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  1. Seems to me the whole program got turned around, upside down, about a third of the way through, and, started focusing on "the Nazis" – Eric Taub, or something like that; animal experimentation, which is sure to make our blood boil, but, not a word about the Ashkenazis, the Jews, the Jews in England, the Jews in New York, the Communist Jews in Russia, that bunch of Jews that murdered Tsar Nicholas and his whole family, my family, had a cry on the anniversary of their murder, 07/18, you had no thought of that. Murdered, they were, beautiful, Christian, white people but the Christians don't even know it happened, wonder, why is that?
    Murdered, as Nathan Rothschild, a Jew, swore they would be; man, didn't you pick up on any of the subterfuge in the article you worked through? Didn't you realize, you, are being played, like a drum? Who were they who used Chemical warfare World War One, no public school crap, the truth is, the English military, controlled and supplied by the Rothschild Jews in England. What was the name of the Company that supplied the Indians with diseased blankets, Dutch East Indies, but not really, nothing Dutch about it, Ashkenazi, the slavers, the war merchants, in time, the Jews. On and on but what's the use, you are sure the Germans were the bad guys, you will do anything you can to make you beliefs true, so, who do you really work for? You do know the killers of life on Earth hand out pills too, don't you?
    Like the articles that go through a whole bunch of obvious truth just to plant the lie, the Holohoax lie -in there, and make the lie, the truth, or, as much as possible, the truth, maybe turn one head around, maybe turn one more over to, the abattoir. Whole books written on Planets and Globe Earth, Asteroids and Ice Ages, The Germans desire to kill people and animals, when it was the Germans who begged for peace, Hitler, who loved animals so much, the German people the most humane people in all the world. You, really bought the store with this one, bud.
    Do you not understand who they are who control all -Publishing? Do you not understand the book burnings, 1930's, in Germany, were to rid the country of the Jew Published filth, to protect the little children from the licentious traps being placed in front of them. The same kind of people publishing the filth and the lies then are the same kind of people doing it today and it isn't getting better, it is getting worse. Worse, than when the Christians think Christians, publish their bibles, after the editing and changes, after the message is completely turned around, the lie shoved up the Christians butts. If you ask what lie is that you prove yourself to be either not in the game or part of the game, for the other side. Ask any Christian what the only real threat the Jesus character in their bibles ever made was? Something about children, but hey, Christians are the first to say -abort! Brain washed, and this thing you do, is just more of it.
    Guess you go for the hijackers, 9/11, the space walks and the moon landings, too? Something is wrong with you, or, you would have picked it up early on, but, no, you went stumbling through the lies like you believed them, even adding, some commentary of your own, man, what a let down you have become.
    Is it so important to get something out there that you just stick anything in our faces and go along with it, expect us to go along with it? The subscribers, have a voice, and, I, hope they use it.

  2. I love APT's channel and his content. I hope he doesn't see this comment because I don't want to hurt his feelings. However many times I can't finish his videos because I find his voice so incredibly condescending, demeaning, and patronizing. I actually unsubscribed for awhile because of it. Does anyone else have this observation? I want to know if it's just me. Also I get annoyed and irritated when I hear the word "folks" about every 30 seconds. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same.

  3. A lot of people wonder where polio came from because it was suddenly there in the mid 20th century. It would seem consistent that the government planted that there, too. Thus starting the vaccination programs, which enabled the government to have access to our bloodstreams.

  4. PERTINENT MEDICAL TALE: I’m a still-surviving, “full-out-victim” of “Lyme-Disease,” personally contracted in 1983 (by deer-tick-attachment), while residing in upper Westchester County, NY — then, most-oddly, apparent “GROUND-ZERO,” for the just-then-emerging “Lyme-Epidemic” (&, some-80-100-‘crow-miles’ from Lyme, CT, where first-seen/diagnosed). Despite, tick, tick-bite, “classic-rash,” etc., “my-then-trusted personal-Internist-physician” gave me a “perfunctory-2-weeks” of oral-antibiotics, but only “at my insistence.” Then sent me on my way…

    This physician-healer then ‘refused’ to provide any additional “antibiotics, of-any-kind,” & I quickly developed “the full-blown-disease-symptoms” — in all it’s “3-4 known separate-stages (1-1.5-years-“odd-periodic-long-flu-attacks, then 2 years-of-severe-arthritis, then BOTH, then finally “neurological”; true-then, & still-now). The endgame leads squarely into the “final-neurological-4th-‘death-stage’” (wherein, spirochete’s breach otherwise-sterile blood-brain-barrier…) beginning ~ 4-years from my initial clear-infection, until 1987 when ALL-medical-oddities finally came-to-a-head, in stage-last! Long before then, I’d had a “vast-talented-retinue” of 10-additional-high-priced-MD-‘specialists’, of nearly-all-medical-persuasion’s, for a total of 11 — & ALL (&, “as one, together”) loudly proclaiming “I was NOT Lyme-disease-infected”! THEY: “Yes, I ‘appeared’ to have ‘certain-diagnostic-irregularities/oddities,’ but all of which almost certainly derived from “incipient-MS” — so, not to worry, as it takes some-15-years for MS-to-kill!”

