Vatican Jesuits Catholic Church Control CIA

The United States Government is inundated with Roman Catholics. These Catholics are subserviant to the Pope of Rome. From The President to the CIA to the Military to local officials. The Jesuits are in place secretly to make sure everyone eventually worships the Pope aka The first Beast in Revelation 13 … America is the 2nd Beast.
What they tried to do in Viet Nam in the 1950’s is what they will do here.

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  1. That is correct. They do run, actually own, the CIA — BUT they mooch the funding for that human garbage from the American government. Pay particular attention to WHEN the "pope" AND the BUSHS go silent. This is exactly when they've got one of their deadly horrific agendas in motion. Notice also that their monkey brigade — i.e. the British "royals" — ramp up the propaganda promo of their "royals". Right now their junkyard dog, netanyahu (NOT his real name by the way) has the job of CREATING deadly violence and spewing outrageous lies about innocent people such as Mr. Assad, Iran, the Palis etc. Why are they doing this? THEY want total control of the resources in the Middle East, including the seaports and mineral wealth and you can bet their fake "saudis" (another british creation of fakes — they ain't Muslims, folks, the "saudis were created by the brits as were the fake juz in so called "israel") and right now their weapon of war against all powers who can and will stop their crap IS DOPE. They gotta deal that dope for three reasons — to render a country helpless to defend themselves, create easy kill offs of citizens AND pump their wallets full of dope money. That trash in the CIA is their "communications center" complete with goons. They keep track of the LAYERS OF HUMAN GARBAGE and they've been wheedling into our military bases since WWII. Make every effort to investigate dope dealers in your area and shut the scum down. Demand your authorities step up to the plate and shut it down. This isn't new. That CIA trash is exactly who created serial killers. Remember when that situation was savaging the USA? Who is that human garbage afraid of?? Russia, China AND the Middle East and that's exactly who the USA should align with.

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