TRICKED! Antichrist’s Plan on Pre-Tribbers & Zionists – Dr. Gene Kim

Dr. Gene Kim (UC Berkeley & PBI)


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  1. I can't remember what drew my attention towards your platform, but I thank God it did and I have so enjoyed your teachings. You are funny too which makes paying attention even more interesting!

  2. Again just throw out the scripture out where it says pray you be counted worthy to exscap All these things that coming upon the land, yeah just rewrite that just over look that throw it out the door we don't need that scripture, Are you kidding? That scripture says it all,

  3. Brothers and sisters, currently I'm in a place and a state of mind that is so unstable with faith and life around it. Can You please pray for me and my family? God bless all of you people who are reading this, have a good and positive start of the week! <3

  4. Shalom to all,
    All glory to Elohim El Shaddai.

    We all had waited long since back then.

    Be in good faith, we will be the witnesses for such amazing day of the entire human history. Being caught up and witness the whole event. What a blessed hope to behold.


  5. Great job Pastor Kim! Dispensationalism is Bible truth. Notice the hypocrisy of the cults like the Adventists and Watchtower and Roman Catholics. They are all replacement theologists who deny that the land of Israel was given to the Jews and they teach that their groups have replaced Israel and are the "New Israel", same with Roman Catholics and most Calvinist A Millenialists and Post millenialists and Preterists and other heretics and false teachers. If it was not for the grace of Jesus you and I would be as bad off but THANK YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST for saving us and making us King James Bible Believer Dispensationalists!

  6. Pastor, please help me with this mid-trib belief that some have. That the antichrist is revealed first, then the peace treaty is made with Israel not thus the 3 1/5 years of peace. Then just before the last part of the 3 1/2 years is up, we are caught up, and then the wrath of God is poured out. I believe in the pre-trib rapture, but I'm curious on your thoughts of a mid-trib rapture.

  7. Hey, Dr. Kim, I'm a Post-tribulation rapture believer, (I don’t spend too much time on it) but about your first point, I think it'll be a pretty clear distinction between Christ and AntiChrist either way, because we also believe all of the saved people on earth will be caught up to heaven at the rapture. I think according to post teib doctrine, that the rapture happens about seven years after a treaty is made with Israel to rebuild the temple, about 3.5 years after the desolation of the temple, and that the Wrath of God starts after the rapture and lasts for about 3.5 years, then we come down with Christ for the milennium.

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