Walter Veith : 9/11 & A NEW WORLD ORDER

In this video, the emergence of a new world order is discussed, with all its political and socio-economic ramifications. The intriques behind the setting up of a universal order dictating to the conscience of men are clearly exposed. The events leading up to this order, such as the great terrorist attacks of our time, and the battle against the so-called “axis of evil” are discussed, as well as how the new structure will personally impact on the lives of the citizens of the world.

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  1. This is a "nice stroy" but the Word tells us that something altogether will happen soon. The 144,000 will soon come on the scene and THEN the two forces will be the USA led 666 system versus the 144,000. Get ready. Vieth is stuck on a false story–Jesuits. They are schemers sure but toothless once the 144,000 are revealed!



  3. A jumbo jet penetrating a steel framed skyscraper is as likely as a soda can going through a steel grate.. The simple laws of physics make this impossible. Anyone who believes the govt's version of events on 911 has drank the kool-aid. The odds of 2 planes causing 3 skyscrapers to disintegrate & fall into the footprint of their foundations can't be comprehended.

  4. The real smoking gun is building 6. If you haven't watched "Where did the towers go" by Dr Judith Woods, along with any John Hutchison, or Hutchison effect video's.

    "In 1998, the Afghan anti-Communist movement Taliban and a western oil
    consortium led by the US firm UNOCAL signed a major pipeline deal.
    UNOCAL lavished money and attention on Taliban, flew a senior delegation
    to Texas, and also hired an minor Afghan official, one Hamid Karzai.
    Enter Osama bin Laden. He advised the unworldly Taliban leaders to
    reject the US deal and got them to accept a better offer from an
    Argentine consortium, Bridas. Washington was furious and, according to
    some accounts, threatened Taliban with war.
    In early 2001, six or seven months before 9/11, Washington made the
    decision to invade Afghanistan, overthrow Taliban, and install a client
    regime that would build the energy pipelines. But Washington still kept
    up sending money to Taliban until four months before 9/11 in an effort
    to keep it "on side" for possible use in a war or strikes against Iran.
    The 9/11 attacks, about which Taliban knew nothing, supplied the
    pretext to invade Afghanistan. The initial US operation had the
    legitimate objective of wiping out Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida. But after
    its 300 members fled to Pakistan, the US stayed on, built bases — which
    just happened to be adjacent to the planned pipeline route — and
    installed former UNOCAL"consultant" Hamid Karzai as leader. "

  5. The WTC complex literally blew away in a Dylanesque wind. What type of "fire and gravity" does that? 16 years later, and we still don't know for sure what 'it' is… and we thought we were evolving??? Some time ago, whilst listening to Dr Judy Wood, Chris Bollyn et many al, I started to realise some other possibilities. Hoping, during our lifetime, enough LOGICAL THINKING INDIVIDUALS will create sufficient intelligent momentum and finally bring THOSE TRULY RESPONSIBLE before a fully respectable court of law (Bushwhackers, Bliars, Wolfbitches and Cheney them all in a small pit for ever. …ONLY THEN will we have a chance to leave a world of peace & harmony fit for our children. This is simply my just opinion. Not generally intended to worry, severely, those responsible for the crime of our century. Seems not enough people have the proverbial balls to fathom..

  6. I'm a staunch Catholic and always will be but this Veith has a point about the duplicitous Jesuit Order. Many people aren't aware of the current schism within the Catholic Church. Many Catholics, like me, are Traditionalists and we eschew the NWO and all things that lend themselves to the NWO. We are as wary of Jesuits and their ilk as any virulent anti-Catholic. Just because I was born and raised in the Catholic Faith does not mean I am blind to the shortcomings of some of its members and many in lofty positions. It is still a good, righteous Christian religion DESPITE those in power who would undermine and subvert its doctrines.

  7. We see here this message is how man put himself as a leader on earth, he changes all the glory of God that man should return to God himself, to this man instead of God… we have to make a choice who we may worship to….

  8. I recently watched The Two Pillars that Walter did and he used scripture to prove his points plus actual evidence of the earthly ideas shared by The Pope and Rome. Now, in this video he talks about how there is no actual everlasting fire because we are not immortal until we are saved by Jesus. Now speaking of that he also talk about how we have a spirit and a soul and they are different which is something I haven't  been privy to before this. With that being said I am saved and believe Jesus is in fact the son of God and died on the cross for my sins and yours. I have been taught that when we die we go to Heaven or hell depending on salvation, so I have questioned before this about why if we were in either place already why we would be judged again considering you must have been judged already if you were in either place. Also it says that the dead in Christ will rise up and meet him in the air, if we are in Heaven then we wouldn't be rising up we would already be with him. Now after finishing this 2 part series he did I felt I had a better understanding and belief in what he was explaining about hell and the end times. Later this night I opened my Bible and continued to read where I left off in Luke and came across chapter 16: 23-26 speaking of the rich man in torment in the fire. Now this seems interesting to me because if we sleep when we die how can this man be in torment in a fire? Also it says that there is a divide between where those on either side can not cross over to the other. I'm not quite sure what to make of this because it seems to me that Abraham is clearly speaking of a hell with fire. Does anyone have a better grasp of this to explain not with opinion but with fact meaning versus to understand this?

  9. i stayed thru the whole lecture. its a shame if he is lost in religion, because he's a good lecturer, appears bright. i suppose he's from south Africa?? i guess its not his fault if he was born into a culture of a  specific nature. i'll even sit in on another lecture,hehe.

  10. I must say I'm not versed in his religion,if it's 7th day Adventist. I have received my indoctrination through the king james bible. he says he's Christian, so we maybe see eye to eye on some points. putting religion aside, he reveals some informed truths, so we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I won't shoot the messenger without hearing his message. only a fool would do that. I do not fear his religious background, i am confident enough in my own.

  11. I know it's wrong to laugh at 'disasters' but the way Walter says it makes me laugh, the story of 9/11 has more holes in it than swiss cheese, only a fool would believe the official story. There should be people as high up as the ex president in jail for the murder, lies and deception these people have perpetrated. Dear Walter, please take care as we all know that people who shout to loud get killed accidentally on purpose.

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