We are sending our troops to go fight terrorists on foreign soil and spending by the trillions,……… but yet we can’t clean up our own backyards of these muslim terrorists,……… when are we gonna wake up and acknowledge these are serious threats that could take away the freedom of our children,………. shame on us all!!!


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  1. I know you are right but it worries me that America has joined the politically correct mob. A lot of countries troops are fighting terrorism overseas and these bastards are in our own backyards. No wonder Arab websites laugh at the west, they must think we are all stupid. Not sure when they will bring in PC ! All the Best

  2. let me remind u this,…….. if we wish to win the war againt this evil cult of islam,………. we cannot use hatred as our weapon,……… islam is all about hatred n destruction,………. if we choose to fight hatred with hatred,…….. we r no better than these muslims,………. arm urselves with the power of knowledge and spread it with truth.

  3. Its 5 to 12 for the followers of the pedophile barbar and their helper, but also for those unashamed who do not care over their collective? responsibility ignoring the unspeakable falsity, hatred, barbarity being brought forward with islam hell pest those ALL will be brought to their responsibility ALL OF THEM !!!

  4. YES THEY CAN!!!
    I am not agree with Q'ran or the bible BS, so the only way to be agree live everybody together is to live in a modern society is to "forget" these nasty parts that you mention.
    Muslims are the same as the Christians!!!
    I really doubt you know the names Leewenhoek, "Watson and Crick" or Avicenna; just Jesus, Samson, your God and Adam , David, and other ones

  5. 500+ of Christians were murdered in overnight massacre by Fulani Muslims March 7 in Nigeria's Plateau state.Rampaging Fulani herdsmen used machetes to kill the mostly ethnic Berom victims, including many women and children, in three farming villages near the city of Jos. About 75 houses also were burned.
    Some 380 Christians were buried in one mass burial space,Plateau is a predominantly Christian state in a country almost evenly divided between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south.

  6. Althought, the new testament (unknown to the most of the people) even nowdays does not promote rape, stealing or killing.

    It does promotes ignorance: it have an open position against the development of science: the need of evidence to demonstrate a hypothesis (like any other religion)… so infectious diseases and famine killed a lot of ppl. And newborns died since science was not developed!

  7. Ok, In the new testament indeed Jessus did not killed, raided or raped. Stealing I am looking a biblical passage where he took an "abandon" donkey.
    But there no a hardcore opposition against slavery ("My father forbids slavery")like we would see today as you can see in several Pauline letters.

    I can understand from your argument that "only the new testament" is true, isn't it?

  8. Islam was founded 1400 years ago, Christians 2010 years ago and Judaism 10 000 years ago. Islam is the youngest.
    Read in your bible (use the internet version for cross references) and in the wiki the following:
    Genesis 6-9
    Genesis 19
    Exodus 21
    Judges 16 (versicles 23-30–First suicide attack)
    Slavery and the bible
    In the New testament there is NOT a strict censorship against it:
    1 thimoty 1:10 (anti-slave)
    Ephesians 6:5-9 (pro-slave)

  9. Also, If you do not believe me, Dprjones, profmth, thunderf00t, bionicdance, c0nc0rdance and other atheists in youtube have showed a lot of videos with biblical citations where genocide, killing, rape, slavery, homosexuality, stealing and pillage is approved by god in the Bible.

    Also, there is a huge campain in USA of minoritary Christian fundamentalists against science and breaking of the wall Church-State.
    The wall does not exist clearly in my home country: Panama.

  10. Nowdays, indeeded have not been reported any terrorist attacks by other religions. I consider they are part of each "historic cycle" of them. Since Islam ia a very "young" religion, we are looking for an earlier stage of Christians and Jews. And all the stuff you mention about the Islam is very well described in the Holy Bible.
    About but polytheistic religion: slumdog millionarie may describe some of them, but I do not know.

  11. An overblown, bogus excuse to advocate the military roaming every street in america. This is no different, than the already admitted misleading video shown to us featuring Bin laden *supposedly training militants. In actuality the video was using borrowed weapons, and random miltants from several goups in the middle east…This is from the same garbage can of trash.

  12. Ok…
    I am in Sweden and the most of my classmates are Pakistanis who are muslims. They are fed up of terrorist BS in their homeplace.
    Firstly Islam IS NOT THE problem. The real issue is the religion and its fundamentalism of ANY religion.
    USA science is stanged since Christian fundamentalist teach BS to children.
    I am an atheist, so I am "cured" to swim in bogus concepts!

  13. That is indeed what the right to keep and bear arms is about. So we don't suffer tyranny from within. Anyone who would intend to subjugate us after being elected and over extending the powers of their office to take our freedom.

  14. yea I came across these arrogant fuckers in the mountains of CA. They all were walking the campsites locked and loaded like they was something.
    They walked up on us while we were hunting coyotes. The significance of this is that at 1am on a full moon(the night shadow kind) these monkeys are night blind.
    I could of reached out with the shotgun barrel and touched all 7 or 8 that walked by. Now I was cacked sitting on a lawn chair in the brush of a jeep trail, but c'mon I could of seen myself.

  15. @dpchrist26

    The problem with demographics in the west is there was a huge baby boom after WW2, with a relative decline afterwards.

    To help smooth out the burden of supporting the baby boomers as they age, immigration was used.

    A lack of understanding about the culture, traditions, and teachings of islam resulted in opening our doors to a trojan horse.

    Sometimes the cost of ignorance is high.
    And refusing the admit the mistake just raises that cost.

  16. @PattonsWhip

    In my country, we dont have such free access to weapons as in america. You can get them, but its pretty strictly controlled.

    It took me a long time to realize the right to bear arms was all about protecting the American people from corrupt politics – a last resort insurance policy if you will.

  17. Why puzzle at what Muslims while remaining an Islam history ignoramus? Master all the key facts about Islam and its hairy history and build a map in your mind with the Historyscoper. See my profile for url.

  18. Just look at Europe! in 20+ years it will be all Muslim! The immigrants are having more children than the locals so the culture of Europe nations will die when out numbered. They are like little cockroaches. No more Germans, French, British, Spain,Belgium, Holland ect…
    I suppose they wouldn't be a threat today if Hitler won lol.. He would have killed everyone off that didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair.
    Its a lose lose situation really.

    articlesoffreedom DOTus
    Join us at your state capitol on APR19th.

    Or we can do it the hard way..

  20. Our government is corrupt and are Idiots! They lost their prospective on who is the BOSS and who is the Servant! They couldn't do anything to help they just hinder our freedoms and that is why We are about to have a revolution if OR SERVANTS DON'T STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  21. Islam is a violent religion, whose followers are ordered by Muhammad to murder non believers. The only peaceful Muslims are those who do not follow the true Islamic teachings. We must not follow in the footsteps of the European countries who are now facing an Islamic population that desires to eliminate their democracy and replace it with Sharia law.

  22. what u mean by real chriastians must unite,………….. it doesnt matter who u r, as long as ur non-muslim, ur an equal target, coz we r all infidels to them,………… so please respect infidelism and long live humanity!!!!!!!!!!

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