Wake-up, listen, Leuren Moret, (evil) jesuits world history

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  1. Good news since this report, Pope Francis is going to step down. And Macron, Merkel and May and Trudeau and Shinzo Abe are all on their way out. Nationalism and sovereignty is rising world wide. Free but fair and reciprocal trade is essential for world peace.

  2. Lauren Moret has exposed it all. Very few people realize that the Roman Empire never died…It became the Roman Catholic church. And the Khazarian Mafia and Muslim Brotherhood and Jesuits are all Communists for the NWO agenda. The British royals are Sax Coberg Gotha. They are German and Romanian not British. The name Windsor was adopted by them to cover up their true lineage. The Jesuits were never supposed to be allowed to be Popes. The Catholic church has been hijacked by these Jesuits. The Black Pope and Black Nobility families rule the world.

  3. So the "evil" Jesuits went to Japan and converted people to Christianity and then dropped a nuke on their own Cathedral in order to stop Christianity from spreading? This lady can't even make up a reasonable fantasy story.

  4. Pure conjecture and anti-Christ propaganda, beware. The catholic Church is the one and only true Church founded by Jesus Christ. The Holy Roman catholic Church is the only religion built by God Himself.

  5. What bugs me is how she keeps saying that Catholics are Christians…this confuses people and lumps us in with these monsters. Catholics are Roman and pagan worshipers although many do not realize this but it is true. The Jesuits were form with the Vatican to go after and kill Protestant Christians who do not recognize the Pope as God.

  6. The Vatican has control over our CIA which wants this NWO and is working against our PRESIDENT, the will of the people plus our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus on the Jesus Christ show on KOGO 600AM RADIO every Sunday at 6:00am on i ❤ radio if you don't live in the area.

  7. I don't know… I see horrible things happening through our US/Britain war mongering menacing around the world and it is evil. But it isn't religious. I know there are some religious overtones in our politicians' rhetoric– but we aren't involved in the Inquisition or the Crusades. It also seems that globalism is directed by various actors, including socialism, world economics, war, sickening politicians who want to destroy all borders and cultures thrugh melting pot strategies, etc. The Masons, the Jesuits, the Popes, billionaires who want to rue the whole world, etc. I don't see a strong case for the Jesuits being the top dogs in this. What about illuminati, Rothschilds and other super wealthy families, the foundations, etc. There are a lot of players trying to get a one world government. I suggest watching Dr. Stanley Montieth's video called "The Brotherhood of Darkness" on YouTube. He explains this point ve4ry well.

  8. Thanks! …Just a small word, "Why was Pontius Pilot recalled to Rome, tried and sentenced to a state execution, but on his appeal, allowed to bequeath his Estate on condition that he fall on his sword?" … One answer might have been that he upset Joseph of Arimathea, A Provincial Roman Senator. (Senior to a mere Prefect.) Joseph also had a seat on The Roman Senate, as "Inspector of Roman Mines". In the Senate, as a Guest Member, he was Jokingly referred to as "Joseph The Carpenter". His Brother's Daughter, who may have been killed by bandits escorting a caravan of luxury goods along the Silk Road? was The Virgin Mary. (Also referred to as "The Prostitute" by many Jews. because Joseph was in communication with the Maharajah of Kerala who was host to Ptolemy XV or Caesarion, Son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, who had been declared a God after the most dazzling Comet in recorded History appeared at Julius Caesar's Tribute Ceremonial. A comet that for a short while was brighter than the Sun itself. Joseph the Carpenter, needed huge carts, to transport vast blocks of Marble to carve statues from. (Roman P.R.) The Jagannath Carts at Puri were the very best! … When Mary became pregnant, Joseph accepted Her as his wife as well as adopted Daughter, but Rome was very interested in a Puppet King for the region. The "Temptation of Christ" was Rome making a proposition, as long as Jesus Christ offered 'Homage to Rome', the World was his oyster. Joseph The Carpenter also had the largest Trading Fleet in Rome, and needed expert Marines to guard against 'Pirates'. The incident with the "Gadarene Swine" in Spain, who produced the finest pork sausages for the empire, was when Joseph's Marine Commandos drove a rebellious rabble over a cliff. ….. This is all classified as "Revisionist" pseudo-history. The Jesuits may be following in the footsteps of Julius Caesar and his Grandson? …for "The Glory of Rome".

