Walter Veith, Donald Trump, obama, Papacy, Pope Francis, Jesuit, ROME, We Are All ONE

Walter Veith, Donald Trump, obama, ROME, All the world wondered after the beast.


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  1. Kenneth Copeland is dead wrong in his assessment of Catholic doctrine no matter what piece of paper he reads from! The pope is infallible (according to Catholicism) and no pope's previous stand can be overturned by a subsequent pope or it would destroy their own "faith." Also, it is doubtful that Copeland is even a genuine Christian –constantly touting his health, wealth and prosperity doctrine. I've read his own words: "Jesus lived in a big house and wore designer clothing." Right there is a contradiction of Jesus' own words that "The Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head." Copeland is a fraud and is useless in this discussion by Pastor Veith.

  2. Kennedy might have been killed in C… My great grand father was killed in Trinidad by his brother uncle Winky. He died I was told of a fever but uncle winky confessed he killed grandpa Edmund his brother over property.

  3. This beast system is becoming more brutal. I called a workplace human resources department the voice mail says email your resume and do not call to find out if we got it and do not find out why you did not get the job. One has to be part of this secret society or no one hires us. who would have thought Billy Graham and Oral Roberts to be part of this system according to some pastors. Deuteronomy 18:9-14. No one wants me to work for them and my friends and family want to destroy my kids.

  4. Some people take a long time to come to Christ. If you are called then you must answer leaving father, mother, brother, sister and girlfriend behind if they are not ready to take that journey with you. Begin your journey without them. Pray for them, love them, witness to them, but do what is right for you according to the word of Yah.

  5. At 38 minutes, speaking of Mike Pence, whom I totally distrust: "He is a born again evangelical Catholic" He looks like a serial killer to me. I don't know how born again he is. Nevertheless, I think a born again evangelical Catholic is common. In NH we have had Catholic churches that had significant groups withing their congregations who spoke in tongues, and knew that they had the gift of the Holy Ghost. The thing they do not do is baptize by immersion in water in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins, so they are not fully obedient to the gospel, not fully born again of the water and the Spirit, thanks to the Catholic Church's false teaching.

  6. I agree with most of this and thank you. However, I have some sincere questions. Can't what the Pope says about fundamentalism be validly interpreted as a statement against indoctrinating people to hate the nonbeliever and teach others to do so and to use government and other earthly authority to enforce their views on others. God does not want us to come to Him by force! He wants us to choose His way. Jesus also clearly tells us not to hate and judge but rather to persuade the nonbeliever by living as He teaches and sharing the Word. I believe in right and wrong but go to the cross for my answers not a priest, bishop or Rabbi. They inevitably let you down because they are sinners. (Jesus doesn't). Fundamentalism in EVERY religion holds itself to be the "true" church and says all "true" believers should agree to see things the same way they do. Isn't the Pope right to be concerned about that?

    No doubt the hierarchy of the Catholic Church for millenia were a deeply evil force for the Anti-Christ. But the church still did amazing things because the rank and file heard the voice of the Shepherd and followed His lead instead. Pretty amazing considering they didn't even get to read the Bible. But the Truth is that powerful.The Jesuits were maybe the first modern think tank (that we know about) and it does encourage people to be movers and shakers rather than devout believers. But all Jesuits are not one world government types and it doesn't seem to me this Pope is really anti-Christ. He is doing some tremendous good right now by changing policies about priests who hurt kids and by reaching out into communities of color and into other faiths to find common ground. How do we bring Muslims – many of whom have the exact same belief that theirs is the only "true" religion – to our Shepherd if we don't also recognize that his voice also speaks to many of them as the Bible tells us and treat their ideas with respect. That doesn't mean we have to agree.

    Fortunately Jesus says we will know other believers by their fruits. If as you suggest the Pope is trying to move us back to Sunday worship somehow by FORCE then when this happens I will head with you to the hills. Or if anyone does this. Adventists seem certain this is the mark of the beast – Sunday worship. My reading of Scripture doesn't make this clear but I'm not saying you are wrong. What I remember growing up with Sunday "Blue Laws" is that it was one delightful day of each week when people were not working at their jobs and attending church or relaxing with their families – resting. No incessant shopping and traffic and……. Isn't that the most important aspect of the Sabbath – rest and worship?

    Which is the "true" church? 7th Day Adventist? Baptist? Charismatic Lutheranism? Traditional Lutheranism? Quiverful Dominionism? Why then might it not be – egads – the Jehovah's Witnesses? Or even the Mormons? (I say egads not out of disrespect but because I strongly disagree with their view of Christianity.) What if the Mormon head bishop were elevated to the position of the "head of the true church?" Would we then be pressured to live like Joseph Smith did? Absolute power corrupts absolutely and fundamentalism encourages people to use power in ways that ultimately corrupt.

    I don't dispute there is truth and firmly know Jesus speaks THE truth. But when I start letting my reading of Scripture be too influenced by the dogma of a particular sect or preacher I am surely not following the Word. He warned us "Let no man call you Father (Rabbi) for their is only one Father (Rabbi) and He is in Heaven." (Matthew 23:9). No pope, bishop or rabbi has the whole truth.

