Vows, Forgery and War: The Alleged Jesuit Oath

The ascension of Pope Francis has led to new interest in the Jesuits — but what is this group, exactly? And why are there so many conspiracy theories about them? What’s the deal with that oath floating around the internet?

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Vows, Forgery and War: The Alleged Jesuit Oath


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  1. The extreme oath of the Jesuits is true. The history books that collaborates the Jesuit of the Fourth Vow. Stop Lying. From the book Subterranean Rome by Carlos Didier, translated from the French and published in New York in 1843 is one source. Gerard Boufard fomer Jesuit of the Fourth Vow is very clear the oath is true. This guy in the video lied about the fourth vow being forgery. Most ultrmontain, bias Roman Catholic Papist with deny this fact of validity of the Jesuit Fourth Vow.

  2. They have a real cheek calling themselves the society of JESUS. This has NOTHING to do with Jesus, if it did they would not swear to any oaths and try and cause divides and wars world wide. You can't trust a Jesuit, or a freemason, or anyone who belongs to any secret society.

  3. Haha! You guys must have spent about 5 minutes researching this topic. Or your motive is disinfo… but, Guys this isn't even disinfo, this is just lazy reporting & investigating. No sources cited, EXCEPT when you say it was disproven… by a REAL DOCUMENT… IN CONGRESS… OK… SO, why don't you take another swing at that pal? You're ONLY cited source is 1 that actually gives evidence to the theory you say you debunked. How did you debunk the existence of the Extreme Oath of the Jesuits by providing a source where the USA GOV CONGRESS has it in its records (congress 62 to be precise, if you care about prividing facts to your audience)?!. I would say to your listeners there's over 20 sources of alt news that approach the task with more integrity & scholarly research methods. This isn't 1 of them apparently. But hey, thanks for trying.

  4. Good. About the only well viewed video that is not an extreme conspiracy.

    The Jesuits are responsible largely for Scholasticism. We have Universities now with their help.

    Even the most Redpilled in the research into the mechanisms of control by a shady elite will lap up anything about the Vatican.

    Yes it is no secret the Society of Jesus take vows to the Pope, so essentially a papal army, though cool as it would be they aint Warrior Monks like old.

    Their cause is in the name. Missionaries largely

  5. Loyola is a sorcerer & a demon! I bet Stuff They Don't Want You To Know is controlled by the Jesuits.
    You make a 4 minute video and you think you have debunked the claims against the Jesuits?
    Stuff They Don't Want You To Know is a joke and is the last place you should look for truth!

  6. I was about to subscribe to this channel, until that man justified the Jesuits, and called Loyola a "saint"
    You are either an ignorant individual, or purposely trying to deceive people. And that was enough for me to stay far away from this deceptive channel.

  7. do you know for sure that the oath never existed, or are you saying that modern day Jesuit preist no longer take that oath? because that would mean that modern day Jesuits are all fakes or liars because they did not take the original oath, therefor they are not Jesuit preist, at least not in the original sence of the description….. just saying…

  8. six (i thin 6 ) Jesuits were shot along with Arch Bishop Romero as he was saying Mass , because of their "Preferential option for the poor" .

    They were fighting for the rights of the poor and peasants in Nicaragua and El Salvador , and many including nuns were murdered by US installed Right Wing Regimes using US trained Death Squads trained in "The School of the Americas " in the US.

    I hate Religion almost as much as US Foreign Policy , but these particular Jesuits were not in the NWO .
    They were murdered by it

  9. 2:40 LOL, neah don't worry it was a long time ago, they learned to be a bit more secretive since then eh? Typical cover.
    3:13 How would you know about what the vows the jesuits take? Why isn't it you didn't want to share any actual proof you just wanted to say that the one from the 1920's is wrong, so what is the real oath then? Hmmm??? Source?

  10. I don't want to sound like im just bashing on the roman catholic church I think anywhere you find organized religion you will find strange things. yet the roman catholic church is most likely behind the rumors themselves. disinformation to distract the population. also they use the idea of the Jesuits to divide and conquer. SOP

  11. I love this show man great work real informative. To be honest I did like a netflix type of marathon with the show and when Skully disappeared into the darkness for the first I got bummed haha. I have plentynof more ideasnfor u guys to research! I'll share you guys too!

  12. just always sounds like god's name invane for your own purposessssssssssssssssss……….. what ever these might be… they judge your chartor first…. deeper and depper till you have there secret's and you cant do shit…
    with hold your tounge or face there impending furry…. gov, gangsta … now christ lol sounds backwards :-P….

  13. Its a religious organization which has lasted for a very long time so… How poor could they be?
    Do organizations last for long periods of time because they are powerless and humble?
    The truth is not always written in paper were you can just go and "fact check" facts are check in real time.

  14. "forgery" does not mean the contents are not accurate.  it means that it is not the original document… 
    forgery |ˈfôrjərē| – noun ( pl. -geries)
    the action of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art – a forged or copied document, signature, banknote, or work of art.

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