Vatican Secret Societies Jesuits and the New World Order

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This is an excellent documentary touching on the unknown history of the setting up of the American Colonies, and the influences of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit order in the Establishment of the Sovereign Constitutional Republican Nation States of America. Much of this information will be new to many people who received a classic Government provided education. The truth has been modified by the Society of Jesus and the people indoctrinated via their state controlled and mandated education system.


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  1. Catholics on the left of me, Muslims on the right , here I am stuck in the middle with Jew and God is on our side. Put no one before God and you will be good! You are wasting your time Praying to statues if they where the saints means God is not hearing your prayers.

  2. Both the 1917 and 1983 code of Canon law forbids any Catholics from joining any Freemasonic group or society. Those who do are in a state of grave sin and cannot receive Holy Communion. Plus the Freemasons consider the Catholic Church as their number one enemy because it is the only institution in this world that is diametrically opposed to their plans. They introduced communism, modernism, and the enlightenment and the secular society we have today is a result of their work. Most of the pastors of the man-made 'christian' sects are their members. The creator of this documentary is clueless to the fact that the reformation brought about by your idol Marin Luther made freemasonry possible. This crazy world that we have today is your doing.

  3. You left out an important fact about your "Witch Hunt" origin story!
    Salem Massachusetts teenage girls that "started pointing their fingers
    at everybody saying, "you're a witch"! Did you forget something? They were Christians, Christians actually have a long history of witch hunting, too!

  4. Perhaps you should do a video on the intrusion of the communists who infiltrated our country in the 1930s and have been at it for a while. They have left a last mark because our govt is practically communist itself. Our youth are being indoctrinated in high school and college but I haven;t seen a video yet on how successful the commuists have been. In this video you make a lot of asumptions in many areas, especiallly about the Civil War. I do completely agree with you about the destructive Yankee soldiers and officers like Sherman. He was an evil man and disavantaged the south so badly that it didn't come out of the destruction until after WW2. People argue with me about Sherman and his evil deeds, the pilaging, theft, killing of civilians, rape of the women, and the burning of every city they went through. And oh, the assination of JFK theory your guy staes is simply theory. MOst people believe it was the CIA by the hand of George Bush Sr. and just so you know, I believe the entire catholic system is satanic and the Jesuit part of it is so evil and it scares me that the pope now is Jesuit.

  5. People this religious war is hurting many inosent people's in different communities. Some don't make headlines. And there are no stories of those who are still being punished for not being Christian. Butt the young are to buiszy and to distracted to notice or care. Nice war hehe.

  6. The Revalution in France. " Franklin". Embassider. England "James Madison". Embasider.
    The American Revolution same time. Why we needed to break from Catholic, Prodistan. Civil War. The founders of the constitution made it so Religion has no part in state matters.
    What is of GOD is gods! What is of State is man's laws.
    Christianity doesn't get it. GovernmentReligious, is an enrichment against god and State.

    This part on Thomas Jefferson??? Bullshit. CHRISTIAN has rewritten Jefferson's? Bible?. What Bible. Jefferson was Gnostic pagans. Quote;
    :Christianity the most Hideous. Religion ever CREATED by Man". This was found in a letter to his bud Paine, and Franklin. Pagan. Freemassons.
    America rewrites Bible, GOD will destroy America, Revelations. "Changing words?"

  7. And believing ANYTHING from a guy who road his horse with one arm raised above his head to "balance the blood" in his body (Stonewall Jackson) is beyond good judgement. The very idea Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo intentionally is NONSENSE!

  8. The French Revolution was a spontaneous uprising of French people against the tyranny of the French Royalty and the extreme poverty the French people faced under those rulers. To say a small group of Jesuits, somehow "sparked" that mass uprising…. is NONSENSE!

  9. The King of England, after abandoning Catholicism, KILLED many Catholics. And our so called "lovers of religious freedom", the Protestant Pilgrims HUNG a women because she refused to deny her OWN protestant religion. The Protestants were just as ruthless as the Catholics in murdering "non-believers".

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