Traditional Catholic Priest or Brother

Become a Traditional Catholic Priest or Brother

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There has always been a great need for priests and brothers, but that need cannot be compared with the vocation crisis of our own day. The faithful from around the globe are calling out for someone to lead them to heaven, someone who is willing to spend himself for the glory of God, the preservation of the traditional liturgy and the salvation of souls. If you desire to be an instrument of Our Lord in His work for souls and His Church, we invite you to join our ranks.

We offer training for the holy priesthood and religious life not only for college-age young men, but now we have also begun a minor seminary program for high school students who wish to start their priestly formation early. Here they may complete their high school education, and at the same time be introduced to the practice of mental and liturgical prayer and the living of the priestly and religious life. They will begin their training to become champions of the Faith and be among the happiest men on earth. In addition to their studies and spiritual life, the minor seminarians have ample time for visiting family, receiving visitors and recreation. They will become members of our religious family.

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