Trump DHS Secretary Has Had Enough With Democrats, Calls Them LIARS On Live TV

Trump DHS Secretary Has Had Enough With Democrats, Calls Them LIARS On Live TV
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  1. Oh leslie marshal . Calling someone an animal is referring to behavior. Obviously they are human lol. Get over it they are animals period . Plus humans are all animals. Next you wont be happy to here people saying that elephants are animals instead of just calling them elephants l. These people have brain damage.

  2. It’s a two-fer for Nancy Pelosi: she identities with MS13 and admits that everyone had A divine spark, worth as a human being, so she admits abortion is murder. If she had worked that “crumbs” remark again, it would have been a trifecta of moronity.

  3. Nancy Pelosi should go live in an MS13 neighborhood. Then she will see when she has to put bars on her windows and carry some ammo. 😂 But she won't move there cause she knows she will not be able sleep well knowing someone can break in and kill her.

  4. Does Nancy Pelosi not believe in the spark of Divinity within each unborn baby that is murdered during the horrific abortion proceedures that she so vehemently defends? Do these babies not deserve to be treated with respect and dignity?

  5. Does anyone else get the feeling that this is all scripted on both sides? She is way too quick in her as a matter of fact come backs and to interject her own son into the conversation??? I'm shaking my head. Anyone that can kill another human, dismember their body and remove the heart the Lord gave them is worse than an animal. These people keep playing us with these BS stories meanwhile HRC, Bill, Obama (Barry), and the Bush crime family are out scott-free walking the earth, causing mass distraction, stealing the worlds resources, killing the worlds people (foreign and domestic) while amassing massive amounts of wealth. This racquet includes large members of congress. To top it all off we look the other way while these sick people blackmail each other and participate in pedophilia. How is this OK?

  6. I'd like to see Nancy send her children well grandchildren to live among the Ms13 members for a Month in a sanctuary city to live.. Without the gang being paid to protect them.. How would she feel if it were hers?? Quite different I imagine

  7. If democrats are so for these "animals" buy the house next to theirs and house them with ms-13 members as thier neighbors and see what think of them then. Have thier kids hang out with them and be friends. As they say they are people not animals. Wow its just crazy how ignorant and stupid democrats are. Theyre the special kind of stupids! Literally

  8. Kirstjen and you have to do your job and get these animals out of here leave the moms children and men alone do your stupid job. Im putting in this text what your agency said to me the other day on the phone "well if the guy raped two minor children and served his time has a deportation order but doesn't have removal order he may be free walking the communities" really so yes we need to.carry a gun so we can deport them and remove them faster to help you. Its the law ,because its the law that's all you say, what LAWS? You display to be a hard cookie and the reality is your agency are harming moms and kids I don't know what other animals we should refer to.

  9. Boy, these MS 13 really worse then animals. They have neither heart nor conscience. How could they stab someone 100 times and then cut out his heart! Our country couldn't let these worst than animals in. Build that wall now and deport all illegals!

  10. I don't understand why they lie about what he said. Its very easy to look up what he said. Democrats leaders are such idiots for even defending murders and rapists. Everyone a human being, ya of course, but that doesn't change your actions as a human being. Ms-13 are animals and completely evil. Democrats are now toxic and a party im glad I left. As a Hispanic its insulting for Democrats or this lady to defend ms-13.

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