Vancouver BC TI warns against manipulatory ETs associated with Jesuit Pope Vatican ET Disclosure

VIDEO: Vancouver BC TI warns against manipulatory ETs associated with Jesuit Pope Vatican ET Disclosure – What’s your view? 😉

VIDEO: Vancouver BC TI warns against manipulatory ETs associated with Jesuit Pope Francis Vatican ET Disclosure – What’s Your View? 😉


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  1. Crawl back into your hole you piece of shut, you, Annett, Mel ve bunch of scumbags. You accuse people of paedophilia and ritual human sacrifice. And make up bullshit, maybe one day someone may accuse you. Stay the fuck out of England and Ireland. I'm making you cunts my mission, scumbag

  2. Ya know, if this Alfred guy only sold snake-oil to the crowds at the circus side-show he'd probably be rich, but this BS rhetoric is the kool-aid of a pure idiot and thank god this forum is a little more sophisticated.

  3. Big Al. I love your refreshingly dogmatic approach to this enlighting subject about these interdimentional ethical benevolent and downright redemptive savior ETs.
    Who needs religion when you got that good shit?

  4. What proof, or adequate evidence do you have for this "interdimensional ecology" of positively motivated ETs besides your own anecdotal experience ?
    Or who is the ultimate authority on this facinatingly intergalactical interdimentional ecological yet interestingly oxi-moron-ical subject?.

  5. SO ,,,,,, If your invited guest does NOT agree to a pre-detemined line of " Misinformation", then you arbitrarily dismiss his attempt to dictate his own line of "Disinformation"????
    Is that at all FAIR????
    How dare you tyrannically userp the very freedom of the Internet to confine and contain dissenting disinformation?
    Oh. I see ,,, you only allow your own strain of vial deception to "go viral"; and your meme injected into all your loyally and "royally" fooled Fans.
    But hey,, It's all good! Right man?

  6. I do say, i have to agree with alfred on this one. I think I have heard this guy call in to Third Phase of Moon 2 times before and i had the same impression of him as alfred states in this interview. He forces us to choose between taking his impression of his experiences as the truth or the impressions of the experiences of many times more numerous others who have another side of the story to tell. and well, one experience versus 10 different but cohesive experiences… what can we do but say…this man's experience is not representative of the greater picture. Its horrible, but he is so bombarded by the negative physical and psychic attacks that he can hardly see anything else. I do not think that is it coincidence that his view is so focused on one thing. It is true in my opinion; his information is mostly the same each time.

  7. For ONCE the TRUTH about the NWO/JESUIT shit comes out and Alfred slams it down (he's jesuit trained)…..this is WHY the VATICAN CANON LAWS/Admiralty Laws/Nation Laws and the rest of THIS shit has been done for thousands of years. Just don't TICKLE ALFREDS AGENDA 21 Eugenics bullshit alien crap, and he will throw you OFF!!!! LOLOL This is also WHY religions DEDICATE babies when they are born….then they are CONtracted with these SAME ENtitiES…..this guy is CORRECT….the 5th deminsion is ALL ABOUT SOUL CATCHING for GOOD. Build through DIEING especially with FEAR, ANGER, and UGLY SEX perverts……So Alfred take your 5 deminsion of TRANSHUMANISM and no FREE WILL E.T.'s and stick it up your own ass…….besides they love to butt screw…..they don't have ANY sex parts

  8. Alfred is right: dwelling on the past will not do you any good whatsoever. The future of mankind is here and now. The past is just that: it's gone.
    I don't know who the person is Alfred is talking to, but that person is wrong. Humanity is on a positive track. The awakening has reached it's goal. The Divine Light and it's true children are gathering to fight by our side. Point of no return.

    I see it all around me … people are realizing something is very awry with the world we live in and they are waking up in droves. It's a painful process (I know from experience) but most people are determined to make the non-humans who are sucking us dry go away, no matter what this person says.
    He doesn't sound credible. Every time Alfred says something to prove him wrong, he starts stuttering and says things like "I have to meet you half way", or "you might be right" …

    Does that sound like he's telling the the truth? No, he sounds like a weasel. It's a feeble attempt to steer us off the steady road we are on. Like I said, positive forces are gathering and a showdown will be happening soon. When? Not sure at the moment but it will be between now and the start of 2017.

