There is Freedom in True Creator, Yahweh & Yeshua, not the fallen cherub “lucifer” satan is not a name, in Hebrew means Advocary. Read Book of ENOCH…it tells of the Fallen Angels on Mt. Hermon which means Mt. of Oath, it is just near Cesseria Phillipi, Google Earth Nimrod’s Fortress. THIS VIDEO IS FAIR USE AND RE UPLOADED FREELY


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  1. Most people don't bother to follow the MONEY, the US Treasury has been taken over by the International Monetary Fund IMF. The Vatican is the Richest Corporation in the World and has been washing it's money through the Global Corporation. Recently 6 to 12 months ago the Vatican ordered an Inceiprical, Dissolving under their authority All World Corporations, whereby leaving the Rothschild, Redshields, the real puppet masters. Those that call themselves Jews but are of the Synagog of Satan.
    Time is Short…The Mark of the Beast will be the Vatican if you all didn't really know. The Forced Sunday Worship, like in Daniel the Worship of the Statue, lucifer wants to usurp God's Holy Sabbath, the one that Starts at the end of the Morning of the 6th Day, which starts the 7 Day, Yahweh said to Keep My Sabbath's Holy Forever, all the way to Revelation 3 Times. This is the Beast System, recently the Internet was taken over by the UN Nations and that is the Vatican. The pope last month declared lucifer as god, In Dec 2013, through efforts by Priest Tony Palmer brought the Christian Churches and the World Religions together including, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist and all the other faiths of the World except the Evangelicals and the Seventh Day Adventist. Several Weeks after the the signing of this Accord in Seoul. Tony Palmer was from a Lutheran Family.
    I have to make a assumption Here that Many have not considered. The EU the NWO is headed in Berlin Germany, ONE MAJOR THING THAT IS ALSO THERE IS THE PERGAMON ALTER THAT HITLER HAD REASSEMBLED IN BERLIN. The NWO, the One World Religion potentially will claim to be the little god, lucifer from his own alter in Berlin. The whole thing is being accelerated as much of the World has become aware of the NWO which is Not a NWO but the Second time, the First was the Tower of Babel. YAHWEH stopped that by confounding the languages of the Nations.
    We are Very Close to the End Hours of the World now, Be Not Decieved, the Mark of Yahweh and his Son is the Seventh Day of Creation, which he sanctified FOREVER. TO ALL THE PEOPLE ON EARTH, THE WAR IN HEAVEN IS ABOUT WHO YOUR GOING TO WORSHIP, THE REAL CREATOR ON HIS 7TH DAY, OR THE FALSE Fallen cherub on the 1st day, SUN–DAY. THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

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