One Reply to “Vespers: “Simon, Do You Love Me?””

  1. O God our Help in Ages Past, a beautiful Hymn. But I would like to offer some advice. The Word of God says that we should make a joyful noise unto the Lord, I do not hear a joyful noise, but music that is played haphazardly, out of timing and out of tune. The musicians needs to practice together in their spare time, so that when they come to play their instruments, they are together. The two young girls leading out in the song service, although the words of the songs are in the book that's in front of them, they are not singing along to the words and are getting it wrong.

    We must understand that God is a God of Order, and do not expect anything less, than the best worship that we can give Him, and I'm sure that everyone can do better, sing as you are praising the Most High and mean it.

    A little word for the young lady that sang, 'How great Thou art' I heard her sing a beautiful song in another video that made tears come to my eyes, but she is shouting at the end of this song and distorting the microphone, (or maybe it's my headphone), but she don't have to project her voice so much, even though she is singing to a recording.

    My church is the same, even though I have had words with them, the singing is so loud and the microphones too, that I want to put my hands over my ears, or reach for the ear plugs if I had some. Are we truly praising God by shouting, are we in competition with each other, who can sing the loudest and the best? God is not honoured in this. We are not Baal worshipers, so let us in meekness of character and spirit, try to learn how the angels worship Him, with awe and reverence, soft and beautiful harmony, that they too, would love to visit and sing with us in praising our Creator.

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