    The "elite" are shitting themselves. Let them … They are fighting a losing battle … Like it or not, we are human, we are intelligent, we are creative, we are legion and we are no longer putting up with this shit that has been thrown at us for aeons.
    There will be major false flags but we have to be strong and see through the muck they're throwing at us.
    Having said that, we won't get violent because we are vibrating on a level that only represents love, peace and tolerance. That's what makes us so powerful because all they understand is low level violence. Love, tolerance and unity baffles and scares them to hell and back.

    Poor things …. Well, what comes around goes around .. That's a law of nature that can't be broken by anyone or anything.

    Peace, love and joy to all of you!


  10. This is an interview from the 4th of June.. I have not seen (or heard) anything from Alfred since then and today is ten days later…Highly unusual for Alfred not to post something. Anyone know why? He's usually frequent with incredible interviews. I really appreciate his interviews and heartfelt work he has done and is doing for the highest good and betterment of humanity, MotherEarth and all creation. Sending Light and Love to Alfred and ALL..especially all those brave brothers and sisters who put themselves at risk bringing truth to the masses. Be safe..May your angels be strengthened to protect and guide you.. In JOY! Love YOU!

  11. I believe the ET is one of the grey races, who in past did galactic wars, also sacrificed pleiadians on Earth under a volcano, made the volcano erupt so they would be killed by the lava. This leader of this grey race, is very heartless, noone is sure if this leader is alive, there are groups of people who worship it like a God.

  12. Alfred! People want to live in fear and wow they will do all they can to make others live with them. Thank you for standing in our reality unity and positive timeline! All I can say is all must wake the hell up and stop working for the the fear porn industry.

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  14. Alfred,  The sound is terrible cell phones just come across muffled because the phone is to close to his cheek or he does not have the receiver close to his mouth. This guy's voice sounds just like Donald Marshall who claims that he has been cloned and is tortured at the clone center near LA and Hollywood. This guy is on YouTube. He has claimed that him and the Bisexuality reality star Tia tequila. This guy just was not believable before and I think this is new character who is selling a new story line. I think this is why he wants to keep his identity a secret because if he showed his face he would be identified as Donald Marshall. This guy is a cabal troll or just a broader to get attention. He has requested money in the past from YouTube listener. He was a Hollywood failure and is now trying to scratch out a career as a hoaxer. He could be a cabal troll for the transhumanist. I would bet if you look into Donald you will realize it is the same scumbag. His voice is the same and his speech pattern is the same talks fast and is consistently jumping all over the place to confuse he has no real logic to his interview. Please take a look at this guy because I think you care being scammed.  Regards, Lizzy

  15. I don't think you could just state number one, ET's when talking about extra terrestrials I think if you don't have the names of the races you are referring to you should get them(there have been about three whistle blowers that I know of that have come out with the names of certain races) or assign your own names to them and two I don't think you could say the entirety of one ET race is bad its like saying all humans are evil which is obviously not true there are good people and there are bad people.

  16. sorry … but this guy doesnt even sound truthful … and to paint all et's negative …
    nope …. would be like all fish in the ocean are mankind killers …

    there is no doubt upper and lower frequencies
    as that is simply the fractal … polarity energy way of this light based universe …

    everything is radiant at it's core if it has a Sol connection … or pure polarity AI

    it is the polarity AI consciousness I worry about … as that would be like a disease if unbalanced …

    Sol consciousness is untouchable by definition … and in energy terms polarity derives from naoslogos

  17. link tv has a new doc about elephants still being killed off and the US n China still buying ivory.  watch this vid and maybe this is what ur guest is talking about.  where its bad its getting worse… And also I await the Interview with one of these Positive Ets that have been doing some of this help…IMO  let the person give the interview…his voice does not make me feel negative or afraid.  I see similar stuff, as well as a great future for many

  18. Alfred, you are a fool to trust in any so called "ET"s. It has gotten to,you. If someone tells you the truth, or sees things another way, you bash them. You do not display the kind of mental stability and fairness required for the job you are trying to do. I recommend you look to Jesus Christ instead of to demons for your guidance and salvation. That woud put you back on the right track.

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