Trump….and the Jesuit Order. (my concerns)

Trump has 2 supreme court justices who are jesuit trained. Gorsich and Kavanaugh. In this video..i address my concerns about it. links to follow.
Alex Jones (ironically) talks about the Jesuits in 2013
Leo Zagami: Trump and the Jesuits:


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  1. Zionists=Jews AND Jesuits…think Rome and Jerusalem…always hand in hand. Think Pilate and Herod/Pope and Netanyahu…"nothing new under the sun." The entire SCOTUS is ZOG…no Protestants on there. We, the people, have no say in the matter. We are doomed.There are at least 2 former Monsanto attorneys on there, too…"hello, GMO's, chemtrails, de-population, Agenda 21." Rome(government/military arm) and Babylonian Talmudic Law("law of the land" arm) of this monster. City of London(the "crown") is Zionist, too. Trump is merely a pawn in the "end game." I'm sure he was TOLD whom to select for these positions. Jared Kushner(Jew)…is his main advisor.

  2. Jesuit insiders needed to infiltrate Jesuit controlled state. Same strategy with cabinet selection and Goldman Sachs. Know thy enemy. Ive observed Trump finding footing in a transition from secular life to a spiritually young Catholic Fundamentalist, not part of the grand counter reformation.

  3. I'm with you on this one too bro. From my research IMHO it's becoming more apparent to me that he's another puppet for the NWO/power elite overlords. Have you heard of Max Igan? He's a truther who covers much on the whole Trump deception. He has a YouTube channel. You should check him out

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