    Being both “highly-technical & MD-wise,” I suspected otherwise… (As, for example, ALL 3 of my dogs were deeply-ill w/ Lyme, & most of my nearby-neighbors, each on several-to-10s-of-acres of white-tailed-deer/deer-ticked-infested woodland, just like myself.) Hence, in one-momentous-&-very-short-9-AM-meeting, I then called them ALL out, saying: “If just-one of you MD’s does NOT place me on ‘IV-Rocephin’ — by the very next morning — I’ll immediately-proceed-suit against all-11-of-you-together, & for everything you each collectively are worth — & I’ll win!” My “personal, dissenting ‘Internist’,” by the next morning, placed his entire, long-established & thriving-practice, up for “immediate-short-sale,” & almost-thereafter, moved to “safety-of-hospital MD-staff-position.”

    That told me “something”: “I’d, at least, gotten through to my very own otherwise-trusted-physician”! Thus, post-4+ full-years of “stalling, half-truth’s, unending-referrals, roundly-firm-LD-denial’s, incipient-MS, & The Lord knows what else…,” by the “very next morning,” I was placed on twice-daily infusion of “said-antibiotic” (IV-Rocephin). Dramatic-result: Within 3 weeks (w/ twice-daily-infusion), all of my “many dangerously-endgame-‘symptoms’” were nearly fully resolved. And, a month later “all was fine,” & remains so, to this day, ~ 30 years later.

    It seems that Lyme-disease — as described herein, in this “marvelously-illuminating-expose” — was indeed “manufactured” on Plum Island, NY (a mere 10’s of miles from “Lyme, CT,” directly across Long Island Sound from the infamous “Plum Island”), & was, in-effect, “launched from there, in the noted ~1975-time-frame.” But shockingly, a mere ~ 40-50-years-later, “Lyme Disease” (as we now KNOW it & still profoundly misunderstand (?)), left improperly-treated, or worse-‘ignored,’ represents a decidedly “almost-imperceptibly-slow, but-certain, ‘silent-killing-machine’,” comprised of syphilis-like-spirochete’s (probable-base-origin…), & a 2-3-vector-delivery-system, that must “mature-in-the-wild” for 2-full-host-life-cycles, or therefore over 2 years (Lyme-spirochete-infected-‘deer-ticks’ + ‘white-footed-mice’ + ‘native-deer’ + back-to-ticks + mammalian-attachment), before “infection-through-deer-tick-bite/attachment” becomes “viable”! Meanwhile, the “host white-footed-mouse & deer” separately grow the spirochete-populations, presumably becoming steadily more blood-concentrated, for the waiting deer-ticks to re-extract, but now in high concentrations-for-human/mammalian-delivery (rough etiology, but probably not yet fully explicated, or well-documented).

    As such, “Lyme Disease” now resides (indeed, in many places of “epidemic-proportions”) in ALL 50 states & Canada, some-of-Central & South America’s, & even wide-portions of Western Europe. Therefore, Lyme-Disease has demonstrably, &/or is-still, “spreading world-wide stunningly-fast,” as (so far as I’m aware…) there is NO-known-way to effectively “blunt, exclude, halt, or in-any-way-inoculate-against” this “KILLER”!! — save, “rapid diagnosis, immediately followed by aggressively known-effective & strong “antibiotic-assault.” Moreover, & perhaps still-more-chilling, I myself was “denied proper medical treatment” for a “very good reason” — as I was then an “unknowing-Gov’t-test-subject,” & a “most-desirable/valuable-one,” based upon my “heritage, scientific/technical-education, professional position, & future-long-term-commitments-to-Westchester-employ.”

    Indeed, it has been clearly established in recent years, that the MD-community (as a whole…) of Westchester Co., was both graced, & in-turn-employed-by, representatives of this country’s CIA, to “make Westchester Co. a ‘test-bed’” for an “exquisitely detailed, yet fully-covert thurough-epidemiological-&-clinical-study of “contraction, life-cycle, etiology, & ultimate-death-dealing-life-cycle-symptomology (unclear then, but “nonetheless-designed by it’s Plum-Island-scientist’s” as a ‘slow-killer,’ for presumably slow-but-steady-stealth-depopulation,” perhaps over 4 to 7 years, per individual; which proves-now to be true). Hence, “absolute proof of ‘successful-weaponization,” of stealth-delay-killer, & that “has (even NOW) NO known legitimate-test for positive-contraction,” &, if positively-diagnosed, “still-uncertain course-to-successful-eradication.”

    So, well-done, Federal Gov’t, Plum Island, US/Nazi-bio-weapon-scientist’s, Complicit/Supportive-Medical-Community,…! This “almost-imperceptibly-slow-yet-ultimately-lethal-spirochete/tick-weapons-system” is JUST-NOW, “nearly-world-wide,” &, at least for now, “unstoppable”! Between the benevolence of World-Gov’t’s sponsoring “stealth, bio-certain killer-technology,” philanthropic-NGO’s (per, e.g. Gates Foundation…), sterilization-promoters (forced & otherwise), & many other “well-meaning-population-bomb-acolyte’s,” the NWO just “might” get their 7B-wish — but likely NOT by “conventional warfare/genocide” one might otherwise suspect!!

