Turia Pitt | 60 Minutes | Unstoppable [FULL]

Unstoppable: 60 Minutes catches up with Turia Pitt three years on from the bushfire that nearly killed her.

Turia Pitt is unstoppable.

It’s now three years since she was horrifically burnt in that Kimberley bushfire while competing in an ultra marathon.

When we last caught up with her, Turia took a huge leap of faith and removed the black face mask she’d worn since that terrible day.

Now, you will see just how liberating it has been for Turia. She’s competing again — on the bike and in the water.

And now, for the first time, she’s returning to the remote outback where her life changed forever. For a woman who has overcome so much adversity, it will be the ultimate test of courage.


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  1. Not trying to be disrespectful at all — someone please explain what happened to her. Every website says the same thing: "was running an ultra marathon and got trapped in a bushfire." What does that mean? How does that happen? How do you get trapped in a fire without running directly into it?

  2. Her man has such a big heart going through that hell with her and he didn't leave her. But now if he leaves her – he's a monster, a dick, pathetic cunt and shit, but if he was her, she would definitely abandon him and that would be all right, isn't it????

  3. When I saw Turia and Michael in a post shared in facebook by my friend I thought this man loves her despite of how she looks like. I am sorry. After I tried to find out more about them, I was inspired by Turia especially her fighting spirit. Turia is beautiful as I saw beauty in her spirit and how she wanted to help others who are going through what she had been through. God uses Turia, a strong and courages woman to help those who are unfortunate around the world. Salute!

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