17 Replies to “Vatican Blames Satan and Now Pope John Paul for it’s ‘troubles’ ?”

  1. The laws do not pertain to TPTB because JUSTICE is for JUST US! Rome is known to the talmudists as edom (Jewish encyclopedia) & edom = edomites & edomites = esau & read Romans 9:13 to see how God felt about esau! The Rothschilds are the papal treasury since 1823 that should scare every Catholic outta that satanic cult called the Vatican! Youtoob “pope VI audience hall” & Catholics still pile in the snakes den!

  2. scripture warns us about the wicked. says we will know them by what they do. demon possessed people act like psychopaths. If you learn about narcissistic personality disorder you will learn all about what these demons do and how to see thru them. I had 6 of these demon possessed people come thru my life leaving much damage. many people are waking up to the devastation these narc demons are doing. many people are being attacked by these demon possessed people and they do not even know it. They know how much pain and suffering they are going thru but not why. Demons vampire off human emotions and destroy people. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT. If you know what you are looking at it will protect you from them. IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SPOT DEMONIC POSSESSION LEARN ALL ABOUT NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. WE ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS PLANET

  3. beware of this. Ash Wednesday is where thee antichrist places a mark on a pagans forehead. the + mark. catholics also make this + mark with their right hand. this + mark goes back to Nimrod. He had it on his right hand and forehead. in my experience there is nothing you can say to a pagan who has taken this mark. i think it is too late for them. also many of these pagans haunt protestant forums and are the ones behind all the pre trib rap videos. every week you will see the same pagans putting out a new rapture dream they had. if you search rapture of the church and set the search to 7 days and you will see the same people every week and I think they are being funded by the papacy to put out the propaganda. that is what it is just propaganda. if you are trying to converse with people pushing this lie. I highly advise you demand a YES OR NO answer if they DENY TRANSUBSTANTIATION AND THE PERPETUAL VIRGINITY OF MARY. If they are catholic they will start acting like a lawyer and will never unequivocal denial of these satanic doctrines. THIS IS HOW YOU TEST THESE SPIRITS. I AM NOT A PROTESTANT AND I HAVE NO RELIGION. I WAS A PROTESTANT AND I AM WARNING YOU THAT YOUR CHAT ROOMS, CHURCHES, YT CHANNELS, ETC ARE INFILTRATED WITH CATHOLICS WHO ARE INTENTIONALLY LYING TO YOU. THEY ARE AT WAR WITH YOU.

  4. In a NY Times article today 10/12/18 Pope Francis says Wuerl is a model bishop and his resignation is an act of nobility. Archbishop Vigano, the whistle-blower who exposed corruption, is being told to repent. There is no better example of institutional corruption.

  5. I love you missy ….but there is no appologizing for the rape of children …only the Old Testiment death penalty also for the men that helped cover it up. Their death is required by the most high for justice. They can repent to God but i say hang em. Hang em now.

  6. I guess John Paul 2 is going to have his sainthood revoked? Maybe they can bring him out of the tomb, put him on trial and burn him at the stake.
    Rev 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

  7. Keep up the great work, sister! You're doing a great job of 'causing the Vatican trouble' 😜 (in the RIGHT way, and that's a GOOD thing!) They don't stand a chance against Angela armed w the Truth and Love of Jesus. God bless your weekend (sorry I've been out of touch lately … hard to keep up).
    Btw, Pastor Brunson was finally released from Turkish prison after 2years today. Praise the Lord and share the news if you can. ✝️💕

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