shamiym bodies, prove, to any well-balanced and unprejudiced mind, that some grand and controlling Intelligence directs and rules over all.

    As the apostle Shaul declares, “ The invisible things of Him from the creation to the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Divinity: so that they are without excuse.” Rom. i. 20.

    A grand truth lies in this statement of the Emissary. Shaul was no fool. It is allowed on all sides, alike by friend and foe, Sceptic and Believer, M. Renan and the Archbishop of Canterbury, that no one man has had more influence in forming the gentile assemblies, the history of which has for eighteen centuries been making the history of the civilized world, than the apostle Shaul.

    His name will be had in honour when the names of the adversaries of the Truth will have sunk into merited and everlasting oblivion. And this great man agrees with the Psalmist in teaching that the Creation, as set forth in the Scriptures, and as found in what some call “Nature,” sets forth unmistakably the grand Truth that אל is.

    Now, this is a fundamental verity, and the foundation of all true faith, אל is. And “ he that comes to אלוה must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

    Now, this faith is, on the one hand, neither an unreasoning credulity, nor, on the other hand, is it a bigoted disbelief. It is based on an intelligent and reasonable understanding of the things that are seen above and around us.

    The Book of Nature is open to all men; but it must be read and studied without prejudice and without philosophical bias. We must come to it like little children, with the honest desire to know the Truth, and not attempt to read into it our own, nor any one else’s, plausible or implausible hypotheses. If we do this patiently and persistently, we shall be “rewarded”: the grand and ineffaceable Truth will dawn upon us that אל is.

    We shall see His esteem in the bright and blazing sun as he goes forth majestically, like a giant, to run his daily course. We shall own His Power and Divinity when the moon, queen of the night, rises in quiet and stately splendour, to shine her silver radiance in every rippling stream. And we shall confess His wisdom and unfailing skill when, at night, we gaze up into the firmament and behold ten thousand glittering gems, shining in matchless beauty, and shedding upon the earth their silent influences, as they nightly perform their appointed revolutions. Truly we shall then confess with the Psalmist, that “the Shamiym declare the Esteem of אל, and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

    “The firmament shows His handiwork.’’ That vast and incomparable structure which spans the Shamiym, and covers the earth with its capacious dome, divides the waters which are “above” the firmament from the waters which are “ under ” the firmament. And when we realize something of the tremendous size of this tent-like covering, spanning with one mighty arch across the whole of the outstretched earth; when we considered its weight, its strength, its stability, and the avowed purpose for which it was made by the Creator, we can unhesitatingly and devoutly again exclaim with the Psalmist, “The firmament shows His handiwork.” No wonder such a “ work ” occupied the whole of one day, the second, in the “Great and Marvellous” work of the six days Creation.

    Ayub, one of the finest, and certainly one of the most ancient, of true philosophers, when comparing the works of אל with the puny works of man, asks: “Have you with Him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?” Job 37;18. It is, perhaps, this mirror-like quality which the firmament possesses that makes unbelieving “scientists” think that they can, with their glasses, peer into what they call “space,” which they affirm to be “boundless.” As well might a child, gazing upon the bosom of a glassy lake, affirm that it had no bottom, and that the sky and clouds, reflected from its placid surface, were slumbering in the unfathomed depths below, and not above, its waters.

    The idea of illimitable “space,” filled with an infinity of revolving worlds or globes, is not only a bewildering idea, unfounded on fact, but it directly tends to remove the Creator, or rather the idea of a Creator, far, and farther, away from this earthly plane of ours. It necessarily and logically leads to Atheism; and too often, alas! it practically leads men there.

    The idea of Shamiym as a place, the abode of The Eternal, becomes to the logical and thinking Newtonian a myth; and אל, if he acknowledge such a personal Being at all, becomes farther and farther removed from the scene of all earthly operations. Whereas the Saviour of the World, Who “ came down from Shamiym,” to do His Father’s will, taught His disciples to believe that Shamiym was not very far off; that it was directly and always “above” us; that אלוהים was concerned in the work of His Hands; and that as “our Father,” He was near enough to hear the prayers of all those who call upon Him in Sincerity and Truth.

    This is assuring: this is comforting. אל cares for the world ; and He will punish those who afflict mankind with their selfishness, their greed, their falsehoods, and their oppressions. Yea, אלוהים has “so loved the world”—not the “globe,” as some misguided Believers have lately printed and perverted this sublime text with a ridiculous “globe” stamped on the paper—אל “ so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.”

  10. I think you may be correct on geocentric globe scam. The movie 'The Priniple which is a so called scientific movie on geocentric earth, was produced by a group of Catholic men. In fact they started promoting their movie on Catholic web sites.

  11. Newton was lost, in his time period as is this one same question , something is creating the action and behavior, of this thing called gravity, this world we live on is flat , its covered and sealed and set on pillars set as a GODS footstool and we are looked at as though we are grasshoppers ok but where obviously somewhere that where ever gravity as we call it , seems to tranpose from Outside our world through our world , we may be a world on a world .greater is the power of gravity it cannot be explained and its not generated here

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