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References From Today’s Message:
Romans 2, SOMB.
Testimony from Pastor Leonard Were in Kenya:God is Good all the time we are Kakamega, and to day we done Open air meeting Which 28 people give their lives to Jesus . to day we have finish now this( time 21-00 pm) air meeting preaching we are looking place now to sleep. so we can starting tomorrow door to door preaching
Maranatha The Lord Is Coming: Standing Before Courts And Councils, page 252, Ellen G White, The White Estate Inc, Copyright 1976.
Tropical Cyclone In Indiana May Hit Lake Michigan Tonight
https://youtu.be/jSOiqCbgEuE Pastor Paul Begley
Middle East Current Events Update, May 31, 2018
https://youtu.be/3T9WVq2WXcI Behold Israel/ Amir Tsarfati
Damascus Destruction Prophesied, https://youtu.be/dfL3FDQUpew
Paul Begley
Israel Welcomes Antichrist Prince William For Middle East Talks (Exclusive) https://youtu.be/ZsSreeLDaZA Pastor Dee Apostolic Fire
Prince William Is The Antichrist, King Of The New World Order, & Global Dictator, https://youtu.be/plN706yfFEs Pastor Dee Apostolic Fire
The antichrist and house of windsor. Plus planned alien invasion takeover of earth, https://youtu.be/EcwKQpgMAzE mrstepintime
https://youtu.be/xOvZCHHQHRk Awake All Ye Nations
Damascus Countdown, https://youtu.be/vMct5m9QR2Y
Pastor Paul Begley
END TIMES NEWS** – Rising Beast / Israel / Make America GAY Again!” https://youtu.be/0Rk_uD-8T_U End Times News Ministry: Nadezhda
Every Move Make We’ll Be Watching You, https://youtu.be/9_Xe59lOt20 The Common Sense Show
Jesuits Within SDA Mocking Ellen White. Adventists & Royal Wedding, Eucharist, SUN Worship, https://youtu.be/fSSO73UGkLI
Amazing Word Ministries
Ignited Life Now! Prophetic WorldView “June-A Month of Extremes” 5 29 18, https://youtu.be/YzcZ_AYbgsY Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
Prophetic Sundays 3.1: Why You MUST Pray, https://youtu.be/Io17ydqEVJ8 Dr. Mumbi Show

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