Trump’s Big September Kaboom !!!! Executive Order !!!

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Trump healthcare starts giving us back our rights to say NO to vaccines etc

President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates…

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  1. Trump should have done something about illegal immigration like the first day excuses claiming Congress and officials Democrats rino Republicans won't work with him had cause illegal immigration to get worse, schools curupt hospitals jobs housing citizens are living like third world while illegal live good fraudulently thousands still coming in stop believing in fake promises Americans were sold out by the people suppose to work for them since Regan.

  2. Listened to this last night …seems Hillary has the encryption keys to the Internet ….she
    Has been updated daily with what FBI and CIA are doing ….she used this to blackmail
    People and to outrun what President Trump has been trying to do regards locking
    Her up ….HORRIFIC ……she has had all the power all this time ……

  3. Good to hear… we don't have much time all the storms are a mass global temper tantrum by the globalist in control of weather weapons.. this is the mass 9/11 they are going after largest navy base ..all planned Virginia and Philippines… all to keep the navy busy and occupied while China makes moves…all planned by NWO

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