Trump Speaks Thru Them ….A mouthpiece for Jesuit Deception pt1

Pt2 on my back up channel Art of Destruction


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  1. My husband was born in Colombia and raised in Jesuit schools. He is Roman Catholic. I try to talk to him about his faith and show him articles but he completely ignores me and tells me he is not interested. I am very worried about his faith especially in these times. Any suggestions?

  2. Yes! Me and EP were just talking about this 2 says ago. They are trying to trick everyone by combining and calling it the "new". They are getting everything ready. She and I are working on a video about the "floods". The Adam & Eve Story from CIA. These rat bastards will pay for everything they've done through thousands n thousands of years. It all goes back to one, which we all know. Fukers😡 Love ya C😘💕💜❤

  3. My buddy and I were talking just yesterday how Carroll sold Rome, MD to become the district of Columbia. The Potomac River was called Tiber. Trump is surrounded by Jesuits and had Jesuit education. . . I don’t think he’s the hero Q followers make him to be(though do believe HRC and Jeb would’ve been much worse).

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