Trump Administration’s Potomac Declaration urges Freedom, yet Defends Church & State Confederacy. Tarry in the Upper Room for Latter Rain Power before the Crisis of the Mark of the Beast.


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  1. Thank you, Pastor, for your perseverance and fortitude in sharing these end time messages…may God continue to bless and lead you in all you do…We must commune with our Lord… we must know our Master and His voice… otherwise we are going through the motions… having a form of godliness and denying the power…Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!

  2. God has reveal to me what u jus said in last 8 mins all this freedom of religious talk is a cham to ppl to sleep who want an excuse to cont in sin and to doubt the prophecy and be caught off guard, but this religious freedom promotion should cause us to go deep into prayer and communion with God because it's a trick like the first lie Satan told Eve.

  3. Andrew I think at a certain time God is going to reveal to u to return bk to Jamaica where u can experience the true organic country living. God will give the leeway jus a lil b4 mayhem break out in America and around the world. Jamaica and the islands of the Caribbean will be a place of refuge for the saints to perfect christian character and lil after that a hotbed of severe persecution for the saints.

  4. 47 minute part is exactually what me and a friend have been saying .. But the problem is $$$$$$$ I can evangilize or work ( I got to eat and pay bills) so It s Gods problem to make me debt free so I can go to work

  5. This is an amazing thought. Andrew asked what would have been the difference between the service that was going on in the synagogues and the service that was going on in the upper room.

    Think of the difference. The people in the synagogue and wherever else they were having the Passover feast would have been going through the rituals. They were reclining in couches, eating the bitter herbs, thinking about how God had brought them out of Egypt long ago and how they had rest now in the Promised Land. It would have been basically the same thing that they had done so many other times. They praise the Lord for his goodness and eat the customary unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

    The Upper Room would have been a totally different scene. They did eat the Passover Lamb and the unleavened bread and the bitter herbs. But before they even did that they were already trying to figure out who was the greatest. Judas pushed himself into the best seat. John love Jesus so much he wanted to sit next to him too. They had all noticed that there were hadn't been someone to wash their feet but nobody was going to stoop that low as to be a servant to everyone else.

    So then what does Jesus do? He gets up and washes everyone's feet. With that move he totally changed their attitudes. They were now more serious about everything.

    The service in the upper room was serious and personal. It went to the heart and no one walked out of there without being changed. Including Judas.

  6. How can they talk of freedom of religion and free conscience when they are clearly against the Bible and its practices even in America where this Pompeo lives. The devil is the father of lies and the father of lies and hypocrisy! Father in heaven grant us your wisdom and eyesalve!

  7. Praise be to God for raising up this ministry to lift up Jesus Christ, Thank you saved to serve for such an eye opening message, Am praying for you day and night, may the good Lord bless this ministry and others.

  8. Ellen White said the Sunday law will happen so subtle this is exactly what America is doing she is trying to make us feel at peace, when the end result is persecution for God's saints.How much more will it take for pastors and members to BE READY this ain't no time to play church very soon the dragon will speak.Are we ready for it?

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