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  1. I had read many years ago that the Jesuits were also responsible for killing Lincoln. It's really sad to find out that George Washington and many other presidents were Masons and that Washington D. C. Is laid out as a Masonic emblem. It hurts to find out that there is such a thing as the bohemian grove. It's especially heartbreaking to learn about the MKULTRA program. The Internet has helped tremendously to pull the cover off these devils. Don't despair, God is going to do something wonderful and beautiful In these last days. We are here for this hour. By the way, there is a video (audio) on the internet where Svali speaks of attending a child sacrifice in a room somewhere under the Vatican when she was a young girl. Also, have you ever listened to any of John Todd's testimony which is also on the internet. Like Svali, he also had been born into a satanic family and had been very involved in the music industry before becoming a Christian. It is assumed that he was murdered.

  2. Gov. Jerry Brown of Cal., is a Jesuit graduate, and planned to go into the priesthood, but changed his mind and run for gov (like his father) where he would have more power over us. He wanted to run for president at one time, but failed.

  3. We have to stop these killers ! One thing i do not like is the pacification of Christianity however it is the one thing i respect the most. I can not figure it out. Turning the other cheek seems out of place. Great explanation. Very concise and truthfull.

  4. Wow, things I didn't know! Thanks!

    It occurs to me that the only way to resist such brainwashing that relies on the destruction of the ego/identity is to already completely and wholeheartedly let go of it ahead of time. This 'dying before you die' is the essence of true Christian living, and of the true Buddhist and true Hindu.
    This is why we are to empty ourselves of ourselves, to divest ourselves of whatever we cling to, as it all can be used to manipulate us or hold us back. Let go of all attachments and resentments.
    At that point, there is nothing for a programmer to target.

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