    These “harsh conclusions” stand virtually unaddressed world-wide, & largely ignored, if not possibly even “suppressed.” Arguably, “collective data & patterns” of most-such-‘monster-diseases,’ appear-traceable to the now-infamous, & still-functioning, “DHS, Plum Island Animal Disease Center,” & it’s equal-Army-cohort-bio-lab housed at Fort Detrick, MD. This must be corrected, as “global-humanity weighs-in-the-balance.” Quoting well-known, Iron-Mountain-Report: “Silent Weapons for Silent Wars”… Hence, Lyme Disease is not unlike humankind’s devastating & arguably similarly otherwise-concocted, like AIDS/HIV, Ebola, Hemorrhagic Fever’s, Zika,… — anything worth “bio-engineering” by cell-biologist’s, geneticist’s, immunologist’s, eugenicist’s, global-elite’s…

    Cheers!! And, God-the-Father/Son’s blessing to all, world-wide. As LD’s “coming-to-you” — if not ALREADY, then SOON! And, avoid the rest as well, for mankind to live-long & prosper.

  5. At 22:52… The part about project Whitecoat and experiments done on 7th-day Adventists is true. I am a former SDA and a few relatives still are SDA. I just learned that two dearly departed family members, who were SDA, knew people who were in the experiments. I am waiting for a link to an article about the experiments. I was just informed:

    “[The gov] told them it was a patriotic way to serve their country without killing, but the SDAs who volunteered didn’t realize what they signed up for.”

    I have no doubt that the famous black plague in Europe was also created by the same Vatican Roman mafia that dates back to the Sumerian age…same sadistic, greedy, hoarding, psychotic bloodline that rules, lies and controls today.

    When I found out at that the Bush presidents are related by blood to the queen/throne of England and how far back their lineage goes, the big picture came into very clear focus. The Bush family‘s real name is Scherff and they are nazis straight outta Germany. Prescott Bush Scherff funded Hitler’s experiments on the prisoners in the concentration camps. From that point on you can see how all puzzle pieces fit together quite nicely.

  6. It just hit me to look at a map and so I did. I have some questions now. So, Lyme disease was developed on Plum Island, NY by Nazi scientists brought here in operation paperclip…what else is right there in New York but Brooklyn with a large Jewish population. As in a huge Jewish population and the American government plunked a bunch of Nazis a little down the beach? Were those Nazis brought here to continue killing Jews in America? Oh my, I never realized this. The Holocaust never stopped. It just shifted continents.

  7. I was born in Ohio in 1958. Got both OPV & injectable vaccs. Been sick with Autoimmune problems my while life. Now I have a rapidly evolving, resistant infection with Pseudamonas. 12 weeks of IV antibiotics about killed me but NOT the infection. Now Dr's want to do DNA studies on the organism. SMH

  8. Lyme is a wicked disease . I’ve been to several doctors and health insurance doesn’t cover treatments needed . Most doctors are either clueless or part of the problem. Millions suffer daily only to be called crazy . It’s in the same league as being a TI hit with electronic warfare. Same symptoms, same outcome.

  9. Oh, but Dirk Pitt books have us believe that things of this nature are done to us by rogue capitalists and the saintly American government jumps in to the rescue to save America and the world. People should buy my "Dance of Death" a James Grider novel on Amazon as much as they have bought Dirk Pitt books.

  10. The only people that have hated us for millennia are the same ones infiltrating our govt including CIA etc and same ones showed up to film ‘the event’ when 911 happened. It was and is Mossad doing this to us. I think I ‘m done here. Sean is confused. He has Nazi on the brain syndrome. It’s the Jews stupid!!!.

  11. They are masters of deception and infiltration into all aspects of Govt society, monetary systems, and crashing and burning everything for profit. Every problem they create they charge for resolutions. Same story over millennium. Same bad actors and NO ITS NOT THE NAZIS. Lol

  12. Sean you should do more research regarding the slander against the Germans from WWII. Most of it lies like everything else they told us. They try to blame Nazis but it’s communists we are against not Nazis. Lol. Nazis lost the commies won but not just any commies. These were the Seed of Satan commies who have bombed twin towers have been fooling us for years with their media bullshit and have infiltrated our congress exerting unprecedented control over not just that but have infiltrated military. WAKE UP DUDE. You’re missing point and losing ground. Your all over the place. It’s same people doing this fool the goyim routine over and over for years.

  13. Many are dismissive when alerting them to these events. Even higher intellects, as drs. you mention! Obvious visual evidence still eludes them. Fried by frequencies! Robotic bees, dragon flies are used for sinister purposes. A healthy man speaking on that issue suddenly 'fell ill', dying the same day! Sick of this fake, coded, scripted reality. Pease keep it coming. Few know of these dangers and that fellow citizens are KILLING US! Maybe a few dazed sheeple will finally awaken. God bless and protect all.

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