**Please follow through with links below for complete confirmation to the symbology shown within this video**

I’m really concerned by Trump and by these Trump prophesies. If you know anything about the occult and occult symbology you would see that this is not Gods man, or if he is being used by God, Trump is clearly not a “God man”. He is an Illuminist. This is clear. From what order I know not, but it is clear that he is a part of the mystery religions and is far from the Lord Jesus Christ. Probably a honorary Freemason/Jesuit crypto Jew. Does not much matter for they all follow the same spiritual agenda. A Luciferian agenda. If you support him, I’d say support him with prayer only. The blood of Jesus Christ is thicker than politics. What does Jerusalem have to do with Rome? This is a man of the world and we as Christians are to be in the world but not of it. Can God use Donald Trump? Yes, He uses all men to carry out his agenda. Is God using him to fulfill his agenda exclusively as His “Man of God”? I cannot see it. The scripture says, God works all thing to the council of His will so God will get his desire, but I do believe that Trump is not a “Christian, God Man” and I believe we need to be extremely careful in putting our trust in any man. Especially the one that leads modern day Rome.

Now one more extremely important thing:

I am not calling anyone a false prophet by revealing this information. I have not that revelation so that blood will not be upon my hands. Neither am I calling Trump, “The Antichrist”. This is just a video of caution and if Trump really is a Christian then I pray God to keep him in the faith.

But, now, ………watch this video.
“Trump submits to the Pope:
That should open your eyes.


I pray nothing but the best for him and this Country. But please, one last very important thing my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not our home. This deceptive world is extremely temporary. Eternity is now, yet moments away. Lord help us all to see our home is not here and may eternity be burnt upon our eyeball’s, and let us all understand we are under Gods economy, not mans.

I got the idea to make this video from an article and a video by Nathan Leal of Watchmanscry.com and 1000’s of hours of study on the occult. You can read in depth to understand the symbology of the inverted pyramid (Asherah) and all the evidence of Trump’s true religion and the Trump tower temple of (Baal). It is an open invocation to the god of this world. That one be Satan. I left two links to the article and video below. This article and video are a slam dunk. There is nowhere for Trump to run from this one. It is undeniable. If you know anything about the Mystery religions, my simple slide video by itself should be enough to get it, but if not, here are the links. First is the article, 2nd the video and please, you must watch the video all the way through till the end to get the full revelation. The part where he harps on the hand sign symoblogy, please press through. Lay aside the frivolousness many will take this to be and pass on to the ending. The ending is where you will strike Gold. God bless.

Heres.the article. http://watchmanscry.com/?p=6550#

Heres the video. https://youtu.be/m-F3FOkZsog

(Baal and Asherah)

The children of Israel were confronted with the temptation of fertility worship when they entered the promised land and were introduced to Baal And Asherah. They were instructed to tear down the alters to her.

Unfortunately, they did not do it. And the corruption spread into their camp.

Baal was the male deity of the cult, and Asherah was the female. Over time, Satan spread the fertility cult throughout the world. The original names of the deities evolved into other names as they polluted planet earth.

Asherah goes by several names depending on the geographical region where she is worshiped; Astarte, Ashtoreth, Atargatis, Athirat, Venus, Isis, Juno, Ishtar, the queen of heaven, Aphrodite, Hadad, and many others.

Her horns were symbolic of mountain peaks.�The inverted triangle of Asherah represents the female anatomy. The inverted triangle was a part of Ashera’s renderings and represented the “female, ” while Baal represented the male anatomy with the use of pillars and poles. Hence the square and compass or right side and upside down triangle. Also think about the Trump tower with the inverted pyramid and the pillars of the building rising to the heavens as the male anatomy. Its all there.

**You can alao study this for an in depth look into the dark truth of Freemasonry**

Note: Just because I may use other peoples material does not mean I endorse or believe everything that person or channel believes.



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  1. And before Trump became president. He made a pit stop in the uptown area. Bank of America to be exact. They said he came to look at the painting artwork. Illuminati stuff. Check that out too! The boy in pic could be Donald trump . That's also in Charlotte.

  2. That's right. Their making Trump seemed like a hero. Put the power back to the people. People praise him for bringing peace to the world . Then boom! Boom 💥 stab you in the heart where it hurts !

