Trailer: “Pope”, the most powerful man in history and a global Icon is undergoing Evolution?

Sad is the day when we see more and more severe corruptions rearing their ugly heads at the global stage. Here again, this trailer is used for mind control; to drive you away from the Creator, but drive you nearer, even intimate to the creature, the Global Icon. They use all manners of senses to subdue your minds psychologically as well as manipulation. Yea, little lies are always mixed with a little truth here and there to make them into one Perfect Lie which is very poisonous indeed.

The whole trailer diverts all the focus on one man, the only religiously charismatic creature, the only Global Icon, which they call “Pope.” They, in their delusions really believe that this “Pope” has the keys to heaven despite his propagation of man made corrupt doctrines. Very interestingly, the narration says that this global icon is evolving. This means, he is changing for the sake of mankind and to cater for their dark urges and unnatural lusts (unnatural sins – pedophilia, sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality etc) which are diametrically opposed to the Holy and Immutable Word. Of course, this is all falsehood if we have the Mind of Christ with appropriate discernment.

St Jerome asserts, “Ignorance of the Scripture is Ignorance of Christ,” so do you really know our Savior? We have to be honest.

If you observe carefully, this trailer only promotes masonic popes, certainly not ancient good Popes, like Pope Gregory the Great who loved Christ and ancient Catholicism dearly. All dramatic actions are about a New World with a new Order under the most powerful man in history, the “pope,” in the area of beliefs and religions. The Bible talks about a false Prophet in the last days, on tribulation and judgment, thus this global affair of exalting a mere man to Godlike figure says a lot. St Paul calls him the Son of Perdition who sits in the Temple of God and calls himself God. That is why, say they, their “pope” evolves as per worldly trends in order to fulfill the needs and dark urges of mankind. In plain sight, this global icon is also a big time global corrupter where sins abound.

Please watch and enjoy. All my comments are in the video to counter all falsity as narrated.

In Christ, Amen.


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