    I personally need my brain washed by delving into Scripture on a frequent basis to be able to withstand the world as it has become. So I strongly believe Christians need to all be reading the Word and pondering it in their own hearts. It does give us directions for how to handle the End Times if indeed they are here and I'm so grateful for that. I hope that we remember when those times come that His sheep are those who hear His voice – and do His will whether they come from another tradition or not. The Bible tells us this will be so. I am so eager for the day of His return and will meet you when we join together with him again.

  7. Tommy Robinson….death sentence …placed in prison with Muslim extremists. Pray he survives. WORSHIP N O MAN. not any man. People are worshiping their pastors, their candidates, and all other sorts of men. The church demon has fallen? I really can not think or believe that…I personally think the Demon is bigger than ever. Men are serving Satan and they do not have God in their hearts. I do not think for all their talking that they have God in their heart. Maybe all the pedophilia in the churches is gods allowance will to the destruction of the religions all together.

  8. I think I really hate religion. God is fine…but religion has caused so many human problems it is unbelievable. The indigenous Chief who said "White mans God is no good." Think I agree with that. I think Jesus would say the same thing. The Pope is a crazy fundamentalist himself. He is not a Christian at all. This man is so right…listen to what he is telling you.

  9. Satan’s worshipers Marist Communist scared of the lost of power, which they used to create people’s lost of freedom. This man is a communist or Illuminati , so is Pope! These people has taken lots of money from ordinary people for a long time. Money is root of all evil and Satan’s tender. These people worship Satan and are fighting to keep the transgenders messing with humans concept of us all.
    The disease is pedophilia, cabalism, Not Fascism!


  11. Do not be deceived. Liberalism is a Jewish ideology. Communism and SOCIALISM DO NOT WORK. They limit freedom and encourage big government and social TAKEOVER. It is the modern TOWER OF BABEL. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees of His day and called them "Hypocrites, a den of vipers, dead man's bones and the Synagogue Of Satan". Christian values eroded due to the leadership that invited those of that socialism identity to change our laws, diminish Christianity, take over government, media, academia, Hollywood, BANKING SYSTEM, and a general takeover of our traditional Christian values. Choose today whom you will serve. We will eventually have a one world government where JESUSS will "rule all nations with an iron rod", or authority. Those in charge will be Abraham's Seed.
    Galatians 3:28-39
    The chosen people are IN CHRIST! "There IS no Greek or Jew, male nor female, bond nor free. If ye are in Christ, YE ARE ABRAHAM'S SEED, and HEIRS TO THE PROMISE."
    If we have to live in an imperfect world then if Fascism is Christian run, SO BE IT. We are done with the Synagogue Of Satan!!!

  12. Is it true that an international arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of Francis for child sex trafficking and murder of children during Satanic rituals and that he’s to be arrested while in Geneva this month.. 6/18??????

  13. Divine words,..I enjoyed this very much. My favorite part was how you described your FILTER BEING THE WORD OF GOD! I appreciate that very much. I like using the same system yet you put it into words accordingly:)

  14. Have stopped going to "church" as we know it for obvious reasons. Just full of.."membership classes, requirements, quotas, forms, styles, entertainment, etc.." And just don't have pea e about it, especially now that we're living in the end times. Few men like this are left that I will listen to. The likes of Mr David Wilkerson from Times Square church in New York. Thank God for men like these…(I'm glued watching this video and teaching)

  15. The spirit is freedom seperated of the laws of carnal psychology
    Tbere is no condemnation
    No fears
    No control
    There is no marriage in spirit

    Solomon had 600 wives and 700 maids

    Laws of land and sea are man made for control, fear ,condemnation .

    Latin word for govorning means mind control..

    Logic reasoning can not comunicate with creator .

    Roman priest, Christ called Dogs they called themselfes gods
    Term god is man made ,not translation .

    40 books were removed from tex
    2000 creator names were removed from tex

    Letter J is only 450 years old
    No one knew jesus before 1600 year .

    All bible words useing J is fake
    All history removed and rewritten to suite govorning ..control..

  16. Walter Veith, I believe you about this conspiracy, not in your Seven Day Adventism. My Baptist views were correct when these people were the Waldensians like Jonathan Wycliff. Wycliff was NOT a Protestant. Protestants adopted Wycliff's views on biblical truth.

  17. God sent to preach the gospel of our-salvation- no to kill people :/We are temple of the Holy Spirit and every time we want we can pray and praise The lord,Every day is for God.  CHRIST OUR PASSOVER LAMB  has been sacrificed,. /  We are at rest (shabbat) every day because The Lord has redeemd ,and    remember Jesus Was curing sick people on saturday./

  18. The Jesuits created dispensational, futurism which gave us Zionism. Zionism has replaced Protestantism. The pope is a Zionist, that is why he wears the beanie. That is why all of the bishops wear a beanie. Trump go's to the wall and so does the pope. Catholicism follows the Babylonian Talmud and the Jesuits teach the Talmud.

    Walter did not mention the word Zionism one time???? It was a good presentation, but does not mention the Jesuit Zionist agenda.

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