  3. Trump or Hillary were pretty much the only choices to vote for..thats why i didnt vote..neither of them any good…not was the asshole who was the last president…or the asshole before that…or the asshole before that….last president was mister…"get health insurance like i told you to ..or you will be fined…"…but i didnt obey….him or his health insurance aint MY god…nor do i belive he or any other leader we ever had was ever god….the fact that we still have politicians and celebrities going to Bohemian Grove ..that is pretty much sums it up plain as day…Radical Islam still growing despite efforts to stop it….Mexican drug cartels murdering people and murdering journalists …decent Mexicans looking to run to America…. every time theres war, terrorism, civil war, political turmoil in other countries…droves of refugees fleeing for there lives and who populations huddling in one place while another is empty and buildings destroyed…over crowding means more poverty…less food and water to go around, overcrowding…more people than there is jobs to give them so they can afford a place to live also … larger amounts of people huddling where there is barely room for them while the places they run from empty and layed waste..this opens doors for another plague like in the dark ages ….Mexican and South American drug cartels murdering decent mexicans and some running to America for GOOD REASON…while others coming to America to expand their devil's poisons (drug trade) in America..thus the very thing the decent Mexicans are running from actually following them to America…but anyway…i somehow knew how articulate and intelligent person of God you were by the …UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..you put on 2 of my videos…anyway…my observance of whats going on in the world dont matter to people like you unless i become a sheep and hang over YOUR every word…right?…or i obey a secular daddy..a communist daddy and worship Che Guavera like some college professor commands….or worship the secular daddy that made marijuanna legal …and believe marijuanna and the providers or it are some great savior…(Puke)…like they say in the youtube video…the story of your enslavement…the map of the world aint countries..they are…farms..where human farmers manage their …livestock….Organized heavily funded religion , communism, socialism, state-ism, democracy, republican ..there are all..LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT APPROACHES …or METHODS…you got counterfeit God groups that deceive people to get money for fancy cars and jet airplanes and prey on the more docile sheep's fear of this ugly world…and make them cling to the safety of the organization…or governments enabling terrorism while pretending to fight it..but never quite eradicate it…so that sheep cling to the safely of the state…antichrist will pretend to be Jesus with high tech tricks that some will fall for..fake miracles and so on….some of the people you think to be raptured will actually be secretly arrested and murdered…i think you can be a Christian and believe in the movie John Carpenter's THEY LIVE to be a metaphor….G rated Left behind movies are a piece of crap and people who like those crappy movies are clueless….but its nice to be on youtube with a bunch of subscribers with the luxury of their safe little worlds to be smug enough to believe their better than the rest of us….Isis hard to eradicate..and that black guy who was a green beret dying under sketchy circumstances…i still wonder about that one..just like i still wonder about Benghazi

  4. Noble Eliakim interesting video. I took your advice and watched it after you found me criticising Wild Bill for America" because a hypocrite. Btw I'm not a Christian my path is a secular one. I don't believe trump is an illumnist he's just to genuinely unintelligent, but I always suspected Kushner, or even pence to be of that circle.

  5. Trump was put in office to finish destroying what Obama started, mystery babylon is going down.
    Find a private place to pray to Jesus.
    Tell Jesus that you need Him.
    Tear up a bible to show Him that your faith is not in the dead letter but in Him.
    Tell Jesus that you will not be controlled by a book and you will overcome the mark of the beast.
    The gift and promise of God to us is the Holy Spirit.
    Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit, if He accepts your heart then you will feel a warm tingling loving feeling like electricity come over you.
    This is the witness of the Holy Spirit.
    He will teach you, comfort you, guide you, make intercessions for you and take you home to be with your Creator.
    Confessing scriptures cannot save you.
    And then if you want to read the bible, do so only as history and do not let it have any authority over your life or mind at all, we do not need the bible in order to serve God, in fact it causes a lot more confusion than answers.
    Jesus Yeshua

  6. Thank You, I love to see God's children working on You Tube etc. etc. to open up saved and unsaved people's eyes …. Don't get discouraged, keep doing what God has called you to do, and God will take care of everything for you. Great presentation, Great video. Love in Christ.

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