Jacob “Stitch” Duran is a UFC & Boxing Cutman
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Jacob “Stitch” Duran is the most famous UFC and Boxing Cutman in the business. Since 2002 he has been wrapping hands and closing cuts in the UFC Octagon and I personally can’t remember an event without him. In boxing the Klitschko Brothers always fly him to Europe to work their corners and Sylvester Stallone puts him in movies. He’s more likely to be recognised on the street than most fighters.

Sounds like a pretty simple gig right? Not really. Stitch is a psychologist, doctor, and coach all rolled up into one. He has 55 seconds between rounds to stop the bleeding, apply the cold and pressure, calm the fighter, and give confidence with his presence. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to give that fighter “One More Round.”

Born into a migrant camp in California, he was working in the fields at 5 years of age. From there he enlisted in the Air Force and went to Thailand where he would fall in love with kickboxing before returning home to America to start his own school.

Later when most people would be comfortable with a company car and job as a sales rep for RJ Reynolds Tobacco, he packed it in and moved to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of being a Cutman.

The rest is history and Stitch is one of a kind. As I sat there talking to him I thought to myself, “They just don’t make guys like this anymore. He’s an American original.” From the pressed shirt to that boss-player moustache, he’s the coolest Uncle you never had, and the sweetest guy who could drop you in one shot.

At 62 years of age Stitch is doing what he loves with no plans of slowing down. “Man, I’m going to die in the ring.”

I hope you enjoy meeting UFC Cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran.


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  1. Stitch is great;  well spoken, intelligent, great insights.  He should be offered gigs as a tv analyst during the fights;  would be a great way to add color to the event (damage, what needs to be done to recover, etc.).

  2. Great interview, little mistake though: the fight Stitch was referring to which was Klitschko's first fight after the Brewster KO loss was not a title fight. It was against DaVarryl Williamson.

  3. When "Stitch" is wrapping your hands, What you are saying in the beginning of this video is very true!! He prepares your mind, calms you down and gets you focused to step into the ring to fight!!! And when he wraps your hands, you literally feel like a Gladiator, like you can punch through a brick wall… You also know that no matter what happens, he is going to take care of you!!

    P.s. I fought for him for years and was also a Trainer and for a very short time was an Assistant manager of his school, A.S.K. American School of Kickboxing!! Family!

  4. My Favorite memory! Was when He, Jacob "Stitch" Duran was my coach & cut man… we went down to Bakersfield… And I fought in this medium sized stadium which literally looked like a Cock/Rooster fighting Pit! hahaha… Scariest place I ever fought… 

    I was kicking this guys ass… then I got knocked down for the first time in my career ever… and I walked back to my corner sad and dejected… hahaha… He reminded me the ref gave that guy 3 standing 8 counts without officially calling them. He was helping the other guy out… 

    So I got fired back up… walked back out at the start of the 2nd round… that guy came running at me… I side stepped… he came at me again, then we started throwing leather hard… and BAMM!!! I knocked him out cold… The guy dropped Straight Down!!

    I thought I killed him… the crowd was going bazerkers… but I was kind of worried for the guy… then one of the ring girls was looking at me like "are you going to celebrate?" So I suddenly raised my hands and the crowd went nuts again even louder… hahaha…

    Jacob is a Great man with a Great heart and is a Legend… Please post on Twitter #UFC   #Bringbackstitch  to support  him… they let him go for almost zero reason… He's a great man and he sincerely makes you feel taken care of when you are about to step into the ring…

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