  9. Its the Jesuits? Hahaha! Yeah and they all have Jew names like Blankfein, Weinstein, Franken, Feinstein, Goldbloom, Goldberg, Feif, Wolfewitz, Zakheim, Yellen, Netenyahoo, Silverstein, Rothschild, Silverman, Shumer, Wormzer, Kristal, and many more.
    BTW, The Jesuits were started by and are still to this day controlled by crypto-Jews.
    Moret is a moron or a liar. Probably the second one?


    Remember, people migrate and people change their names. Who can say with certainty if ANY name has held through time? When landing on the shores of America in the 19th and early 20th century, many immigrants from Europe with polysyllabic last names had them shortened (willingly or unwillingly) for use in the new land. Certainly this occurred across the world, not just in America.


    And, for safety sake, how many persecuted minorities in times past may have changed their names in hopes of diminishing the threat of being apprehended?


    As far as ethnic origins, people cross-marry with those of another ethnicity all the time, and admixtures are the norm today. What line is still "pure"? Who can say with certainty that they are this or that, with so much convoluted action in past decades and centuries?


    A French crusader in the 12th century, arriving in Palestine, may have taken unto himself an Arab bride. Her blood is added to his line, but the surname remains French. One of his mixed female children then marries a Cypriot who is of mixed Greek and Turkish blood. What then? The name changes again as does the blood of the resultant offspring of that union.


    And, so it goes, down through time. Only the very top elite, who have interbred within their common bloodline, might still be somewhat "pure" but, owing to their typically sociopathic bent, is that good or bad?

  11. Leuren stated that the Mormons work in genealogy for the Jesuits, who wish to cull all Protestants and any other non-Catholics, hating them. This is incongruous, as Mormons are anti-Catholic and would therefore be anti-Jesuit. Why would Mormons work for Jesuits? Mormons also mistrust the Jews, and if Jesuits had Jews ruling them the Mormons would know and would not assist them.

  12. The founder of Illuminism in 1776, Adam Weishaupt, was a Jew whose family had converted (supposedly) to Catholicism. He went to a Jesuit school and became a professor in Bavaria.

    You will see Jews behind much of the mischief in the world, but often they cloak themselves as something else. Today, so many "truthers" are accusing the Jesuits of being behind most of the globalist activities of today, but actually it is Jews.

    Leuren stated near the beginning of her talk that the Jesuits started WWI, WWII, and even the French Revolution. Most other informed scholars realize that the French Revolution was a machination of the Masons. The Jesuits, other than for the period when they infiltrated and controlled Masonry, have been enemies of Masonry.

  14. Her history is way out of factual events , notice how little participation of Jews in such a wide expansion of world conflicts is only limited to Jesuits even thou they do have no fiscal effect on world economy . It is a well know fact that who's got the gold is having major influence in the past and current events .

  15. Leuren Moret you have answered some questions for me about the NWO, etc. I am an RC and my dad was Anglican and mom was Catholic – both are deceised. You both have educated me and answered questions that I didn't know about. I am going to send your video to others to listen to. I thank both you Leuren and Alfred Weber for your great knowledge.

  16. Leuren Moret looks French. Everyone is mixed. A very excellent history lesson. Thank you to both Leuren Moret and Alfred Weber. A lot of this sounds very familiar and coming back to me and other things are new.

  17. Otto Lund good info here but I am 54 mins in and did she really say the lands were unpopulated??? More research cos she is being very fluffy with the whole truth. For a start her name has the root Moor and those people in the age she is speaking of were black! And Those islands and America was very much populated with the indigenous copper coloured peoples as Columbus himself and other travelers from earlier times stated lets get real here its a dirty history
    Oh and no mention of Dum Diversas in name…… only puppet dictators dum diversas isssued by the pope many years before if aided Columbus and Vasco

  18. This lady is a total kook!! Mormons set up by Jesuits!!!?? Bahaha meanwhile.. the very anti Catholic Masons killed Joseph Smith for integrating Masonic ritual into the Mormon Temple endowments after hijacking a Masonic charter in Illinois. I was raised Mormon. Mormons have an interesting history.. but this crap that Mormons work with Catholics to call mankind is the biggest damn lie I've ever heard!!!!
    Read "dissipation of the darkness". Google "knights Templar were Jews". Read John 8. It's the rejectors of Jesus that want control. This lady is a crypto Jew herself running her mouth with BS like rabies.

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