23 Replies to “Uncle Reece Spontaneous Worship”

  1. This how u get people young & old to settle down and self reflect . Where will you spend eternity ,what's missing in your life now, I'm praying for Uncle Reece stay faithful to Jesus Christ at all cost you have to go forward and leave some things or people behind. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior Amen. He's coming back real soon won't you be ready , Prepare now walk the Bible out in yor life from now on .One Love

  2. we may not travel from city to city but we as individuals have to real with our praise and worship where we live.I Love you Lord for saving our souls from going to hell. War Room everybody go see the movie and get your on War Room !" in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  3. This is what we need and the devil don't like it but we are not here for him. Praise be to God. Thank you for you son Jesus!! I love this song it's about the message. Lord keep your holy spirit as our guide. We will be lost if it was not for you. This is what it's about. 

  4. So many tears are filling my eyes..So powerful, so much truth..Not only for the young but also for anyone who wants to experience the love of Jesus Christ..Unplug from the evilness that the devil has put onto us..Plug n2 God,ask him n2 ur heart today..Then you'll be worshipping til u pass out

  5. BELIEVE In God and all your PROBLEMS,WORRIES,and STRESS shall be overcome.For where there shall be dark be light.Don't let satan take you down.Love your enemies as you love your neighbors………..GOD IS THE ONLY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome! I listen over and over to "until i pass out" i like the mash up alot "halleleujah". I luv when were sold out for God. And when u've been thru, and he saves you, you cant help but to go hard for Him. Keep praisin!

  7. I listened to untill I pass out, brother theres more then christian music in you ….theres His annointing. sell out for G*d brother dont do what many do who claim to know Christ and then sell out to the world. you cant… you are a soldier. Hes not going to let you go.

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