URGENT!!! Ellen White’s “End Times” WARNING about JESUITS Like Pope Francis! Pt. 2

This is another warning out of 100’s given by Ellen White warning the last generation of what a Jesuit is… and How jesuits act. This is A MUST SEE!!! obama,666,forerunner777,secret societies,new age agenda, spiritualism,alex jones,last days, disasters,wars,prophets,new world order, catholic church,religion, masons, illuminati, seventh day adventist, pope,virgin mary, conspiracy theory,jesse ventura, walter veith,Doug Batchelor, ivor myers, stephen bohr, henry wright, randy skeet, pope francis, jesuits, illuminati in movies, satanism in hip hop,freemasons, aliens, angels, demons, isis, prophecies, revelation,


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  1. Mr. Wiley, I just want to say thanks for your videos. I live in Clarksville, TN and I see exactly what you are talking about with Ellen G. White books. I recently ordered The Great Controversy. I did not find out about her until recently (I am 44yrs)! The information I have researched on her is awesome! Keep on preaching and reaching others for Christ!

  2. News flash!  All religions and churches have joined hands with the papacy……all churches or any non prophet organization are under the 501-C3 status.  We all have had to take the mark of the beast in order to buy and sell.  Also most are worshipping under this beast system and will not make it in this end-game.  Only those who have the faith of Jesus Christ and the love of God's Ten Commandments will it.  Rev. 14:12  This is why we hear no pastors or preachers talking about what Revelation 18:4 means.  It is the last warning that will ever be given…..we are to stand alone and trust in no man or religion.  Blessings to all who strive to be in the 144,000 who shall not see death.

  3. There is another book by Ellen G White called "Last Day Events" that will help us during these times , I can show you how to get it in audio or the book for free and you can transfer into your phone if you'd like.

  4. What's up josh? The first time I heard about Jesuits was through jack chick publications back in 96 you now the little Christian witness tracks (this is your life amongst others he printed) he has some full comic books that speak on the Catholic Church and the Jesuits 2 of the titles if I can remember is Alberto and Jesuits besides all the years his company had to grow they are still in the evangelical stage so I warn you if you go and check it out but that was my introduction to fully understanding how evil the Catholic Church was and not to read the NIV Bible as for Martin Luther I first read a novel that was written about him in 99 so I knew about him but did not put it all the way together until I heard about the SDA church and Ellen White. Back in 09, but with you, you take all the knowledge I know and expand it even more, your messages make me want to study harder you motivate me to reach you level of understanding and study history and learn more about Ellen G white. Thank you

  5. Hi brother Josh i,m also mad at myself for not knowing who sister Ellen was til i was 52 or who the Adventist are.I would not know the truth if my ex pastor never said he was a ex priest and saying no movie was bloody enough for him.If people would just read Ellen White,s books and do there own research they would see the truth and what the Papacy and Jesuits did to the Sabbath keepers.

  6. Most Translated book in history is ok but we should ask why Satan allowed or even pushed it like JZ, Beyoncé, Dalai Lama or Deepak chopra in today's Matrix!!!
    Watch the video titled " Roger Morneau Debunked" & watch roger's hour long interview that circles Utube often & use your Discernment. Until yesterday, I was a Fan of Seventh day Adventist & even had 3 books on my Amazon Cart but I investigated further & my discernment, doubts & gut feelings were proven right. Thanks to Holy Spirit. I like you brother but I urge you to study the root before you build your home on this tree. Glory to Christ Yashua, the Massiah.

  7. Great point! We are they rejects of the occult!!!😩 None of our books in the occult section! Love it!!! So good! Are our books even there??😐 and why can't you purchase books where you are? Great video. Keep it up!

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