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Emma Woodhouse – Joanna Sotomura – http://twitter.com/JoannaSotomura
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Senator James Elton – Paul Stuart – http://twitter.com/wezleypaul

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45 Replies to “Vingt-et-un – Emma Approved Ep: 24”

  1. I know Emma fucked up but Elton still acted the dick about it AND who talks to someone like that when you just claimed to love them! Shades of Darcy I know but he thought them as a couple wouldn't be a good choice socially but Elton did think him and Emma would be…

  2. Elton here was like the best ver of him like the most likeable ver I mean he clearly did like Emma a lot and thats why he got pissed cuz he thought she liked him but she didnt and he wasn't that mean about Harriett like how he is in the book and the movies/series 

    Poor poor dear Emma *hugs and also that hug between Emma and Knightley was the sweetest <3

  3. What's interesting is that, by Emma's standards, she and Elton are well matched. They both say they want to make the world better, similar ambitions, similar dispositions, etc… Proof that Emma's ideas of a perfect couple are juuuust a little off sometimes 

  4. Yay, the insufferable, cloying, vapid b—- has finally been knocked off her high horse.
    She's human in this episode – it's so refreshing! Best lines in this series in this episode – especially Elton's.

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