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  1. Satanism, starts with the self, because this is the basis of enlightenment, not the worship of medieval fictions. In order to gain wisdom you must accept both the cardinal, and spiritual wisdom, and nothing more.

  2. Child sacrifice, is common with people that mistake what is meant by seeking power, and they think you need death to gain the favor of the gods, but they need no such thing. Satanism, does not seek to do this, only a few radical sects, that have a fallacious image of it, think you need a "Hollywood" version of it, of blood, death, and self-worship, this is just a delude mind, and not about enlightenment.

  3. The devil, is only a symbol for mankind it is a representation of human nature. Satanism, is not about worshiping the god of "Satan," but to seek enlightenment, to become a 'god,' by having the power to control over yourself, and environment. Knowledge,or Lucifer, enables mankind to conquer Nature, which is God, but not to overpower Nature, by being a 'king,' but one with everything. This has nothing to do with idol worship, or sacrifices.

  4. Do not waste your time arguing with people about the Abrahamic faiths they are not about gaining enlightenment, or even to evolve, but to place your faith in idols, gods, and stuff that does not lead to knowledge, only spiritual enslavement. The practitioners, wish to have this, and if they fail to see what the truth is about their religion, just leave them be. It is the path they wish to explore.

  5. The essence of xianity is to strip away all spiritual/occult power away from the populace, meaning the powers of the mind and soul, hence why the original religions (Pagan) were destroyed and replaced with xianity. The Abrahamic religions are there to keep you from knowing you're true potential, which is your God given birth right and that God is of the extra-terrestrial race called the Nordics, the Annunaki named Enki. The power within you is more extraordinary than you think. πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, you got the idea. πŸ™‚ It's something like that, check out this link right here if you want to know more about this all, so you can get a better understanding of what Satanism is all about, which in reality is FAR from evil. JoyofSatanDOTcom , try to look through it without any biases, guarantee you'll learn a lot. Once you're there, click on the "Satanic Symbols" section, the Zodiac is the map of the human soul.

  7. Sounds like the old is new again. Paganism is the universal religion of humans–the sun representing male, moon representing female, and each culture's pantheon of gods are interchangeable–that is, each major god had attributes that corresponded with major gods in other cultures. It's almost as if the world was united once, with the same religion. Like at the tower of Babel. From what I've heard, the zodiac we use is the ancient Babylonian zodiac.

  8. Yes, a Kundalini, symbolized by the Serpent, you familiar with the hospital symbol with the serpent, staff, and wings? Serpent is the Kundalini, staff the Spinal Cord, and Wings representing Spiritual Freedom. The world spiritual itself means Powers of the mind and Soul, and to answer your question why more people are losing interest in xianity and moving towards spiritual knowledge is the result of the constellation Aquarius, after all, the stars have an effect on human consciousness. πŸ™‚

  9. No, your "god" doesn't exist, angels (which are extra-terrestrial by the way, along with Demons) destroyed them in ORDER to remove the same spiritual knowledge that would give mankind the power to have full control over their lives and destinies, let alone become EQUALS. That was the reason for the attack on humanity and the Gods (Demons/Extra-terrestrials) that were giving man this knowledge. You got it a bit mixed up there. πŸ™‚ Without that spiritual knowledge, the human race is corrupt.

  10. Actually, it went the other way around, without that spiritual knowledge, the human race has been corrupted. Without a risen Kundalini we are violent, drug addicts, child/animal abusers, arrogant, dumbed down, all kinds of psychological/physical problems. The spiritual knowledge your fake "god" and angels (the enemy extra-terrestrials) took from us would of taken care of all these problems.

  11. I submit for your disapproval that the "sons of God" (fallen angels) were the extraterrestrials. Their spiritual knowledge (along with interbreeding) corrupted the human race, compelling God to destroy them and start over with Noah.

  12. Yes, and gave birth to Nephilim, half-breeds. πŸ™‚ I'm very familiar with that story. That was known as the Golden Age, back when human beings were living till the age of 500 and 600. Back when the original religions (Satanic) reigned and before the enemy extra-terrestrials attacked earth and replaced them with the abrahamic religions, in order to keep people away from true spiritual knowledge, which is the powers of the mind and soul, which aliens are adepts at.

  13. One of the strangest passages in the Bible (to modern minds) is Genesis 6. This was a period when angels (as spirits of course) somehow mated with humans and produced offspring. That period may be what Sumerian myths are based on.

  14. Maybe Satan (also known as the God Enki, part of the Annunaki) is an extra-terrestrial that created the gentile people and the jews are the product of the enemy extra-terrestrials, that didn't agree with Satan going against the other extra-terrestrials when he made man?

  15. There is those out there that are that "smart" and also would like to add the devil is the Xian "god" and you worship him. πŸ™‚ Satan is the truth and also the true God and Creator of the Gentile (non-Jewish) races and Jehovah is the master of lies and deceit. Oh yeah Judaism came first by the way then xianity and then islam, all three religions are FALSE! Threes come in misfortune (or as Native Americans here in South Dakota say badluck comes in threes) and those 3 religions have caused the most.

  16. Ha, no one's that smart! Not human beings, anyway. Pope Leo X predates the Jesuit order, founded in the 1530's.
    Jehovah is holy, and therefore just. He HATES idol (devil) worship (and child sacrifice that commonly accompanied it). Just read the Old Testament. He won't shut up about it.

  17. Hate to tell you that Catholicism is all you say it is, but it is not Christianity. If other people love God and you don't, why should it bother you? Does it bother you that you will not have as much company after your death? Jesus is great to know, so much different than the god you serve. If you weren't serving Satan, you wouldn't even be having this conversation here. The choice is to serve the Lord Jesus, because otherwise the choice is made for you. People hate choices being made for them

  18. I do apologize for writing an illiterate paraphrase! But let's be honest to each other, this religion here is responsible for many deaths, wars, famine, and racism! Yes I know a lot of people that find peace within the Christian religion which is awesome! But the way that I see it, people that look for comfort within a religion are just scare humans of what's going to happen tomorrow and after they die! As I previously said, we are our own gods to our choices, love, peace, hatred! πŸ™‚

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